A Fresh Garden Wedding… Part 2

There was a lot of love for this garden wedding yesterday and of course, that dress :). In the second part, Jo shares her ideas and decisions behind planning a carefree wedding day.

All the stunning images are courtesy of Segerius-Bruce Photography – thanks Guys!

Garden Style

We planned a garden wedding with a relaxed feel. We wanted it to be a wedding celebration with closest friends and family, without the formal feel some weddings have.

We used Merlins catering who did a ‘Posh BBQ’ with Steak, Salmon, Chicken, Vegetable kebabs and salad/pasta followed by choice of 3 desserts.

Quality Photography

We chose Segerius-Bruce Photography for our wedding photography.

Our best idea was the the photography – soooo worth the money and the quality on the day and after was top drawer! Chanelle and Craig were such a lovely couple to deal with and have to share the day with.

DIY Stationery

Kevin designed and hand-made all the invites, order of service and table plans and they were just stunning. We themed each table with our special memories like Venice, V festival etc.

With the relaxed feel of a garden wedding we wanted Greens and whites and to have a home made, personal feel but still professional and classy.

Garden Florals

Our flowers were by Daisy Chain Flowers I had a whole mix of green and white flowers including thistles, roses and frushas – I wanted it to feel as if I’d picked it myself from the garden

They were all chosen to fit into the green and white relaxed garden wedding feel.

Simple Cake

We chose the romantic Pearl cake from M&S – wanted it simple with the flowers on top

A Relaxed Day

The garden relaxed theme came from Jo’s uncle’s 30th wedding anniversary do which had a few friends and family in his garden at home which was just so personal and intimate – wanted to capture that feeling and we both didn’t really like the formality that goes with traditional weddings.

Dancing the night away

The party went on till midnight as that was the curfew but carried on on the coach and back at the hotel!

Our first dance was to ‘The first time I saw your face’ by Roberta Flack – the words say it all.

Making it your own

The things I remember most from the day were:
Saying our promises.
My mum and Kev’s speeches were amazing and Kev’s was so funny.
The very funny dancing done by Kev and his friends.
The firework display.
Singing on the coach on the way to the hotel.

My Advice

Make it your day and don’t worry about pleasing anyone else, Kev didn’t wear a tie which I was totally happy with as it fitted into our relaxed theme but some people found it very strange. We didn’t have a proper top table either (was circular as wanted to mingle in with everyone). Just do what you want and make it the day you want it to be. Everyone has different opinions on what something should be, but it’s your opinion that matters most.

We’re all for a bit of informality here at RMW and Jo and Kevin certainly showed us how it’s done.
Which traditions will you be ditching for your wedding?

Yours Truly,


Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

22 thoughts on “A Fresh Garden Wedding… Part 2

  1. Love those pretty sun-dappled couple shots! Totally agree about ditching the stuff you don’t want – we had no favours and didn’t have a traditional cake (had an Italian millefoglie which was also dessert). We also ditched all the ‘hangers on’ that we didn’t really want in order to have a small group of 34 guests – perfect!

  2. What a gorgeous dress. Ballerina length, I don’t think I’ve seen anything like that. It’s so pretty.

    At our wedding we didn’t have a first dance, because we just didn’t want to. I didn’t throw my bouquet, because I wanted to keep it and I didn’t have bridesmaids, I had ‘Best Girls’ who chose their own outfits.

  3. Lovely photos!
    We also had round tables rather than a traditional top table, which really suited the relaxed feel we wanted to create. Other less traditional things – we didn’t have proper buttonholes but used Marie Curie cancer care flower pins for them, and gave them all out to our guests to wear; I had a bouquet of paper flowers rather than real ones; and, inspired by a good friend of mine, I joined the boys and gave a speech – nice to hear from a woman during the otherwise very male speeches!

  4. Gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What beautiful shots of the Bride and Groom – how will they choose which one goes on the wall!?!
    Loved the flowers too!! So elegant. An all-round wonderful feature!

