A Groom With A View.

This morning we are going to take a little bit of time to focus on Mr Groom. What’s he been wearing in 2011 and how are things going to shape up for him in 2012?

It is undeniable that the last few years have seen Mr Groom grow from a nervous looking chap who’s only weapon was a number for the nearest formal wear hire on speed dial, to a much more confident character who’s paying more attention to his look, learning the importance of accessorising and even appreciating how he ‘fits’ style-wise within the overall theme of a contemporary wedding.

Now, the comment about the local formal wear hire company may be a bit unfair and I appreciate that actually the majority of couples still choose to hire suits… The good news is that the game is changing here too. Mr Groom can now expect more choice, more style and more individuality from his local formal hire company. If it’s worth its salt, said hire company should be able to kit you out with the exact look you want to rock on W-day. Goodbye and good riddance to the days when your only option was the colour of your cravat.

I’m going to take you through four strong and individual looks for Mr Groom, some are well established and some are still emerging, but Mr Groom has been dabbling with them all, and the proof is contained within these very polka dotted pages…

Look 01: James Bond.

This look is very much on the way up methinks – you can go the whole hog with full tux, shiny black dicky bow and if you really want to stand out a good trick is to dress your groomsmen down a bit or put them in a lighter colour. Just because you’re in a tux it doesn’t mean that everyone else has to match your level of formality.

The ‘James Bond’ Is a very versatile look and one that you can easily dress down if you want to lose a bit of the formality, below is a tux from Reiss dressed up with a bowtie and dressed down with a bootlace tie – it’s interesting how one small accessory can totally change the feel of the suit.

You could dress this look down even further if you mixed a tux jacket with a contrasting coloured, less formal trouser. Allsaints have started selling tux style blazers that would help you accomplish this look – I’ve yet to see it creep in to groom fashion, but I have a feeling it’s on the way.

And if a tux is too much for you but you want to go ultra smart, a gloss suit with colour pop shirt and metallic bowtie might be a good option, as seen in the ensemble above by Pose London. Again this could really put you in the spotlight if you deliberately contrast with your groomsmen.

Look 2: English Garden.

This has been a very popular look for 2011 and I don’t see it going anywhere soon. It’s a really english preppy look that embraces geek chic and some adventurous colour combinations. Here, anything goes – ditch the suit in favour of a blazer and colour contrast slacks. Go for a knitted or heavily textured tie or dicky bow and essential for this look is a classic pair of brown or ox-blood brogues.

The great thing with this look is that you can get it straight off the highstreet (as I am about to prove) and the additional bonus is that you’ll be able to regularly re-wear all of this kit time and time again, making it great value.

Now, personally I can’t fully commit to the liberal colour scheme of the English Garden look, so I have put together a slightly more subdued version.

I would love to see this Allsaints linen jacket (currently under half price by the way) matched with this funky ASOS white shirt. Get preppy geek by adding an Allsaints bowtie and set it off with a simple pair of Chinos from Topman.

Footwear is a crucial part of the English Garden look and I’ve gone for these beautifully detailed paul smith brogues. At £265.00 they are an extravagance, and of course you can get a decent set of brogues for much less than this – but when I saw them I sort of fell in love a bit so they’re staying.

Total price, including the extravagant footwear is £425.00. Throw in say another fiver for a pair of socks and some pants off the market (Calvin Klone anyone?) and you have a WHOLE OUTFIT for a wedding-dress-busting £430.00.

And if I was truly able to commit to a daring colour scheme I would perhaps suggest getting the brogues in blue… If you do, you’ll look sharp and save yourself £20.00

Look 3: Uber Rustic.

Another very popular look this year, it’s casual and it is TWEEDY folks.

Yep, I’m telling you to get some tweed in your life, we want rustic loosely woven fabrics, we want floral shirting and knitted ties and we most definitely want re-enforced fabric elbow patches. Most important of all are the accessories – braces are back big time and for a little bit of rock star glamour, why not throw on a pair of shades (maybe not for the ceremony though eh?)

And if you want to see tweed done as well as it can be then you should check out Holland Esquire, I am seriously considering purchasing this little tweedy number… the multi-coloured buttons are to die for (did I just say that?) Oh well, it’s true.

Look 4: Quirky Classic.

This is an emerging look and one that I think we are going to see more and more of this year because it is both highly accessible and highly adaptable. It’s a slightly more formal look than the last two – but the possibilities for tailoring and tweaking it are almost endless.

The Quirky Classic look relies on a classic two or three piece suit as a base, then it’s all about what you decide to add or takeaway. Maybe lose the Jacket and go for the shirt and waistcoat look or maybe add a hat to give your classic suit a retro and informal twist?

