A Fashionable Affair.

Good morning folks!

After a great Easter break and some bank holiday bliss, RMW is returning to full service. And we are doing it in style thanks to Chris Barber and his magical camera box.

Rock my Wedding readers Becca & James married at the Horniman Museum in Forest Hill London followed by a reception at the Larder Restaurant Clerkenwell.

A contemporary, minimal and super stylish city wedding awaits you and as I mentioned, photography today is by Rock my Wedding sponsor and Love Lust member Chris Barber.

A Simple Brief

My Dress was by Prisicilla of Boston bought from the only UK stockist Angelica Bridal in Camden Passage Islington. My brief was simple, classy but a little bit different and it was the only dress I tried on that I liked!

Minimal Accessories

I don’t wear much jewellery day to day so I decided not to wear too much on the day. I wore a silver heart necklace from Stephen Einhorn that was a present when I was 18 and I have worn pretty much every day since! For my something old, blue and borrowed I wore my grandmothers 1920’s sapphire and diamond ring, and then 2 days before the wedding I just bought a very simple and small pair of pearl and diamante earrings and a matching bracelet. I aways knew I would hate a proper veil and this was confirmed when I tried one on in the first wedding dress shop. I felt so uncomfortable and like my head was being pulled backwards!

I still wanted to feel like a bride however so a birdcage veil was the natural choice. I had it made in Angelica Bridal and they replicated the chiffon flowers on my dress. I took it off in the evening and put in a small sparkly clip from Accessorize instead.

Don’t Step On My Pink Suede Shoes

I love my shoes and would never wear white or cream or satin day to day so I wasn’t going to for my wedding. I have many many pairs of suede pointy toe stilettos as I think the shape is so flattering and suede is more stylish than leather, so I knew I wanted some shoes in my signature style! I saw these ballet pink suede shoes in LK Bennett just after we got engaged and I loved them but I hadn’t even started looking at dresses so I left them. 9 months later, the day I bought my dress, I went to LK Bennett and they were on sale – 1/3 off – and had one pair left in my size, so I obviously had to buy them! I them then and I love them now they make me happy just looking at them!

Natural And Glamorous

I saw make up done by Kit at Slap on the internet and knew straight away I had to have her! She creates looks which are just the right mix of natural and glamorous, perfect as I have a real fear of being over made up! I wanted a hairstyle to compliment the birdcage veil so a side bun worked perfectly. I would recommend Kit whole heartedly, not only did she create perfect looks for me and my bridesmaid she was so calm and professional on the day it was amazing!

Simple But Beautiful

I absolutely love flowers but I also hate the idea of them going in the bin at the end of the day so I didn’t want to go overboard. I went for avalanche roses in my bouquet, for me there was no other choice they are simple but beautiful and the cream matched my dress while the hint of blush pink matched my shoes. My bridesmaid had a smaller matching bouquet and then Summer had a single stem of sweet avalanche which she had picked all the petals off within 5 minutes of it being given to her! We had 2 arrangements on clear pedestals in the Horniman with a mixture of sweet avalanche roses, white dahlias and ferns to compliment the Victorian architecture. I was adamant I wanted white displays as the interior of the Horniman is white and I thought it would look amazing – which it did.

Ruth at Stem Flowers did all of the above arrangements and I was really happy with how they turned out. My parents and I did the flowers for the Larder the night before – my mum sweet talked the man at Waitrose into pre ordering her bunches of white and bright pink sunshine roses that she could pick up the day before – doing this meant the total cost of our reception flowers was £72! We arranged them in groups of pink or white and put them in tin cans that me, my mum and my mum’s neighbour collected for weeks.

Traditional English Brands

We asked the Groomsmen to wear their own black suits as we didn’t want anything too formal or matchy matchy. We did provide them with Liberty Caesar print hankerchiefs that matched the grooms bespoke tie. We got them made by buying a metre of fabric at Liberty and the local dry cleaner charged £1.50 per handkerchief to hem! We also bought them knitted black silk Barbour ties as James likes traditional English brands.

I wanted my bridesmaid to look beautiful and feel comfortable so we went shopping for a dress that suited her in whatever colour looked best. We went for a light grey chiffon pleated dress from Monsoon which looked amazing! I then found some grey patent peep toe sling backs in Pied a Terre to match. Summer’s (the tiny cute one) dress was from Gap and I loved it as it was a party dress rather than a traditional flower girl dress. She loved it too and wanted to wear it to nursery after the wedding.

Rose Gold Pocket Watch

To say James is very into his clothes is an understatement – he knows exactly what he wants down to the last detail, therefore the suit had to be bespoke from his favourite tailor David Fullerton based on The Cut in Waterloo. He wanted something classic that would stand the test of time so he went for a slim fit jacket with more a traditional “English style trousers with a single pleat and waistcoat” . The suit had a silver silk lining edged with black and white floral Liberty print. His tie was custom made Liberty Caesar print. I accessorised it for him with a rose gold pocket watch I gave him on the day that perfectly matched his rose gold wedding band. His shoes were Dries Van Noten black leather Oxfords and 5 times the price of mine.

