A Friday Afternoon Treat From Minty Slippers.

Minty Slippers

I’m not sure what the weather has been like where you are this week, but to me it feels like Autumn has truly arrived. Torrential down pours and gusty winds are quite possibly the WORST weather combination…

So what better for a miserable Friday afternoon than curling up with a hot chocolate (marshmallows are compulsory) and a tear-jerkingly, heart achingly romantic wedding film? And we haven’t just got one for you today – oh no – we’ve got two!!!

First up is Shoshana and Meredith – a wedding bursting with love, filled with colourful flowers, lanterns hanging from the trees, a fabulous naked cake, two absolutely beautiful gowns and the prettiest Bridal cape.

And if you listen really carefully, you can hear Meredith’s actual heart beat on the film! Minty Slippers picked it up during the vows as the microphone was placed so close to Meredith’s chest and so they decided to incorporate the sound into the film…how wonderfully intimate is that?

Secondly we have the unbelievably stylish wedding of Naz and Brad for you, which you can see in full here on RMW. For those of you who haven’t seen it before – once you’ve watched the film – I just know you’ll want to see the wedding in full. Think Old-Hollywood Icon make up, slinky Belle & Bunty gowns and an oversized peony button hole.

I hope you’re all sitting comfortably…

Shoshana & Meredith

Naz & Brad

The Minty Slippers Team:Hello! We are Danny and Julie from Mintyslippers. You might notice something about us when you meet us – that we don’t stand still for long. We are always on the move, on our feet, looking for ‘moments’ to connect with.

Our films are stories; stories about lives, loves and opportunities missed and found.

We got married a few years ago, in a whirlwind, we eloped to Gretna Green and it was very romantic. I had lace in my dress, and Danny wore a pressed blue suit. We looked quite young then when I look back at the photos. How time has changed us. Of course, we had a film of our day – but no where near as brilliant as what we produce now for our couples. I wish I knew me back then to film my wedding!

We have our daughter now, she is 2 and full of bounce and life. She loves going for a walk with mummy and daddy, and sometimes she splashes and bounces in the puddles when its been raining. She loves that so much, such a simple pleasure to see. A child’s laugh is therapy for anyone. Of course we have filmed her changing over the years, and will one day edit it, and share it with her, and I am sure it will be invaluable to her, and any children that she has. After all, film is a legacy for the future generations.

Our style is simplicity, and love. We are romantics at heart and look for the moments that people share – especially the ones where they forget everyone else around them – the real moments. I think that’s what makes us so different – we have a definitive love of love, and it shows in what we produce. We don’t stage any of our shots – it’s just what happens in spontaneity – we were just there to capture it 🙂

The weddings are all unique to each of our couples – some even become our friends – we go anywhere, almost all of the time. We even set up a new company (A Hint Of Mint) to cope with the number of couples we can’t film each year – we want everyone to have the chance to feel the Minty Magic, and have one of our creations.

Videography by Minty Slippers

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Author: Fern Godfrey
Fern spends most of her time dreaming about weddings and trying to convince her long-suffering boyfriend to propose. Lucky enough to live in sunny Cornwall, if you need her – you’ll find her at beach.

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  1. So so beautiful, such true love. Wishing you all the very best Shoshana and Meredith, and hoping that one day I will live in a country that will officially recognise a love like this by allowing couples of the same sex to marry.

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