A Fresh Spring Palette.

Rebecca and I were recently discussing how Spring is definitely our favourite season, perhaps it’s the fact we were both Spring brides ourselves or because we have a lot of love for the various blooms that start to appear as the climate becomes increasingly warmer…..snowdrops, daffodils, primroses, tulips… and all of the gorgeous greenery that serves as a welcome “Goodbye” to the dismal grey depths of winter.

When Anna and Chris’s Spring W-day dropped into my inbox recently it was like a little ray of sunshine, delicate florals, a soft cream and fresh green colour scheme and a beautiful glowing bride.

Unfortunately we were unable to source all of our usual text but it would have been a real shame not to share the inspiration with you solely for that reason, photographer Polly Alexandre has written about the day and we will endeavour to answer any queries you may have on the details or suppliers.

Spring is just around the corners Lovelies, and if you look at these images close enough you may even feel like it’s here already…..

Polly Alexandre: Chris and Anna’s wedding was held at Shiplake church in Henley followed by a marquee reception in the grounds of Chris’s parents home in Surrey. It was a mid April wedding and the couple were blessed with gorgeous spring sunlight on their special day.

Anna is Swedish and chose a lovely fresh & natural spring green and ivory colour scheme. Lily of the valley featured heavily in the flowers with the added bonus that it smelt heavenly. I just love the flowergirl’s headpiece too – a traditional style that looked so angelic and fairy like on her!

One of her bridesmaids made the homemade place names by writing guest’s names on leaves, and the menus on handmade paper.The ivory and green scheme translated beautifully to the floral centrepieces which were arranged around ivory candles.

With a nod to Swedish tradition the bridesmaids gave a speech and even presented the groom with a recipe book of Swedish specials to cook for his new wife. Gravadlax (a Swedish marinated smoked salmon) was served to guests as a starter, and the couple customised Green and Blacks miniature chocolates to serve with coffee with their own printed out images of each other as babies and children.

The marquee was actually placed around trees that were already in the garden which did a great job of ‘bringing the outside in’ and enhancing the organic natural feel to the decor.

Things I love about this wedding:

The cute flower girl hair band and peachy shoes

Anna’s bohemian wavy locks and fresh bloom accessories

The Lily of the Valley Bouquet, so timeless, so elegant

The Maids statement neck candy

The spring low light makes for some wall worthy images

Anyone else keeping in cream, green and fresh for W-day ?

Hoping to bring the outside “in” to your garden marquee?

Do let us know you gorgeous lot.

Big Spring Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

19 thoughts on “A Fresh Spring Palette.

  1. Perfect…exactly what I need on this very tired Monday morning!!!

    The bride and groom look stunning, and I love the flower girls garland!!

    Oh, and the baby’s breath in the bouquet!!! xx

  2. We’re having White’s. There will obviously be very pale greens from the flowers. I’ve had that picture of the bridesmaid for years in my scrapbook-I love the midsummer nights dream style of the circlet.

    I also read somewhere about how the smell of gyp can be taken away by a good outside airing. Gyp will feature heavily in our outside ceremony. It lasts with limited water which can’t be said for tulips, daffs or other ‘bulby’ flowers. Providing it’s been aired first!!!!

    My job is pretty crap at the minute and I live for Spring on my way home and into work. If it was winter I’d probably think ‘sod it’ and stay in bed!

  3. Hurrah for spring in general and spring weddings in particular!! Loving the fresh colour palette and the ethereal-ness (yes, its a word) of the flowers.

    OK, so I’m a ‘tad’ biassed but mid-April is surely the best time for a wedding n’est pas?

    anyone else get their shorts on at the weekend?

    r.now x x x

    PS Is it just me or does the bride have the tiniest arms ever?!

  4. I NEED that dress! It’s gorgeous, really subtle lace. Where did the bride get it from?
    What a beautiful wedding, the bride is beautiful.


  5. Actually in love with this wedding sigh. I too am doing “white’s” – this bride has captured EVERYTHING I want. x

  6. The hair – I am in love with the hair!! Does anyone now how to get the look? Are those flower clips, and if so where from!? Perfection! so pretty!

  7. what a gorgeous wedding. Love the necklaces the bridesmaids are wearing, any ideas where I can get something similar? Also, the bride’s shoes are just what I am looking for xx

  8. Love these pictures, that light really is gorgeous! I love that dress too! The ivory and green does make everything look so fresh and natural.

    And miss r.now those really are the tiny tiniest arms ever, I was staring at them for an unsuitably long time!


  9. P.S. Jenny hope the baby arrives today, or maybe did last night, and you haven’t had to resort to any other extreme measures to prompt him/her!


  10. What a beatiful wedding, love all the colours. I’m getting married March 17th so im missing out of an official spring wedding by a matter of days but i’m hoping it will be spring weather (the nice kind!)

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