A Golden Touch… Part 1

I think I might have a bit of a thing for texture. The touch and feel of things are so important to me, Matt and Libbys wedding makes me want to somehow reach inside the photographs in order to properly experience them.

The crisp velvet flowers, the wall hangings, the stonework and the fabrics – it’s a sensory overload. Throw in some unique detail (look out for the pocket watch folks) and combine that with some unusual image aspect ratio’s (we have everything in this one from panoramic to square) and the result? Something truly special.

The Photography by John Harris called for some unique RMW image templates to be made in order to really show off the work, but I’m sure you’ll agree that it has been worth the effort.

Over to Libby…

We got married on August 14th 2010. Our ceremony was at the beautiful Wolterton Hall and the reception was held in Mannington gardens, 2 miles down the road but part of the same estate. Both in the depths of the Norfolk countryside.

Vintage Gold

My dress was by Rosetta Nicoloni at Berkatex. To start with I was adamant that I wouldn’t have a strapless dress but then I tried this dress on and fell in love with it instantly. I always wanted something quite fitted to below the hips with a statement piece such as the flower on the hip. Also I loved the fabric, it was a lovely vintage golden colour and look amazing in the light.

Eclectic Eccentricity

I always knew that I wanted a very long simple veil and I loved wearing it but unfortunately it was no good for dancing! So.. for the party I took it off and replaced it with a big flower that I got from Accessorize along with the bridesmaids flowers. The jewelry I wanted to be special. Matt bought me some earrings from my favorite jewelry shop Eclectic Eccentricity

I had in one of my mums blue stoned studs for my something borrowed and something blue. I also wore a beautiful vintage rose gold bracelet with a charm on it that belonged to my grandmother and worked as my something old.

Head Over Heels

I’m not very good with heels as I’m quite clumsy and didn’t want to risk falling over on the day, which is exactly the kind of thing I would do! Also I didn’t want to be taller than Matt! I had my heart set on some bright pink ballet pumps but then I found these beautiful gold wedges from Office and that was it…decision made!

Audrey Hepburn

My sister did my makeup for me. I’m quite fussy with my make up and I trust her completely. She did a brilliant job. I went for smoky eyes and a heavy lid liner with an Audrey Hepburn flick. To compliment this I wanted my hair to be a 1960s style with a thick sweeping fringe and height at the back. Also I had some lovely loose curls added.

Flower Power

For my bouquet I wanted quite bold colours so I chose a mixture of big roses in blocky colours. Pinks, whites and some lovely eucalyptus. The bridesmaids had big beautiful Dahlias, which I love and this followed through onto the tables and the cake. The boys had a buttonhole of a single cream rose with a twig of Eucalyptus. Our florist Floribunda was a family friend and she did an amazing job.

Comfortable and Cool

The girl’s dresses were from Coast and their gorgeous shoes were from Zara. I loved the colour scheme we chose for the bridesmaids and was really pleased with how we managed to let this flow nicely through out the rest of the decorations. We wanted the boys to look comfortable and cool! The boys all got their suits from House of Fraser and the groom, and dads had their suits made from House of Fraser. All going for a brown tweedy look with a waistcoat to match. The cravats were the same colour as the dresses and were hired from Moss bros. This bought it all together nicely.

Handsome and Relaxed

I really love a man in a cravat and a waistcoat! I think its such a handsome and relaxed look. I hadn’t really seen Matt’s suit finished until the day and I thought it was perfect. The style really suited him and he looked so handsome! And it was nice to see him all dressed up!

Picture Perfect

We were quite fussy about choosing the photographer and could not have been happier with the result! Our pictures were perfect and just what we had hoped they would be like. We chose our John Harris because he had a great reportage portfolio and that’s just what we wanted. I explained to him how I wanted the pictures to have a vintage look and he delivered. Perfectly!

Photography – John Harris

Venue – Wolterton Hall

Dress – Rosetta Nicoloni

Jewellery – Eclectic Eccentricity

Flowers – Floribunda

And the great thing is that we still have more to go! Check back tomorrow for some really clever and witty detail – suitcases, sweets, a convertible Morris Minor, lots and lots and lots more smiling…. and of course a potato.

See you tomorrow then.


Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

25 thoughts on “A Golden Touch… Part 1

  1. What a lovely start to a wet Wednesday-this whole wedding looks so dreamy and the pics have a beautiful vintage feel to them. Am loving the happiness, the colour palette and those blooms-that bouquet is amazing!

    That shot of the bride looking oit of the window is stunning!

    Can’t wait for part 2 


  2. Absolutely bloomin’ gorgeous. And I know exactly what you mean about texture!

    Can I ask where the pocket watches were from please? Frantically hunting for one for my H2B and they are the nicest ones I’ve seen for ages!

  3. This is beautiful!! I love the combination of the pale green and bright pink for the bridesmaids, and the flowers to match…some really great details as well like the touch of gold! Can’t wait to see the rest! x x

  4. These are some of the loveliest photos I have ever seen, also loving the pocket watch and the shot of the bride sticking out her tongue!


  5. Wowsers! These photos are fabtastic! And the colour combination for the bridesmaids is absolutely stunning!
    I agree with Jenny about the picture of Libby in front of the big window, and also LOVE the one during the ceremony, where they are looking at each other, and Libby is holding her chin – gorgeous! xxx

  6. These photographs are beautiful to the core. Love the shots of the bride from the back, love the colour palette, and ADORE how happy Matt and Libby look.

    Also…seriously impressed with the shoes-in-the-chandelier shot….anyone else want to throw their shoes up into the nearest fancy light fitting?

  7. Wow – the flowers! The colours! THE VENUE! The people too! And what a happy wedding – really brightened up my gray Wednesday morning. Can’t wait till tomorrow to see the rest. Thanks Adam!

  8. Just LOVE this photography. So much personality and vibrance in every shot, yet still classic and timeless.

    Brides look best when sticking out tongues!


  9. Thank you everyone for all your lovely comments about our day! The tongue shot is my best look!
    It really was the most perfect day. Thank you Adam and Charlotte for letting me share it!
    Libby x

  10. Wow these photos are amazing! I love the pic of Libby looking out the giant window, stunning! I Also love love love the shot of the bridesmaid pullling Libby’s garter and them all having a massive hug – they all look so happy, fab!

    The grrom and groomsmen look awesome too!

    Looking forward to part II!


  11. is there any possible way i could actually get in these photos?! seriously, they’re so… deep

    and the textures are amazing

    and of course the actual content is be-yooo-tiful!!

    mrs r.now x x x

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