A Desire For Design.

If you would have told me this time last year that Team RMW would be designing all sorts of pretty for our very own on-line boutique I probably would have laughed at you. Not because you looked funny or anything, but because I thought you must be actually joking.

Don’t get me wrong, I had dreamed of having some kind of “collection” even in the very early days of RMW launching, I figured there was a lot of lovelies out there who liked we we liked….so why not make things that you will love?

But what with one thing and another it was always a bit of a distant desire – a lovely daydream.

And then we just decided to get on with it. If I’ve leant anything in business it’s to go with your gut instinct and make things happen for yourself, great things do not necessarily come to those who wait, they come to those who work their socks off and won’t take no for an answer.

Luckily when we approached the industry suppliers whom we wanted to collaborate with they all said…yes. You would have already seen our collaboration with Coulson Macleod (I am still hiding behind the sofa due to the fact my poetry is um…everywhere) and I thought I’d share with you our first venture into fashion – a bridesmaids dress co-designed with the gorgeous girls at Maids To Measure.

If you’ve not heard of Maids To Measure then a) where have you been?! and b) if you’ve not yet found your perfect best girl frocks then give them a whirl, they have a whole host of pretty options that you and your favourite ladies can go and admire, try on and dance about in at the Maids To Measure HQ in Fulham.

Our design is called “The Melissa” named after my sister, she with perfect pins. It seemed apt as when I was looking for bridesmaids gowns there seemed to be few shorter styles available and nothing that was really that……flattering, especially not for all 4 of my girls, all different shapes, sizes and heights.

For our collaboration therefore we wanted to make sure that we would invent a dress that would look as lovely as possible on as many of you gorgeous lot as possible. No mean feat.

And believe me – there was a fair bit of scribbling, crossing out, re-hashing and last-minute changes.

Our final dress is a flirty feminine number that falls in an uber flattering way around the hips and derriere, has a cross over neckline that accentuates a smaller bust and gives support, coverage and uplift to those blessed with a curvy cleavage.

We also put in waist whittling panelling and the option of a big-bow sash.

Oh and sleeves – from listening to your requirements over the years our frock has the option of with or without a pretty layered ruffle cap-sleeve design too.

Colour wise we went for a neutral palette of mix n match options, a warm nude blush, a dove grey and an ivory. We think they all work really well together and create the perfect back drop for a variety of schemes, themes and floral options.

You may have already discovered from Adam’s post last week that our Pretty Naughty event was to show case some of our boutique offerings, including the Melissa dress.

Here is a sneak peek of the Pretty Naughty catwalk (we sent the models down to the verse “I took her to a Supermarket” from the Pulp song common people…complete with shopping baskets and RMW branded cereal boxes…..obviously)

The beautiful Margarita in our ivory-without sleeves version and Hannah (I am in love with the crimping) in our blush nude with cap-sleeves.

Must just make you aware that although these frocks are short our models were 6ft plus in shoes so they do come up really quite short – promise they won’t flash your panties….unless you want to of course.


More Hannah from the back and red-headed Georgia in our grey version.

So then lovelies, are any of you designing your own BM dresses? have any of you already purchased from Maids To Measure?

Do let us know.

Big Pin Flashing Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

14 thoughts on “A Desire For Design.

  1. Oh my Lee had a twinkle in his eye for Georgia! Bloomin adore this little lot, so gorgeous and girly.

    Once again am blown away by your talents! love love love xxx

  2. Gorgeous guys! Well impressed. Way back when, I wanted to start a bridesmaid dress label which I was gonna call Made for Maids (this was before Maids to Measure burst on to the scene!)… I went on a fashion drawing course and everything. But then I realised that a) I couldn’t draw for toffee, b) I can’t sew for toffee c) I have zero fashion design experience and d) to overcome all the above I would have needed HUGE start up funds. Which I didn’t have. So the idea didn’t last long but my spare room shelf is still home to my fashion drawing books and sketch pads and proper expensive pencils!

    Ahh, a girl can dream.

    Back to your lovely dress- what’s the cost? Because I am still looking for a dusky pink dress for my third and final maid… xx

  3. Bloody hell @Charlotte is there anything you are NOT good at?

    Doing hair / make-up and general beautification? Check
    Blogging awesomeness? Check
    Writing poetry? Check
    Designing dresses? Check, check, check!

    I’ll be having one of those dresses for myself, in grey… obviously!

  4. I am all for crimping and pantie flashing…it’s like a Saturday night at Chez Pamela…or, to be honest, even a Tuesday!

    Love the dresses!


  5. I love these dresses, they’re the perfect style for me, does it matter that’s there’s no chance of me being a bridesmaid again… ever? The length looks perfect too but then I’m not quite 5′ 😉

  6. Fabulous dresses Mrs O’Shea, just so pretty & girly and more importantly versatile!!!
    When will these beauties be on sale my lovely, all this suspense is killing me! Plus I could do with 5 bridesmaid dresses!
    Now I just need to decide on dove grey or blush…..oh how to choose?! The dilemmas of a bride never end do they!!! 😉

    ps. am thinking you are far too talented! Fancy sending some of that talent this way!!! hee hee 😉

  7. @Pamela – reckon me and you should just buy them for parading round the Asda in. We can take photographs of eachother checking out the reduced mince in the ‘whoops’ fridge and pretend we’re models.

    /Clean up on aisle 4!/


  8. When will the accessories post be coming? 😉

    Loved these, already purchased my ‘maids dresses though – from eBay!

    Of course if they look rubbish when the girls try them on I will be considering these… x

  9. @Karen…seriously, no word of a lie, I was in Sainsbury’s on Regent Road on Saturday night with my hair in rollers, a full face of YSL make-up (courtesy of the lovely Fran at Harvey Nics), a pair of jogging bottoms and a pale pink silk poncho (due to St Tropez-ing) buying little bottles of Babycham (the Babycham was a joke)…I was ashamed of myself but needs must and all that…

    The worst thing was…I took such a shine to the poncho that had been resigned to the back of the wardrobe (because my dad said I looked like a mad art teacher in it) that I then decided to create my Saturday night outfit around it and had to go home and re-do all the make up!!!!!!!!!

    This weekend though I am being a good girl and bar a meal out with my mum and her bezzies (apparently they need to SEE I haven’t dropped off a cliff) I am staying in…it’s all about next weekend though…


  10. @Pamela you cant dangle that carrot in front of me and then leave such a Dallas style cliffhanger! What happens next weekend? Email please!

    Very much enjoying the sound of your glamorous Sainsburys trip. I often go shopping with a full head of foils mid-hairdresser appointment. I enjoy the attention! Must remember the poncho next time xx

  11. D’ya know, even though I’ll probably never have a requirement for your fabulous bridesmaid dresses a. because I’m already married and b. because I’m a man, and don’t have the legs for a dress, I absolutely and utterly love and admire your get up and go not just to come up with great ideas, but to make them happen. Hoorah for people like you – the backbone of this great nation of entrepreneurs.

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