A Diamond Day Out

Hello RMW-ettes

When Charlotte asked me if I wanted to view Suzanne Neville’s latest collection as my first official RMW duty with Adam, I couldn’t say yes quick enough. When she told me the catwalk show was at the Tower of London, my heart jumped a little bit more. You see I’m a bit of a history geek so being able to combine two of my biggest passions was like Christmas had come early.

Suzanne never fails to deliver anything less than perfection with her luxurious line of bridal gowns, each with a classic and elegant edge. But I think that Suzanne’s 2013 ‘Diamond’ Collection might be her best yet.

Thirty seven decadent floor length numbers were paraded in front of us, think romantic glamour with a splash of Spanish princess. Delicate lace, luxurious silks, covered buttons and sleeved frocks predominated. And in typical Suzanne Neville style, all of the designs were beautifully cut.

Suzanne has also kindly provided us with the most exquisite sketches that she used in the creation of each of the dresses. Aren’t they divine? If I could draw like that, then I’d never stop. The photos in this post are courtesy of our lovely Mr Adam.

So what are we waiting for, here are some of our favourites…


Perfect for a modern day princess, you can literally hear this classically romantic dress ‘swish’ as it moves. I fell in love at first sight. Aptly named, this timeless number just oozes luxury and a childlike charm.

Opulence is a full-skirted beauty that softly billows behind the wearer suggesting a lightness that can be hard to find with these fuller numbers. I was particularly taken with the double neckline created by the sweetheart bodice and the lace overlay. And look girls… this dress has SLEEVES. I love sleeves – oh to have your arms caressed by the thinnest whispers of lace.

One of the loveliest features of this dress is the scalloped v-neck at the back which perfectly balances the cascading train. Combined with the thick ribbon which adds definition at the waist, it really is a vision of loveliness.


This was a particular favourite of mine – in fact this dress had me in a metaphorical faint. That said it could have been the couple of glasses of champagne that I’d consumed before the show started. Don’t look at me like that… it was a HOT day. As I was saying, Baroque is a figure hugging beauty that possesses all the demureness of Grace Kelly with a healthy dollop of va va voom.

Formed from a luxurious silk sheath underneath with a fine lace overlay, this trumpet style gown is cut impeccably. The silk bodice has a sweetheart neckline allowing the lace to continue up and over the shoulders to form a delicate panel at the back before meeting the bodice in a low V.

As with many of the dresses in this collection, a row of delectable silk covered buttons trails down the back of the dress to finish just below the derrière.

And the train…oh my, the train is delicious, fanning out sexily behind in sumptuous folds. It really is the most divine dress for those brides looking to combine vintage detailing with modern glamour.


Seductively sleeved, the name of this gown defined Suzanne’s entire collection for me. If I had to give this dress another name then I’d be inclined to call it something of a feline nature. You don’t walk in this dress, you prowl in it because it’s just so darn sexy.

Lace in a larger sized pattern sheathes an inner silk core ending in a resplendent fishtail train. I LOVE the lace used in this dress – just enough detailing to make an impact but leaving some skin on show for sex appeal.

Again silk covered buttons trail from the neck along the spine. The delicate lace collar makes this the perfect winter wedding dress for when you need a little more coverage without sacrificing the glamour factor.


Another beautiful frock that has a stunning silhouette. I adore the raw edged, capped sleeves which adds an element of delicacy to what is otherwise a very structured dress. This dress is less about the drama and more about refined elegance. I can see a bride with a tousled up-do and a bouquet of blousey roses carrying this off with aplomb.


This feather-like, frou-frou affair is Adam’s favourite….by a long way. So much so, that he just had to run his hands over it when the dresses were bought out for closer inspection after the show.

Funny what a fashion show can do to a man.

Strapless, with a luxurious silk pleated bodice and sweetheart neckline, this dress has impact with a capital ‘I’ and clings in ALL the right places. I love the asymmetric explosion of ruffled tulle that flows from the bodice about half way down the thigh. This gown is perfect for a sultry temptress who wants to inject a bit of drama into her big day.

In fact, this dress was so incredibly sensual that I wanted to dive into it, apply some red lippy and slink all the way down the runway myself.


One of the simpler gowns in the collection, the smooth clean lines of Stunning are given extra oomph by the lace detailing at the shoulders and on the bodice itself.

The classic a-line skirt is brought bang up to date by a silk gazar overlay and a wide mink coloured ribbon that encircles the waist and floats down the back.


If there was ever a dress that demanded your attention, then this lovelies, is it. I found myself suffering from a serious case of mouth on floor syndrome as it sashayed towards me. There simply wasn’t enough time in the world to drink in all the wonderful details.

This beauty looks as if it has been made for a Spanish princess with its basque waist and strapless scalloped neckline. The lower part of the skirt is a fanfare of full-skirted froth that just begs to be swooshed and intricate lace embroidery adorns the long bodice as well as the top of the skirt.

