A Family Built Wedding… Part 2

I’m officially in love with a few things about this wedding. One of my more crazy ideas during the planning was to have a backyard wedding, complete with a bring-a-dish style buffet and thats exactly what the very gutsy Mel did for her wedding. That and the Vintage lace dress which might just be perfection for me plus a wedding overflowing with flowers just means one thing…


Something else to note is that I have never heard a Bride rave about a Photographer like Mel does about Ben of Touch Photography, read on for one of the most glowing recommendations ever and all my personal contact with Ben as a sponsor backs that up 100%. I’d highly recommend making some enquiries :).

High Praise for a One-Off Photographer

Our photographer was the one and only Ben Tomlin from Touch Photography. Along with my dress, the photos were the one thing I was adamant about getting right so I was delighted when I stumbled across Benny’s website. I got in touch, and after meeting for a drink and a chat he agreed to photograph our wedding.

Well, there frankly just aren’t enough nice words for me to use! Benny was amazing all the way through our engagement, always keeping in touch and even helping me to try and locate a vintage-style headband one of his previous clients had worn. A month or so before the wedding, we met up for the pre-shoot and just had an absolute blast. It was easy to relax and settle into the session because Ben was just fun and it was more like taking a few snaps with one of your mates than anything else. After a couple of pints at the village pub, Ben left and Alex said to me wistfully, “I wish Ben could be our friend in real life”. I thought it was so endearing, and promptly emailed Ben to tell him so!

On the actual day, Ben was there to capture every aspect and every emotion of the wedding. He integrated so well with our guests and made everybody feel completely at ease. We saw the photos for the first time last week, when Ben came over to show us the collection. Wow! There were over 1000 shots (!) and all of them were so subtle, beautiful and real. I simply cannot praise him enough. Even Alex, who is normally very critical of photos of himself, was amazed. I emailed the link to the slideshow to one of my bridesmaids, and her response said it all, “Beautiful. Made me cry!”

Country Florals

We held our reception in our village hall, which is a converted barn, as we wanted a true vintage country wedding vibe to the day. I originally thought about covering the hall in marquee lining, but thought this would detract from its natural charm. Instead, I invested the money in a huge display of flowers, and boy, did I make the right decision!

The lovely Gayle Evans was recommended by a friend, so I knew that I was getting someone personable and reliable. What I didn’t know was just how lovely and talented Gayle was, until she came to my house and went through some ideas with me. In the end our little village hall was absolutely transformed. At the end of the evening, we invited guests to take the bouquets home with them and no-one could quite believe just how staggeringly beautiful they were.

A Country Village Vintage theme

We decorated the hall ourselves, hiring table cloths, seat covers, sashes, and table runners. I bought a load of custom made purple and ivory bunting from ZigZag Bunting, which tied in with our traditional country village theme.

I bought antique rose buds and petals, as well as purple star sequins to decorate the tables. The look was finished off by a couple of well-placed fairy lights and all of Gayle’s magnificent flowers. I hadn’t expected the hall to look quite as spectacular as it did, but absolutely everybody was bowled over and we even had a few guests in tears!”

Significant favours

When Alex and I first got together at University, we had a game in which we would buy a packet of love hearts and whatever the message on the first sweet in the pack, that would be significant to our relationship. They usually said something odd, like “Website” or “Fax Me”, but it made us laugh all the same. For our favours, we bought personalised love hearts. It was great to have favours that were personally meaningful, and on the day all of the sweets said “Just Married”, so they were definitely significant to our relationship!

The favour boxes were bought flat packed and the decorations separately. The day before my wedding, my brother, one of my bridesmaids, my brother’s friend and I all sat in my front room piecing them together. It took absolutely ages but was a lot of fun nonetheless. One of the many things I loved so much about our wedding was the way in which absolutely everybody got involved and became a part of it.