  5. I LOVE that shot of the bride twirling around on the dancefloor.
    We havent been that successful in trying to not have things we didnt think were necessary e.g wedding cake. However we figure with 2 different cultures coming together for a 2 day celebration, it will be different enough anyway!
    Happy Weekend folks. xoxo

  6. Goregous dress and she is so pretty!

    I’m toying with the idea of ditching the receiving line – on one hand, you get to say hello to everybody, on the other hand, is it a tad stuffy and a waste of time? Thoughts appreciated if anyone has any!

  7. Luci- were not having a receiving line, sheerly because we don’t like the idea of our guests queuing just to say hello. We have instead decided to give our guests some extra time to mingle with each other and ourselves over a few cocktails and some eaton mess.

  8. Mmmm, eton mess….
    I agree with Naomi Luci. We are ditching ours to. Mainly because we dont like them and also, the thought of them makes my poor Dad’s blood run cold! And we figure he has enough stress to contend with his with speech! xoxo

  9. Afternoon peeps!

    Good to see a bit of conversation about things to keep/throw… we didn’t have a receiving line as it seemed overly formal and most importantly took up time – we didn’t want people queueing to sit down and my fav bit of a wedding is the drinks reception. People did complain they didn’t get time with us tho (old rellys) despite us doing the table rounds between courses. Looking back that was almost more stressful, we were up and down like a jack in the box and could have enjoyed dinner more otherwise.

    Swings and roundabouts… just make a decision that suits you both and your wedding 🙂


  10. We definitely aren’t having a receiving line. I’ve been to weddings without and without them and I definitely think it’s a more relaxed atmosphere without. We are also ditching the top table in favour of a sweetheart table. Our parents are going to host there own tables. They still get to socialise but I get alone time with my new hubby. Xx

  11. With receiving lines, remember it doesn’t have to be one or the other; we never even had a conversation about whether to have one, it just sort of “happened” as we exited the ceremony room that everyone queued up to say hi!

    But our parents didn’t join us…they hated the formality, so.they were down on the decking quaffing champagne and we sent guests their way for a relaxed drink after they’d seen us!

    Beautiful wedding. Beautiful dress.

  12. We’re not having a top table either, we’re only 35 to the breakfast so we’re all on one big table… Have to say that it’s one of the parts of the day that I’m most excited about!

    We’re not having a first dance simply because we can’t think of a song to dance to and we’re having speeches before the breakfast (weird claling it that) because my Boy won’t relax and enjoy his food otherwise!

    Each to their own – especially on their wedding day!

    P.S. Massive dress envy


  13. Luci – we didn’t have a receiving line either, partly because as a guest at weddings I find them petrifying (no idea why but they seem to send me into a spluttering idiot!) and partly because we didn’t like the idea of everybody having to queue up to say hello. We also didn’t have a father of the bride speech as it was my dad’s idea of hell. People might have thought it was a little bit strange (although they were too polite to say so if they did!) but we really didn’t care – it was our day after all!!
    H x

  14. We have only seen this blog for the first time today and thank you so much for your lovely comments. We loved our day and glad you can see that. We are actually still on honeymoon travelling for 6 months (thought we would do the non trad for that too)!!

    hope all your plans trad or not are going well.


  15. Awww I love this wedding!! It’s so fresh and gorgeous and the bride and groom look just so happy!

    Parley Manor was our second choice but I was worried that it would be too formal a venuw for us so we went to a hotel near the beach with a relaxed vibe instead. So lovely to see that such a beautifully relaxed wedding can happen at Parley Manor! I am going to have to hide these pictures from the hubbie though as Parley Manor was his favourite 😀

  16. Beautiful wedding! Lovely relaxed atmosphere and smiling faces all round. Jealous of any bride who gets to wear that gorgeous dress!

    We are ditching quite few traditional elements – no receiving line, no first dance and no speeches. We are going traditional with the church though I suppose. We’re also thinking of having a BBQ like Jo and Kevin, it looks so yum!


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