It’s the accessories that will really make this look your own. I’m loving the pocket watch thing that that I have been spotting recently – it’s a very formal accessory but when mixed with an open shirt and scarf suddenly its not formal but it certainly isn’t casual either, it’s a smart look that sits somewhere in the middle. It’s Quirky Classic and it’s ACE, that’s what it is!

Your quirk maybe something as simple as a fun patterned tie, obviously we love polka dots at RMW so when I caught site of this classic suit combined with a quirky polka dot tie I literally had to catch my breath.

I bang on about Reiss a lot, I promise I don’t work for them or anything like that, but they are doing the classic look with utter, utter class at the moment, check out this grey two piece with optional waistcoat – it’s just the perfect balance of classic elegant tailoring with a modern slim cut. I am also very much admiring the quirky classic, suit, shirt, tie and stripy handkerchief combo from POSE London. Both provide the perfect basis on which to build your Quirky Classic look.

So four distinct looks, and I have to say if I had to pick one, I’d be Quirky Classic at the moment – and it’s my hot tip for 2012. In fact, if I don’t see more of this look I’m going to be one seriously disappointed blogger.

I will leave you now with one last thought – this year we were supposed to be seeing double breasted suits slip back into the mainstream (particularly after the Moss/Hince wedding) and I must admit, I was rather hoping they were never going to arrive. I just can’t see myself lusting after the double-breasted look…

That was until I caught a few images in the New York Times Style Magazine report the other day that anticipates the double breasted suits imminent arrival.

I must admit, I think my mind is already changing… and I almost hate to admit that!

What do you people think – It looks like they are firmly on their way from the catwalk to the high street, but is it time for double-breasted suits to re-enter the wedding arena?


Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

35 thoughts on “A Groom With A View.

  1. Great post, and it’s nice to start the day off with looking at some well dressed men 😉

    I’ll now be able to tell hubby that he is cool as he wore braces for our ceremony and a waistcoat in the evening (both part of his uniform! lol) teamed with the pocket watch I bought him for his 30th.

    I do love to see a man in braces though, so glad they are making a comeback.

    Not convinced on the double breasted suit to be honest, although the boys in that last pic do somehow make it look quite good 🙂


  2. what a great post! nice to see some fashion for the males for a change. My H2B, aka Mr Mac, will be wearing a kilt as we are both Scottish. Again hire is an option but with the amount of weddings we had last year it was very expensive to hire so he is buying his own kilt outfit. It is an investment as we live in the far north in a town called Wick and men mostly always wear kilts for attending weddings as a guest or if they are invited to the dance at night. price per wear will eventually be £2 i’m guessing!

  3. We’re getting married in Ibiza so it has to be something light for my groom. He’s chosen a beige linen suit for him and all the ushers/best man/dads and the idea is match the ties to the bridesmaid dresses, so a pale peachy pink. But is it important for the groom to look a bit different to everyone else? Do you think he should go for a different color tie? Or should he be wearing a different suit altogether?!

  4. Hello Hello,

    Great post by the way!

    I was torn between a grey waistcoat with rolled up sleeves combo or a sharp dark blue slim fitted suit, with an electric blue tie from ASOS.

    Haven’t decided shoes yet but most probably black.

    I wen’t with the full suit, no real reason. Just they were both great options, and Tiney favoured the suits maybe a bit more? My best men are wearing and our dads are wearing the same.

    All my ushers though are white shirts, the same dark blue trousers we’re wearing but electric blue braces, and then a different coloured tie (to match all the other colours we;re using. Just to give a bit of variety when we take bridal party shots (I always think about how it will look in photos before deciding) WE LOVE COLOUR!!!

    Maybe it’s not amazingly different or out there, but I am mish mash, I’m not a 100% hipster or vintage guy so if I went all out in that style, I would feel pretend! lol I just went with what I loved, didn’t matter on much else! 🙂

    And yeah, not sure on double-breasted either?


  5. My fiance got his suit in Reiss….I now can’t stop telling everyone how amazing the suits are and professional the service, my friends are starting to think I work there! They are a little more expensive than hiring but is a great investment, can’t wait to see him on the day!

  6. Great post, our suits are very similar to the Reiss classic that you have posted here, but they are hire suits because we wanted the best man and the dads to be the same. We were really lucky to find a hire place that went beyond the standard measurements, and we now have really lovely tailored suits. 🙂

  7. Hi guys, thanks for the great response so far

    @Jenny – it’s entirely up to you. There ain’t know rules these days! If H2B wants to stand he could accessorise slightly differently – maybe a bow tie to stand out? But really if everyone is going to match in perfectly that is a great look in its self – I for one actually love to see a bride with maids in white dresses… it’s all down to personal choice.

