A Classic English Rose – The movie

If you do one thing this afternoon lovelies then please please have yourself a lovely cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate ( delete as appropriate and if you do happen to chose the chocolate I suggest cream. And marshmallows)…..and take a few minutes to watch Elizabeth and Zee’s wedding film. I’m not kidding you folks – It is absolutely beautiful.

And if you want a reminder of their classic English rose inspired day which we featured last week then you can have a sneaky peak here and here.

Capturing Special Moments

Elizabeth: Our beautiful wedding film was filmed and edited by Rupert Ward-Lewis. He believes in capturing special moments rather than speeches from start to finish and it really is like a ‘film’, a true, epic cinematic experience. The great thing is that because it’s only 7 minutes long we’ve been able to share it with friends and family without boring them to tears. Although, it’s so utterly sublime a few tears of joy have been shed!  

And to echo was Elizabeth said, I can’t promise you won’t need the kleenex at the ready 😉


Zee & Lizzy from Rupert Ward-Lewis on Vimeo.

By Rupert Ward-Lewis at Iris Wedding Films

Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

26 thoughts on “A Classic English Rose – The movie

  1. Working with Rupert from Iris Wedding Films was an absolute pleasure on the day – It was lovely as a photographer to work with a videographer who was understanding, a team player and good company! x Love this film. Love this wedding! x

  2. Someone suggested watching this on the original post and I couldn’t resist a peek. It has EVERYTHING, makes you laugh, smile, squeal, oooh, ahhhh and yes, blub a bit. Loved the video messages, done so beautifully – Lizzy is right, it plays out like a film and boy is she one Hollywood-looking leading lady. This was definitely too good to hide. Although… we… allll…. want… one… like… this… now! xxx

  3. Truly amazing wedding video – I’ve never seen one like it. I was opposed to having a videographer at the wedding as I didn’t want to look back on my wedding and have 3 hours of boring images of people walking around or eating. This has definitely changed my mind.
    Now all I have to do is find an extra £750 in the budget somewhere!

  4. This was my fave wedding on here so far from the original posts. I don’t think anything can top this. BY FAR favourite for me! I loved every second of that film.

    We weren’t going to have a videographer, but I’m now rethinking the idea…

    Simply. Beautiful. x

  5. Gorgeous hey? I absolutely fell in love with this video and since seeing it on the comments of the original wedding post, we’ve contacted him and we’re just going through the process of booking with Rupert. His work is just stunning and he is really friendly too!

    Now I just need to find somebody who can make me look like that beautiful bride!


  6. I usually cry BUCKETLOADS at wedding videos, Phil makes me put earphones in and sit on the other sofa when I watch them because I turn into such a loud, snotty tear-monster. He’s a lucky man.

    I didn’t cry with this one, though I was close at times…I was too busy grinning like a Cheshire cat and staring at Lizi in a fairly inappropriate manner-she is without a doubt the most beautiful bride to grace these blue polka-dot pages, ever.

    I loved that, alot. And even better, Phil is at work so I had the volume whacked up high and was able to ‘AAAAWWWWWW’ and sniff and laugh out loud to my hearts content!


  7. Sniff, sniff…I was doing so well and then “it was written…” came up at the end and I lost it! Big Time!
    I so grateful that Martin has taken the dog for a walk – strategic I think on his part when he heard me squeal and say “wedding video, yippeeeeee!”
    Good God it was so very beautiful, I cant wait to get married myself….think I will give it another watch….pretty please can we have more wedding videos??! xoxo

  8. Wiping away the tears too!! Ahh it was just so lovely and the bride is soooo beautiful!

    The heartfelt messages really make it – her bridesmaids are too sweet and also look stunning! Definitely one of the best videos i have ever seen!

    Rachie xo

  9. Thanks for your lovely messages. I’m so glad the video is appreciated. I really enjoy doing them and glad that you get what I’m doing With them!

    And can I say a big shout to funky photographers and Sarah legg photography.. The best!!! X

  10. I adored the photography of this wedding and love the video even more. This is truly an amazing wedding video and definitely goes against the dreadful, cheesy videos that are usually seen. The beautiful bride makes it even more incredible and of course the lovely Severin Hubert of Hepburn Collection. x

  11. Oh my. What a fabulous vid. And what a simply stunningly beautiful bride you are Lizzy! I was transfixed throughout. So well shot and edited, this video has it all. What a memory to treasure. Am not ashamed to say I was quite emotional watching that!! Having been away from “wedding world” for a good 2mths now (since my own in Oct!), I have to say ladies: aren’t weddings just fan-bloody-tastic? 🙂

  12. Thanks again for your lovely comments!!!

    I must confess I am slightly obsessed with our wedding video. It makes me feel so loved, so beautiful, so happy and so lucky to have such a wonderful family, friends and husband!

    I watch it if I’m having a bad day (or a fat day!) or if Zee and I are having a little tiff…any excuse really!

    Laura, I’m sure you and your fiance will be over the moon with Rupert’s film of your day!

    Hearnea, you are too sweet-I’m beyond flattered!

    And, Fleur, I totally agree with you, all weddings are AMAZING-so full of love and joy! 6 months on and I’m still totally immersed in this wonderful ‘wedding world’!

    Best wishes to all of you x

  13. Jeesh this is beautiful! Elizabeth looks so lovely it’s unreal! I think this vid will make a fabulous family heirloom- Imagine their grandchildren watching it, so lovely to have those special memories captured.x

  14. Elizabeth, this is the most beautiful wedding. I look at it every time i’m on this site!! If i look anything like you i will be sooo happy. Congrats xx

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