A Floral Frenzy.


Now I don’t know about you, but I feel like summer is on it’s way out. Early mornings have a slightly chill in the air, the nights are definitely starting to draw in and I’m already hankering after a piping hot Baileys Hot Chocolate…

Yesterday we even announced the winner of our Autumn Pinterest competition and as much as I love snuggly knits, knee high boots and crunchy leaves I’m DEFINITELY not quite ready to let go of the sunshine and all of the light and vibrant colour it brings. It’s still August for goodness’ sake!!

So with that in mind…today I’m delving into a world of floral print. Versatile and oh so summery – I refuse to believe that there isn’t a floral print out there for everyone! And I’m hoping today you’ll see something you love. Whether whimsical, vintage or bold – floral print provides endless pretty possibilities…

Are you ready to join me in Autumn denial??


We begin with floral print Bridal gowns – not for the faint hearted I know, but what a statement! At RMW we love Brides who make bold choices and these ladies have definitely done that.

Choosing a large print in pink and peach tones keeps it girly and fun and I have to say the beautiful gown with a sweetheart neckline by Wendy Makin has stolen my heart. The bespoke water-coloured gown above by Kathryn Conover is a more subtle option and a nod to the ombre trend too.

Then for the braver Brides, we have the stunning blue hued numbers above. Delft-esque, the Brides look almost doll like. I’m a huge fan of blue prints, whether it be on tiles, pottery, scarves, clothes, bags…please please, will one of you lovely lot get married in blue floral print and send it to us?!

I feel here I should also mention that one of things we read most regularly from Brides, is that they almost didn’t try on ‘the one’ because they thought it didn’t look Bridal enough. If you fall for a floral print gown and have the same worry – then please TRY IT ON ANYWAY. You may end up looking as wonderful as the ladies above.


So next up, probably the simplest way to incorporate floral print into your big day – the Bridesmaids dresses.

Here is where you can really play with print. Ditzy print tea dresses, chintzy curtain-style maxi dresses, structured 50s numbers…as I mentioned before there’s a floral print out there for everyone. And don’t forget that you can always buy fabric and have you dresses made for you. This isn’t always as expensive as you think…particularly when you look at the cost of some of the Bridesmaids gowns out there. Just find your fabric and check out the boutiques section of our Love Lust List for dress makers.

I have to say of the images above, it’s the mismatched selection of maids I love the most. Yes they are totally different styles, lengths and prints – but a clear theme of black and pink running throughout AND a carnation flower crown to tie it all together. The perfect option if you’ve got a HUGE bridal party.


And so, to the details…

If you’re not looking to be bombarded with floral print, but would like a sprinkling of the pretty stuff then how about ribbon? Tied around cutlery, bouquets, chair backs, jam jars, you hair. I honestly believe that ribbon tied in a bow is one of the most pleasing things to look at.

Another way to avoid floral overkill is by combining your chosen print with monochrome and metallics. Doesn’t the floral stationery with gold accents look so sophisticated against black and white?

To add some flower power to the table, how about those crackers? Who said they’re only for Christmas??? When you’ve got them in floral print they are perfect all year round! Or you could try beautiful charger plates. Dinner would definitely taste more delicious on those.

And for a wonderful place name and favour, I think a personalised liberty print napkin would go down a storm.


For lots of gorgeous floral prints, The Rifle Paper Co. and Liberty really are wonderful.

Grooms can get in on the action with ties, pocket squares, if yours isn’t willing to embrace a full-on floral shirt (I know mine wouldn’t…)

If you’re looking for a flower adorned cake without having to use fresh flowers, have a look at the elegant handiwork of Emily Hankins. Each one lovingly designed, baked and hand painted, her cakes are truly pieces of art.

And then to finish, for a bit of fun, why not have floral print shoes? Those Dolce & Gabanna pumps are top of my floral wish list.

Are any of you incorporating floral print into your big day? How are you doing it? What are you teaming it with? We’d love to know!!

Lots of love,

Fern x

Author: Fern Godfrey
Fern spends most of her time dreaming about weddings and trying to convince her long-suffering boyfriend to propose. Lucky enough to live in sunny Cornwall, if you need her – you’ll find her at beach.

8 thoughts on “A Floral Frenzy.

  1. *sigh*
    I wish I’d had the balls to wear a more daring, floral number.
    Don’t get me wrong, I loved my dress, it was *exactly* what I thought I would go for, but these are wonderful!

    1. I’m sure your dress was wonderful Becks – but I do know what you mean!

      I wish there were more days like weddings days in a girls life…

      Fern x

    1. Summer!!!!!! You can’t do that to us!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I was already excited, but now I literally CAN’T WAIT to hear more about the Temperley!!

      Fern x

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