    Sounds like linen suits are the perfect choice for Ibiza though!

    @Xander – the great thing with the Quirky Classic look is that you can personalise it to suit your own style, so for a “miss mash” person like yourself you can edge toward a certain look without ever feeling like a fake

    @KT – wasn’t it you working the tills in Reiss last saturday, as I was stocking the shelves? Yeah I bought my last suit 2 years ago now and I actually went for a Paul Smith… but now, having really seen Reiss up their game in the last 18 months or so I’m a bit jealous that I didn’t hold off a little longer before buying… I could have saved a bit of cash too

    @Emma – Yes hire places are having to up their game, especially when the high street can compete with a lot of the current trends. You should expect the same service from your hire company as you would a bridal boutique. And of course as with boutiques there are some really great ones out there and some, shall we say, not so great. Don’t stand for bad service – there is no reason too. Glad you had a good experience!


  8. Well Adam as you know from Facebook I’m having to tone the boys ideas slightly! But he definitely won’t let you down in the looking different from the norm!

    Great post, although I’m scared to share with the boy as he might want to change his mind AGAIN!

  9. The bride to be sent me a link to this, and I’m really impressed. Love all of the last three looks, but not a fan of the tux.

    I’ll be in the quirkyish camp hopefully, already have a lovely single breasted navy mohair suit which looks awesome (I’m told). Still to decide on a tie (I love polka dots, Paul Smith does a fab sky blue large dot tie but the B2B doesn’t) and a hany for a flourish, and getting ready to buy shoes.

    @Xander- don’t buy black shoes with a navy suit! Oxblood or dark brown with Navy every time and you won’t regret it! I love the Paul Smith shoes and discussed the very same elsewhere, but I’m now torn between Grenson’s Stanley Brogue in Burgundy or a pair of Jones brogues in a Brown/red hue, both much cheaper than the Paul Smith’s.

    Thanks for that, enjoyed!

  10. I love this post: currently swooning over the idea of the Boy in that Reiss suit avec waistcoat.
    He very much wants a 3-peice, and the ushers will be wearing their own grey suits. We have bought the ties from the Charles Thyrwitt sale (half price!). Boy might have to go down th emade-to-measure route though, as he’s 6’7”….
    I have a Q though: Is there a certain colour grey people should/shouldnt be able to pull off? I’ve heard very blond + blue eyes shouldn’t wear pale grey but go for a darker one? Also, if anyone could recommend a good LONG (Next/M&S long arent long enough…)suit that isn’t M2M that would be fab…and a damn site cheaper!

    Ta 🙂 x

  11. I think men in suits is boring. (sorry Adam) But then I would as my man will be wearing his family tartan in the day in the form of his kilt. Many Scottish/Irish lads get a kilt for their 21st birthdays and is worn to every formal occasion Inc black tie events. I must admit I skip over every bit about the bride explaining what the groom wore.

    A little disappointed to see no tartan fashion featured as there are many ways to wear it, and not just scots whon chose to wear it….. Don’t get me started on the accessories, more than a bride to chose from.

  12. Bit disappointed about the lack of kilts and highland dress! Heaps of modern ways to wear it these days now we’re not all running up and down hills chasing those elusive haggis… I don’t think there is anything nicer than the explosion of colour (and history!) you get from wearing them – after all a wedding is all about you and what’s more “you” than where you’ve come from!

  13. I seriously heart tweed (although I prefer the natural colours, rather than greys).

    Not keen on double breasted but this is because I don’t think they’re as flattering.

    I’m hoping my fiance will be wearing tails as in all likelihood it’s the only chance I’ll ever get to see him in them. And I think they’re very flattering.

  14. There are some amazing double breasted suits in Reiss this season – going to get H2B to at least try one on but not sure he will be persuaded!! Fingers crossed!
    Rachie xo

  15. @Tom – The mohair sounds awesome and I agree with your advice for Xander – try on a selection of shoes – an Ox-blood or a really really dark burgundy if you don’t want the shoes to steal the show will compliment navy perfectly.

    @Laura C – I don’t think you need to worry about a grey peeps making a suit colour choice faux pas… the best thing is to just try a selection of colours – everyones different and what works for some won’t for others…

    @OneJollyGirl (and other kilt lovers) – sorry for not including this Celtic favourite… I’m afraid my knowledge in this arena is lacking a bit… but maybe I can get researching for a future post? But seriously – men in suits boring? Get outta town!!! 😉

    @Albert – Glad you like the post, feel free to call me whatever you are most comfortable with 🙂

  16. Men in suits aren’t boring! Love to see men in suits. Big fan of The Mentalist in his 3 piece 🙂

    I like men in kilts too, but find it slightly odd when said person has no link to Scotland. Hubby had to wear one as best man at his friends wedding – he has no scottish link, nor did the bride or groom, they just liked the colour. Thought that was abit odd personally but each to their own. Always good fun guessing if they’re wearing anything underneath tho 😉


  17. @Tom thanks for the shoe tips! My guy is wearing navy blue and his Mum will not stop going on to me about how he MUST wear black shoes. No!! Definitely going down the brown/oxblood route, though those Paul Smith blue beauties are ace.

