A Culture Inspired Floral Fancy…..part 1

There are a lot of things I love about the wedding of Anita and Martin, the beautiful dress, the to-die-for flowers….

What I love most though is the brides relaxed and realistic approach to wedding planning and her witty and straight forward account of it all. I literally laughed out loud at so many of Anita’s responses, really made my day.

Hope it makes yours too 🙂

All of the gorgeous images are courtesy of Julia Ford at Modern Photographic who is also the Art Director at the famous Wedding Magazine (The lady is completely lovely and has even spied some real weddings on these very pages to grace her glossy pages….. Hoorah!)

A Loyal Hairdresser

I had not one but two fabulous hairdressers, because they also did my mum and the bridesmaids – Christian Hefti and Claire Benson. Christian’s been doing my hair since I was a stroppy teenager, so he was unfazed by me being a stroppy adult on the morning of the wedding.

I found the make-up artist, Cat Turner, through a recommendation from a friend and she was fantastic.

Fate Made Me Buy Them

The shoes were champagne coloured peep-toes from Christian Louboutin. They only had one pair left in the shop, and they were my size – fate was calling me.

They were nearly £400 but I loved them. I still get the box out now and gaze lovingly at them.

I looked ridiculous in a veil so that was an instant no. My mum came up trumps with the hair pins – £1 each from Bombay Stores in Bradford!

Lusan Lace

The dress was vintage lace from Lusan Mandongus. I was actually dreading the dress shopping because I couldn’t imagine anything worse than looking a complete berk in a long white dress. I was also really lazy and went to the Morgan Davies shop in Islington because it was five minutes from my house. The assistant, Annalize, was great because she made me try on loads of dresses that I would never have picked out for myself.

I didn’t have one of those moments where you look at yourself in the mirror and burst into tears or anything, I just felt really comfortable in this one because it was so light and pretty. I loved the lace straps at the back.

Pretty In Purple

I was happy for the bridesmaids to choose whatever they liked and we found these purple dresses in LK Bennett – the colour was gorgeous. I’m not a fan of pastels. The groomsmen wore navy suits, which they all owned anyway, and matching pale blue ties, they all looked very dashing!

Martin looked so handsome! His suit came from Hackett and didn’t come without incident – for some reason he told the tailor to take it in more at the waist, meaning that he had to breathe in quite a lot when he was standing at the altar…

Finding The Perfect Location

We found our reception venue first and then the church, Our Lady and St Benedict in Ampleforth. I had a phobia about walking down an aisle in a huge church with everyone staring at me so I couldn’t believe my luck when I found the church – it was so tiny that the aisle was only about 10 feet long.

The wedding was in July 2009. It rained all week so we were totally resigned to a wet wedding, and then we woke up on the wedding day and it was glorious sunshine, hurrah!

Be prepared for the floral extravaganza of part 2 and all the pretty and clever and personal details Anita and Martin incorporated into their Big Day to represent Anita’s Indian heritage and their actual occupations.

‘Tis Genius.

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

19 thoughts on “A Culture Inspired Floral Fancy…..part 1

  1. What a beautufully elegant, releaxed wedding. This is what I am striving so hard for. How silly that i’m working so hard for a ‘relaxed’ wedding!! Stunning dress and i love the pins in the hair

  2. Anita is hilarious isn’t she?

    Probably one of the most relaxed brides ever, she was great to work with. I actually took inspiration from her wedding for our own this July, I just hope our day is as sunny as hers was. It really was perfect


  3. Sharing the Louboutin love! That was the same situation as my dress – the only one in the country was my size. Can’t wait for part 2.

  4. Feel SO much better that Anita didn’t have that “this is the one” moment with her dress…….I was beginning to feel like the only person who hasn’t had that!

    Pics are beautiful, the relaxed day is perfect.

  5. I am LOVING the dress, and the hair pins and the fact Anita just looks so comfortable. Sometimes you can see the most glamorous/well put together bride but there is just something behind the eyes that says….. this isn’t me.

    You know?

    Charlotte xxx

  6. I love the flowers on the end of the pews in the church. Very pretty wedding and pretty bride and pretty dress! xx

  7. AARRGH that’s my dress! First time I have ever seen anyone wear it anywhere! Anita if you’re reading this did you originally have a beaded sash bit under the bust and then take it off? Was their a bow on the back too?

    Sorry overexcited!

  8. Beautiful dress, so suits the bride. Simple yet elegant and checkout that beautiful back detail. Lovely. Loving the purple bridesmaid dresses too! Nice to see a strong colour. Love the look of those Louboutins..not too high either?! Hmm..I may have to pay a visit to Harvey Nichols soon…x

  9. Hi Gemma, you have good taste in dresses 😉
    I think there are two versions of it – with the beaded sash and without. They only showed me the plain version because that was within my budget. When I was having alterations they produced the sash as an optional extra and I thought it was beautiful but couldn’t face spending any more by that stage! I had the bow taken off the back and the train shortened a bit.

    Thank you everyone for saying such lovely things. I love this website – wish I’d discovered it before we got married instead of 6 months after… x

    PS whenever I see that picture from the car I feel the need to make it clear that Martin doesn’t have giant banana clown feet, it’s just a funny camera angle!

  10. Thanks for replying Anita – I think I am going to get rid of the sash looks lovely without it. I am also putting the bow on a popper so I can take it off if I decide to on the day!

    SO pleased to have finally found someone who had same dress as me! xxx

  11. Please could you tell me the number/name of the Lusan Mandongus dress – I have gone around many dress shops and it just looks perfect!! Please reply – desperate Bride-2-Be 🙂 xxx

  12. I would love to know the number of this dress or similar!!! Is this one from 2009? I love it. If anyone knows or has seen something similar please let me know

    many thanks

  13. Im sure you already have your answer by now and have purchased a dress but just on case you havent i thought i would respond! I have this dress for my wedding too – its slightly different than in the pictures as Charlotte has cut the train slightly and removed a ribbon at the back. Its number is LM1638B. When i purchased it last spring it was as a sample as the boutique said it was being discontinued 🙁

    there is a link to the dress below.


  14. not sure whether this will post twice as my previous comment doesnt seem to be appearing!

    You probably already have an answer about the dress code but if not, it is LM1638B – i have the dress for my wedding in June and it looks a bit different to the pictures as Charlotte has cut back the train and removed a ribbon. I personally LOVE the dress and it is so, so light and moveable, unlike some lace dresses which can be stiff. I bought mine last spring in a sample sale as the boutique said they were discontinuing it. LM does a lot of similar styles year-on-year though, as does his sister company Anna-sul-Y

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