Bright Colours

As soon as I saw a wedding shot by Chris Barber Photography on Rock My Wedding I knew we had to have them as our photographers. The thing about their work that stood out the most to me was the bright colours they capture, which is the complete opposite to most wedding photographers who favour muted tones and black and white. We absolutely weren’t disappointed and several of our friends and family have commented how much they love the photos and how different they are from the usual mushy ones! They were also fantastic on the day, very professional and somehow slipped into the background but stll managed to take fabulous photos. We also loved that they offered the Silly Space photo booth and our friends definitely took advantage!

No Cake?

We didn’t have a cake and I don’t think anyone noticed! I just felt it was an unnecessary expense and cutting the cake shots make me cringe.

Love In Store

We had the most amazing DJ – David from DiskoJuice and everyone agreed the music was fantastic and the dancefloor was packed all night.

Our first dance was Love in Store by Fleetwood Mac. About 2 years after we started going out we were playing a Hot Chip Bugged Out compilation CD in the flat and this song came on and we just both loved the lyrics. It was important to us to have a happy song rather than a sad slow mushy one.

A Sweet Tooth

For favours James’ mum made 140 little bags of sugar biscuits as favours and they tasted delicious.

A Fashion Show

The Larder put out small tea lights on each table along with the flowers. I created 2 photo boards, one of all of our parents and grandparents wedding days, and one of photos of James in some of his more interesting outfits for inspiration for a game we put on each table – it was a card dress up doll with paper clothes and some felt tip pins and guests had to create the perfect outfit for James! The entries were incredible people put so much effort in and we awarded a prize (a round of Sambucas) to the best table (judged by James).

The Magnificent Seven

The key for us was not doing anything on our wedding day that we wouldn’t do normally, although we wanted it to be special we wanted it to be comfortable and feel like us. Right at the beginning we chose the things that were most important to us, having all our friends and family, good food, good music and dancing and stuck to our guns on every decision so we could have those things – because nothing else really mattered.

James really wanted to walk down the aisle as he didn’t think it was fair that only I got to do that well so him and the groomsmen walked down the aisle to the theme tune of the Magnificent Seven!

Everything was handmade from the save the dates to the invitations, the table plan, the game and the favours and that was important to us as it made it unique (and kept the costs down!) We also wrote our own vows using song lyrics from our favourite songs which made them personal to us and made a few people laugh.

Dress Prisicilla of Boston

Boutique Angelica Bridal

Make-up Kit at Slap

Shoes LK Bennett (bride) and Dries Van Noten (groom).

Blooms The Flowershop

Photographer Chris Barber

Entertainment DiskoJuice

Loving the fact that James spent 5 times more on his shoes than Becca did. I think that is probably an RMW first!

And as he is so fashion orientated – the idea for the “Dress James” game is simply genius!


17 thoughts on “A Fashionable Affair.

  1. That is an incredibly dapper and stylish groom, and the bride looks beautiful. Some really unique touches to this wedding- love it. And is that a guest book table I spy??? Genius- I am so stealing that idea.

  2. Ahhh, such a beautiful wedding!! And it has put my mind at rest as this is the only wedding dress that I have seen that also sits on the floor at the front!! I’d love to know if Becca had any problems walking in it?!

    I’ve been told to practise a kick flick kind of walk! Looking a little bizarre at the moment but will get there eventually I am sure! Still have 7 weeks of practising yet! x

  3. To birdcage or not to birdcage..that is the question! they always look so elegant but not sure one would go with my dress 🙁

  4. I love this wedding, I’m almost regretting going out of London for my big day now, this looks so chic and elegant.

    Could you let me know where the pocket watch is from? I’ve been looking for one for ages for my “groom” and this is the nicest i’ve seen! Pretty please?!

  5. how exciting, I used to live round the corner from the Horniman! really is a beautiful venue, with gorgeous gardens too. Loving how cool James and all the groomsmen look and Becca’s lovely smile 🙂

  6. Hi everyone, thank you for the lovely comments! x

    @ Kim the pocket watch is from Greenwich Pocket Watches http://www.greenwichpocketwatch.co.uk and I got it engraved in Bond Street Station

    @ Emma – no problems walking in the dress – I didn’t even really notice it touched the floor at the front until you said!

    @ Rachie – good choice Kit is just awesome!

  7. I definitely didn’t notice the lack of cake!! Two weddings the week prior to yours had cake but I didn’t indulge – your Eton Mess did the trick! Your personal touches were completely unique & wonderful. An so pleased that it was as special fr you two as it was for us being part of it. Xx

  8. Hi Becca,

    I just stumbled across your blog as I was notified we had a new link to our website (I work at Stephen Einhorn). What a beautiful and stylish wedding! And really nice story about your heart necklace that you’ve had since you were 18. It seems like you live local to our shop so if you’re ever passing please pop it in and one of our jewellers will give it a professional polish and re-vamp. Also I’d really love to give you a mention on our blog if you wouldn’t mind as it’s such a lovely story!?

    Best wishes,

  9. Omg what a stunning looking day!!! You can tell when a wedding has been done by a wedding planner because everything is just immaculate and so well done, really reaffirms my decision to go with one! I’m currently organising my wedding with Scarlett events who have been stunning at every step of the way, even telling me when they believe I am wrong and persuade me to change my mind! Highly recommend https://www.scarletevents.com/luxury-wedding-planners

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