    @LauraC My guy isn’t quite as tall (6ft3) but got frustrated with high street suits which just didn’t fit properly. House of Fraser made to measure had a 50% off offer and that’s how he got M2M. It is a beautiful three piece navy slim fit suit with his choice of lining. The tailors were so helpful in advising on shirts and ties, really good service all round.

    Great post Adam, wonderful to see some variety! I feel so sorry for guys who don’t seem to have had a say in their attire for the day when there’s actually so much choice out there.

  18. @Lel- yes, the blue shoes are nice and my other half was trying to get me to try blue with my suit. But I wasn’t sure and now she is completely sold on the oxblood/brown. Just need to get her on side now with the polka dot tie…

  19. Great post!

    I didn’t have much say, and didn’t want to, in my mans attire I wanted him to chose what he wanted just like I did with my dress. He is wearing a gorgeous brown suit from Reiss (very apt as his name is Mr Brown!), – KT I am the same I rave about Reiss and how great they are, but really they are fantastic! I am hoping to get bridesmaid dresses from there as I own a few and they are so well made and a reasonable price, just (im)patiently awaiting the spring/summer collections!

    We also got tan brogues (also from Reiss) which we have bought for all the boys and I personally think they look very stylish and a great thing for them all to have after the wedding. I think the price of their suits is really reasonable considering the fabric, cut and style of them.

    I personally do love a mix between classic and something different either with the shoes, shirt or tie I think it adds individuality to the whole look. @Tom def get the polka dot tie!!


  20. @Laura – my gorgeous man is 6ft 7 too! I am 5ft 2 – we are a miss match made in heaven!

    I love this post – great to see the Grooms fashion!

    My big man will be in a black morning suit with a silk tie – he is going to look sooooo sexy 🙂

  21. I’m glad those other Scots have picked up on the lack of tartan! That was my first reaction! We are very lucky in Scotland that it is usually not a question of what the goom will wear (unless you are insisting on matching tartan to bridesmaids) but then it looks great to see the men wearing their own tartans which is what our boys will be wearing with a matching top half. Lovely!

  22. Spooky – my H2B has those tan Paul Smith’s and is saving them for our big day!

    Have found very nice suits in Aquascutum so far and will def be going Reiss too now after this post

    Really nice to see groom pretty!

  23. Love this post – It’s easy to forget that guys often have a difficult choice when it comes to what they should wear on their wedding day.

    I am having absolutely no say in what my H2B will be wearing on the big day. In fact he actually told me that as my dress is going to be a suprise, he wants his suit to be a suprise too..! which made me laugh a teenie bit! But bless him, if thats what he wants I’m happy to go along with it! I must admit that I am slightly lucky in the fact that he is a Savile Row tailor and always looks pretty dapper!

  24. Good post. We went down the traditional route, but then that was the style of our wedding and the style of my groom too. If he had turned up in a paisley shirt or a bow tie our guests would have thought he was wearing fancy dress as a joke! I think he looked lovely anyway – https://www.rockmywedding.co.uk/what-can-make-me-feel-this-way/
    I didn’t dictate what he should wear at all but to be honest he is just not that bothered about clothes! In fact it took about 6 months of nagging to persuade him to buy some new shoes for the event (and to convince him that spending more than £20 on said shoes would not be a waste of money). He had the last laugh though when he found some really nice Kurt Geigers in TK Maxx for, yup, £20! In fact I think a feature about groom’s footwear would be good as it was really hard to find anything he would wear (he didn’t like trendy pointy shoes as he thought they looked like clown shoes).

  25. @Lel – thanks for the HoF suggestion ! We’ve also considered asuitthatfits.com.

    @Adam – we’re going to Leeds tomoro and going to check out the Reiss menswear store whilst we are there…currently have a 70%off sale on! Fingers crossed they fit my tall Boy. 🙂

  26. @Laura C – good luck in Reiss! I have a suit from asuitthatfits.com and I was really happy with it in the end but it took a while to get it right, you can read a bit about my experience here. I think if you can find something in Reiss that can be altered to fit you’ll be laughing though!

    Thanks for all the comments today folks 🙂


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