A Golden Touch… Part 2

I’m glad part 01 of A Golden Touch received such a warm reception yesterday, I think this is one of the nicest weddings I have had the priveledge of blogging for RMW so far.

Let’s get straight back in for a second touch of the golden stuff.

The 40 Year Old Cake

We both love chocolate cake and after a trip to New York where we fell in love with Magnolia bakery cupcakes we decided to go for the delicious frosting. A close friend of ours made it for us. We wanted something that looked homemade to fit in with the feel of the day and it tasted amazing! I made Matt and Libby peg dolly cake toppers to sit on the top, which I now make to order. My mum really wanted to make us a fruitcake using her family recipe so we ended up having 2 cakes, which in my opinion is perfect! You can never have too many cakes! My mum used part of the decorations from her own wedding cake from 40 years ago. That was a really special surprise for me.

Just For The Record

We both love music so the entertainment was really important to us. We have a friend who is an amazing DJ and has the best record collection so he was the perfect choice. The music was great; the dance floor was packed all night!

Better When You’re Naked

We are not really a smoochy couple and didn’t want the traditional slow dance. We wanted something fun that would get everyone on the dance floor. We went for ‘Ida Marie – I like you so much better when you’re naked’. It got everyone up and dancing…even the oldies!

Gold Ink

I wanted our guests to have a little something that was handmade and personal to them so I decided to combine the favors and nametags in to one.
I made the tags in the style of luggage labels on which I hand stamped the names in gold ink and then attached vintage style buttons to the ribbons.

Vintage Lace

It was really important to us that the day reflected us and what we love. As a wedding stationery designer I really loved styling the whole day and felt lucky to be creative enough to make it just how we had hoped. All the stationery was inspired by vintage lace collected from my family using our colour scheme to tie it all together. I love detail so enjoyed adding little extras around the venue such as jam jars tied with ribbon which held candles on the tables outside and signs to help the guests find their way around. For the tables I collected vintage style glass vases and lace matt’s that I layered on top of each other. We hung lanterns from the trees around the marquee and had a little sweet corner, which the adults enjoyed as much as the kids.

Matt’s mum made beautiful bunting that hung all the way around the marquee and one of my close friends saved all her sweet peas from her allotment and dried the petals which we then put in cones sharing the same lace decoration as the rest of the stationery. She handed these out to the guests after the ceremony for the confetti. I used an old case that belonged to my great grandfather as a spot for people to kindly leave their cards. Also my Uncle let us use 2 of his beautiful vintage cars, one driven by the bridesmaids and the other driven by him to take Matt and me to the reception.


Doing so much ourselves with help from our friends and family really made it feel special to us. Everyone was so involved and the whole day had a lovely relaxing feel to it. It was so important to us that we celebrated with all our favorite people and for them to have as much fun and enjoy themselves as much as us.

Matt and I made sure we grabbed a few moments through out the day, just the two of us, so we could look at each other and say ‘ This is it!! We are actually here doing this!!’ I think its important to make a little time to do this and have a giggle.

I loved it all, every single second from the engagement to the wedding day.

Photography – John Harris

Venue – Wolterton Hall

Dress – Rosetta Nicoloni

Jewellery – Eclectic Eccentricity

Flowers – Floribunda

Stationery – Libby (THE BRIDE!)

Transport – RG Classic Cars

I know everyone really raved about the photography by John Harris yesterday, so I hope you have enjoyed some of the super size images in the post today. I think the outdoors shots at this wedding are some of the best you will ever see – and the way John has naturally captured the bride, the groom and the guests is a sight to behold. Most of these images look like stills from a movie. Pure Gold.

Also, every wedding album from now on should have at least one potato in it.


Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

21 thoughts on “A Golden Touch… Part 2

  1. There are so many things I love about part 2-more amazing pics (especialy the couple pics that just jump out and grab you!), the vintage cars (how cool are they?!), more beautiful blooms, the sweets, the suitcase, the love and happiness of every single person at the wedding and especially loving those little peg cake toppers-how cute  (would love to know how I could get hold of some of those?!)


  2. Nevermind a potato, every wedding should have a small boy as cute as that one! That shot of him in the car is total melt!


  3. Awww I had to go back and look at part 1 as I missed it, its soooo lovely! Everything about it is just so pretty and I loves it!

  4. Shell – Libby the bride makes them – she did the stationery too, so if you follow the link in the post i’m sure you can have yourself a set of bride and groom pegs ordered up before sundown!

  5. Libby I just followed the link to your website – surely the prettiest there ever was?!

    Its lurrrvely. Go see it guys!

    AND your designs are amazing.

  6. Oh my good Lord! I didn’t think part one could be topped! But then I saw the peg toppers (completely amazing), the potato heads (too cute), and yet more utterly beautiful pictures! Love the one of Libby & Matt giving each other a big smacker at the table, and the little boy in the car – so sweet!

    Libby, the stationary is to die for, and it looks like the whole day was filled with much merriment! Congratulations!xxx

  7. Wow – one of my fav weddings so far. The attention to detail is amazing – a girl after my own heart!
    I can totally understand where Libby is coming from when she talks about the help of all her family and friends making it extra special. This is the same in our case – Sis designing and making stationary, Groom’s mum doing the flowers etc. etc. Just over 2 weeks to go and can’t wait now xx

  8. Woah part II is even better! Some of the loveliest bride and groom shots and awesome candid guest pics! The fun shines through these so much too! I wish I was part of it 🙂

    The attention to detail on all the lovely bits of pretty Libby did are amazing.

    Just had a look on your website too Libby, it is gorgeous!


  9. Many thanks for all the kind comments regarding my photography. Matt and Libby are a great couple (and good looking too!) and the venue was a dream for photography
    making it a really fun wedding to shoot.

    It’s always nice when brides come to me with strong ideas about how they want their pictures to look and to Libby’s credit on the day she just let me get on with the job which again makes a photographer’s life that much easier.

    Added to this was Libby’s own creative input. I know she put a huge amount of time and effort into the design of many of the details such as the table decorations, cake, sweet table etc and hopefully this is reflected in my photographs.

    Best wishes

  10. That venue is stunning…. I went to look at it myself but it was rainy and grey so I am glad I have seen Wolterton Hall looking amazing. I bloody love those Mr Potato Head 🙂 xxx

  11. What a beautiful wedding!!!

    And the wedding of Libby Bothway, too. Her Voila! range of cards were a massive inspiration to me during my final year at university and (though she probably won’t remember) I was amazed when she gave me her card at New Designers when she saw my gift card collection 3 years ago.

    Anyway, back to the point….gorgeous stationery, styling and personal touches!!!!

    Jen xx

  12. i haven’t looked at part 1 yet (stupid 2 day work conference getting in the way on my daily rmw fix!) but these photos are amazing, the light, the colours everything is gorgeous

    off to perv over part1!

    mrs r.now x x x

  13. It’s amazing what a differerence having a top class photographer makes to the memories of the special day. It really is worthwhile hunting down the best and paying that little bit extra.
    What a lovely blog post

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