And cast your peepers on the back of this number; the low cut of the dress grazes the shoulder blades to provide drama from all angles. Lastly the veil is reminiscent of a Spanish mantilla framing the dress gracefully as a finishing touch.

All dresses from The Diamond Collection at Suzanne Neville

So what do you think…fancy becoming a flamenco dancing princess on your wedding day?

Which one of these beauties is your favourite?

Lauren x

P.S. Adam and I took advantage of the opportunity to go and have a gander at the Crown Jewels after the show. They’ve got some right bobby dazzlers in there – absolutely phenomenally gorgeous.

P.P.S. Did you know that there are a total of 23,578 gems in the Crown Jewels collection? I wonder if they’d loan anything out….you see I’m looking for some fabulous accessories for my big day and what they’ve got might just hit the spot.

Author: Lauren Gautier-Ollerenshaw
Lolly is a self-professed frustrated florist and styling maven with an endless passion for all things pretty.

22 thoughts on “A Diamond Day Out

  1. Lauren Stunning collection – love Susan Neville for the elegant and attention to detail. Love Elegance and the stunning veil. If we here of a break in at The Tower we know where to look for the jewels. Karen

  2. OMG I actually just fell in love! With both Captivating and Baroque! I feel like I’m cheating on the dress I have designed in my head!

  3. Simply divine! Suzanne’s dresses are always so elegant & timeless. My dress is by Suzanne & seeing these pictures has go me so excited I don’t think I’m going to get much work done today. Only 10 weeks until I can wear it!!

  4. On the first photo of the last dress I got very excited because I thought the veil was blacky/grey…but it isn’t is it…just the lighting…but now I would like a blacky/grey veil…please.

    The first dress is so my friend Helen’s wedding dress. She isn’t even engaged yet, but she will be, and she’s going to wear that dress.

  5. I like Opulence best.

    @Pamela – are you sure? Won’t a grey veil just give your skin a lovely, er, grey glow? I know we all champion doing it your way on here but…

  6. Would have to say my faves are Stunning, Fabulous and Baroque…but they are all such lovely dresses. They look incredibly made…wish I’d been there! Can’t wait to wear mine…only 18 months to go 🙁 xx

  7. @Karen It wasn’t me, honest guv’nor! No seriously do you think they’d respond to a shout out? Here’s hoping anyway.

    @Emma Florentine is breathtaking isn’t it. It’s even better in real life…doesn’t it just make you want to try some really dramatic dresses on and faint into a chaise longue Scarlet O’Hara stylee.

    @Kat don’t have a dress wobble, you’ll set me off….I purchased my dress on Wednesday but seeing these all over again gave me a serious case of the green eyed monster…

    @Annéka it’s not cheating…a girl can dream can’t she…

  8. @Sarah only ten weeks to go?! Are you super excited? I think we might need to see some pictures of your lovely dress.

    @Pam – can I call you Pam or do you prefer Pamela? I have a confession to make – I considered (even if it was for a millisecond) getting married in black. Shock horror I know! But there’s something so elegant about darker hues so I totally get what you’re saying about the grey veil. Totally. And another thing, if you need any help persuading your friend to buy Opulence then I am there lady..right with you.

    @Nathalie There’ll always be fabulous dresses that we’ll gaze on from afar. I’m sure the frock you’ve ordered will be just as beautiful.

    @Annie I’m assuming that you’ve already bought your dress. If so you’re incredibly organised – supreme planning points of the day to go to you!

    Lauren xx

  9. @Lauren – I answer to anything, but prefer Pamela as I think Pam makes me sound like a dinner lady. But there is no getting away from it either way, I have the name of a 65 year old woman. I am looking forward to the day that I hit that age and my name finally suits me…

    SJP got married in black didn’t she and she says she totally regrets it – she said she was too wrapped up in being ‘fashiony’ that she forgot to be a bride and that she wishes that she had taken the opportunity to wear the white frock…but maybe, just maybe, you could change into something black to leave your reception in?! Or have a black sash? I really want black nails (my nails are always black, bright pink or blood red – there is no variance) on my wedding day but the mother has pleaded with me no, so I am indulging her with some peach…and a layer of lace over the top!


  10. @Lauren – I am super excited after seeing these photos! I’ve been drooling over them all day. Will definitely send you some pics.

  11. I love these dresses – and if you put bits of about 4 of them together, you’d have the dress I’m having made! I love lace more than anything… x

  12. Omg I love love love Baroque… Its almost a combination of Eternity from her 2011 collection, and Hepburn… which I am currently crying about inside as I want it and can’t afford!
    Love Suzanne Neville!

  13. I have tried on and fallen in love with Stunning, but I was wondering of it was a secret dress. I cannot find it on her website and the only thing that comes up on a google search is RMW and another website who had someone there also to take a picture. Can I pretend my dress will be a one off, secret dress?


  14. I have tried on and ordered Captivating! It’s so beautiful I cried. Completely busted my budget but my amazing fiancé said I can get it. Over the moon and so excited I can’t wait. Getting married June 2014 and feel the luckiest girl in the world. 🙂

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