A Cultural Extravaganza… Part 1

Today, we have something a little different for you that I just couldn’t resist. As a fan of colour, multi-cultural weddings are such a visual treat for me and I love all the ceremonies and tradition. You might remember this particularly gorgeous couple from their super stylish engagement shoot and it’s fair to say, the wedding blows the socks off even the styling that went into that!

All the stunning photography is by Ali & Niels from Blue Sky Photography.

Kiren and Sandeep were married on 7 August 2010 – We had our Wedding day ceremony at Berkley Street Gurudwara, Glasgow, followed by the celebratory lunch at Radisson Blu, Glasgow.

The Reception was at Hopetoun House, Edinburgh, the next day.

Traditional Colours

My wedding day outfit was a traditional Indian wedding dress from a very famous Indian designer Manish Malhotra. He designs many outfits for the bollywood industry and I had him create a bespoke design for me.

He created the design encapsulating contemporary with traditional mogul aspects as I had envisaged. It was traditionally red and gold in colour with crystals and bead work all over. I loved the finished product it was just so unique and certainly gave the wow factor I wanted!

Authentic Jewellery

I wore an uncut diamond and gold set from Hazoorilal, Delhi on the day. It was an authentic piece which replicated jewellery that was worn by the royal family during the Moghul Empire in India.

It was extremely opulent and rich in design. I had a red rose bouquet hand tied with red ribbon and jewels from Planet Flowers.

I also wore gold and glitter shoes and matching clutch which were both from Jimmy Choo – simply devine and definitely skyscrapers!

A Dramatic Face

My make up was very pronounced on my wedding day. I had very dark eyes and red lipstick to compliment my overall traditional Indian look.

My hair was given a lot of height at the back with a long pleat which was decorated with a long jeweled hair piece which clipped along the pleat. It was very traditional in style to compliment the overall look.

Multicoloured Maids

I always knew that I would have my sister and close cousins as my bridesmaids. All three of them have different strengths therefore I knew they would look after me on the day.
They were all wearing the same design of outfit but in different colours – fuscia pink, blue and green. The outfits were Indian in style and looked amazing. They each had gerbera corsages/bracelets (matching the colour of their outfits) on their wrists. This was an alternative idea to bouquets which worked really well. Planet Flowers made these for me.

I also had three flower girls who were dressed in purple and gold dresses accessorized with little cones with petals and 3 page boys dressed in traditional Indian turquoise and white outfits.

Moghul Designs

Sandeep had a traditional Indian outfit made for the ceremony from Ziggi Studios. It was a show stopping piece at the Asiana Fashion show in London.

It was very opulent and bold in design once again replicating what royalty wore during the Moghul Empire in India.

The Story of the Day

We both started the morning getting ready at our respective homes. Family members came round to the houses in the morning to meet and greet us. Various pictures were taken. I left the house in my dad’s Bentley with the bridesmaids.

The bride’s side of the family met the groom’s side of the family at the temple. Sandeep arrived in an open top vintage Bentley. The first ceremony known as the “milni” then took place at the Temple between the men of both families. This was an exchange of garlands.

The ceremony occurred in the temple and Sandeep and I were married by way of a traditional Sikh marriage.

The wedding lunch was at the Radisson Blu in Glasgow. Sandeep and I arrived in an open top vintage Bentley. I walked down the aisle with my dad to bittersweet symphony playing in the background by the string quartet. Sandeep and I had our registry wedding and exchange of vows at the lunch. This was very different as usually this is conducted at the temple. But I always wanted to walk down an aisle and have my dad give me away so it seemed perfect to do it this way.

To decorate for the lunch I decided to use white and gold. It was a very fresh and crisp look with candelabras dressed with white calico flowers and lovely tea lights to give the room that intimate ambiance.

The aisle was covered in red and white petals and the main stage area was dressed to host our registry wedding and exchange of vows. To create a relaxed mood I had a string quartet playing in the background.

An Emotional Farewell

After the wedding lunch Sandeep came to my house to collect me (Doli). Various ceremonial rituals were performed from Sandeep bartering at the door with my sisters who refused him entry into our house to throwing of rice by me to bless my home as I left.

This is a very emotional time for the bride’s side of the family as the doli signifies the leaving of the bride from her parental home.

Photography – Blue Sky Photography.

Venue – Radisson Blu

Make-Up – Kaval from Impressions 4 U in Glasgow.

Table Flowers – Mood Flowers, Glasgow.

Bouquet & Corsages – Planet Flowers

Planner – Supernova Events

Are your minds blown?!

Well come back tomorrow to see the second part of this Extravaganza of a wedding – the reception party the next day at Hopetoun House…

Yours Truly,


PS! We’ll be revealing the contemporary real brides this afternoon!!

You can find Blue Sky Photography on The List, however, all real weddings are chosen on individual merit and no part of this post is sponsored.

Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

46 thoughts on “A Cultural Extravaganza… Part 1

  1. Everytime I see that last shot I get a tear in my eye! Amazing work Blue Sky Team – You have captured all the emotions of the day – Love it! Can’t wait to see the next days colourfest!!

  2. Holy Gorgeous People, Batman! (that’s a Mahj original, I do believe…!)

    You both look utterly stunning and the last few shots are so full of emotion, it’s beautiful.


  3. I have just had to go back and look at the whole thing again, and I reckon I will be doing so again later on when I pick my jaw up off the floor!
    Beautiful beautiful bride! Handsome groom or what? And the make up…the clothes (THAT DRESS)…the jewelry oh my god the jewelry! Breathtaking!

    I know there have been some tear jerker pics up before on here but I have never actually good and proper had a lump in the throat welling up sort of thing going on….til.just.now.
    The photos of her saying goodbye, and the last picture of the men….jeez I had just put on my make up for work! I need to go gather myself and sort it back out!

    Beyond beautiful and I dont actually feel any words would do it justice!
    Thanks for posting it and brightening up my day! xx

  4. The photography is STUNNING -each image is a knockout. And Alex is right, those last two pictures really take your breath away, I WILL cry if I look again… argh!


  5. We know this wedding sooo well but it keeps blowing our mind – what an amazing celebration to be a part of… The colours, the outfits, the planning… WOW
    Family is so important to these guys and this shows through every single thing they do.
    @Rebecca – love what you’ve done with the shots -you did it! Yay!
    @Gem – Ssshhh! You’re giving tomorrow away 😉 x
    @Aisling – we are honoured to have a Mahj original in this weddings honour!
    @Anna – Wholeheartedly to be encouraged! Love it – as will Kiren I’m convinced!)
    Thank you RMW and Kiren & Sandeep!

  6. WOW-there are no words that could do this wedding justice-it is a magical explosion of colour-with a whopping amount of emotion sprinkled on top. The colours are amazing, the bride and groom are stunning-and those shots on the White stairs (which show the red and gold colours off to perfection) are mind blowing!

    Love the last shots too-made me want to cry 🙂

    Can’t wait for part 2!!


  7. HOW beautiful?
    The riot of colour was much needed on this drab Wednesday morning (does the weather realise it’s JULY?!?!). I can see why Anna K wants the pictures on her own wall – they’re works of art.
    Kiren & Sandeep look utterly stunning, and that last picture brought a tear to my eye. Uh-mazing!

  8. Wow thats so beautiful to look at! How do you pick pictures for an album or your wall when they all look like that?!

    And yes, that last picture made a little lump appear in my throat, so much emotion conveyed! x

  9. Ack! I am in complete and utter raptures at my desk over this wedding. I remember the engagement shoot (am pretty sure the Bride had some preddy shoes for that!) and I was hoping we would get to see the wedding and we soooo did!

    I love the emotion captured by the images (Alex84, I’m totally with you on the image of all the men crying!) and also the colour. It just bursts from the screen. And I loves a bit of colour I do.

    CANNOT wait for part deux, yipppeeeee for this wedding!


    PS. Am giggling quietly to myself at those who are ‘tagging’ me in their comments, your awesome!

  10. ooooh, beautiful traditional Asian weddings always make me so jealous! I’m a sucker for a pretty white wedding but then something like this comes along and I wish I had the balls to go all out with the colour! Can’t wait for part 2 tomorrow.

  11. This is incredible and the photography is out of this world. The shot of the groom with the sword looks like its from a magazine, and the bride is the most gorgeous girl.
    Rachie xo

  12. Oh the colours of this wedding has totally blown me away!!! So beautiful and opulent! Such a stunning bride and groom too! Can’t wait for part two! xox

  13. Wow, this wedding is absolutely stunning and the photography is just amazing. Can we have part 2 now please?! I can’t wait till tomorrow…


  14. What a ridiculously gorgeous couple! Completely magical pictures, they blew me away. Can’t stop peeking back at them!


  15. Good lordy. Those clothes! The textiles make me want to head straight to the V&A to gawp at embroidered garments for the rest of the day. Is there anyone else out there who wants a girl-ified version of Sandeep’s jacket for their very own? Gorgeous. Just gorgeous.

  16. Oh my….wowsers!!!

    I love a pop of colour as much as the next girl – but all out colour is just one step even greater.

    Such a beautiful couple and a wedding so full of emotion that I can just sense it from the photos! Those last images of the bride leaving home are something else…

    Rachel xx

  17. Thank you so much guys for all your lovely comments! However, without Ali & Niels and of course RMW we would never have been able to share our special day – so a HUGE thanks to you too!

  18. So very beautiful……stunning bride and groom.

    The oufits are simply amazing and the photography is wonderful.

    I was at Hopetoun House yesterday so I know you guys are in for a treat with Part 2!


  19. Erm hello model bride and groom… how beautiful are you both?! I can’t quite get over Sandeep’s cheekbones. The photo of him sitting is like something out of Game of Thrones!

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