A Family Affair

As I’ve already mentioned, the thing that made our wedding so special to me was the way in which absolutely everybody pitched in to help. My uncles had their cars valeted and decorated to transport the bridesmaids; my brother and his friend hung up the bunting; my parents decorated the tables and provided the food; my friends helped to clear all of the tables and chairs away after the meal. Even my Grandma, who is in her eighties, tied all of the chair sashes for us. In the end, it didn’t just feel like mine and Alex’s wedding – it was everybody’s. I have never felt so loved, and so in love, in all my life. It was remarkable, and special, and I am a very lucky girl indeed.

Quartet, DJ and First Dance

We had a string quartet playing when the guests arrived at the hall and up until the speeches. I thought it would provide an elegant ambience to the celebrations, and knew that a lot of my family, who are big fans of classical music, would appreciate it.

For the evening, we hired a DJ. In our invitations we invited all of our guests to choose a track to be played, and people really delighted in being involved that way. The finished set list was certainly eclectic, but it guaranteed that everybody got up to have a boogie at some point in the evening (and many danced the whole night away!)

Our first dance was Moon River, sung by Audrey Hepburn. Alex and I are both fans of Breakfast at Tiffany’s and I had always put that track on mix CDs for him in the past. I thought the song tied in nicely with our vintage theme and – as an added bonus – is fairly short and slow so we didn’t have to worry about entertaining the guests with any elaborate dance moves!

What a spectacular day, both in looks, and from the inside out. It is just too romantic for words to have all that family love put into building the day which starts your life as a new family.

Thank you so much to Ben from Touch Photography for providing the images. If you would like to see the whole slideshow from Touch Photography then just follow the link – it’s beautiful. Huge thanks also to Mel and Alex for allowing us to share their big day. Congratulations Guys! – from all of us here at RMW.

Yours Truly,


Touch Photography are Rock My Wedding Sponsors, however all real wedding submissions are chosen on individual merit and no part of this wedding has been sponsored.

Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

12 thoughts on “A Family Built Wedding… Part 2

  1. This is by far the most beautiful wedding you have ever shown on this site. Everything is absolutly stunning xx

  2. I agree with Fiona, I think it is one of the best. Although the decorations, dress, and everything else is beautiful, I think the best thing about this is just how much love there is in this wedding- it literally jumps off of the page! It’s one of the only one’s that ave brought tears to my eyes- they are sooo in love! What a great family too to join in the way they did.

    Congratulations guys, enjoy a very long and happy marriage :-)x x x

  3. Every aspect of their wedding is absolutely beautiful. It’s great to see how much effort their friends and families put in too.

  4. Love the photos but the link at the top of the page is for health related imagery rather than wedding photography?

    And the flowers are BEAUTIFUL

  5. Absolutely beautiful! I just followed the link to the Touch Photography website and watched the slideshow too and the whole thing is just stunning.

    Massive congrats to Mel and Alex, and well done to Ben for a job very well done.

    x x x

  6. Thanks so much everybody for such lovely, touching comments. So much thought, hard work and – of course – love went into our big day so its means a lot to hear that we managed to pull it off!

    Thank you also to RMW, undoubtedly the prettiest place on the net. I can see how you and Touch Photography became affiliated – an absolute match made in heaven! Xx

  7. Oh my god. I’ve just looked at the link on Touch Photography to view the whole story. Beautiful!! Oh my…I did get a lump in the throat I have to say. Such a happy, happy day obviously. The Bride and Groom must be over the moon with the photos captured. Wowee. DIY rocks!! x

  8. The most beautiful wedding I have seen on here!! Love to hear how involved everyone was. Utterly gorgeous!! Congratulations 🙂

  9. Beautiful beautiful wedding.

    1 question – where are those small roses from that are used on the favour boxes – I NEED these for my wedding

    thanks xx

  10. Mel – your dress is gorgeous! I think you looked absolutely lovely, and your flowers were wonderfully lush and green. x

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