A Highschool Romance.


Lydia and Jack got married on Rock My Wedding home turf… The good old Midlands. The service was in Gornal Wood at the church Lydia had known all of her life.

I love a wedding with an urban feel and this one certainly has that, but in there amongst the concrete we have the green pop of fields and the blue pop of Jack’s suit. The colour and vibrance jump off the screen and little details like the hanging hearts and paper lanterns really shine through

I am also loving the trees that were brought into the reception venue. A little bit of outside greenery invading and breaking up the stark lines of internal space… Just call me Kevin McCloud.

A Highschool Romance

School Dinners

Lydia The Bride: Jack and I did the whole venue search for our reception, and wanted to go for a place where there was enough space for around 180 guests whilst not costing the earth. We ended up choosing a secondary school, which I was slightly concerned about, as I didn’t want my wedding day to be like having a school dinner! However, the school is a brand new building with a wall full of large windows overlooking a nice green view, with lots of light and space; the risk certainly paid off-phew!

My dress was a Maggie Sottero number called Darlene which I purchased from Go Bridal in Birmingham. I always thought I’d go for a lacy style dress, but as soon as Darlene was on I thought ‘this is the one’ and, much to my amazement, it was only the 2nd dress I had tried on! I tried on lots more dresses all different styles after it, but, in the end, went back to Darl. I loved the little floral design to the side of the dress and the roche effect that gave. I decided to have some cap sleeves attached just to give it a bit of a unique feel.

A Highschool Romance

Nude Heels

I felt my dress had all the bling that I wanted to have, with the beaded diamantes on the top half of my dress. I decided to go for some simple pearl earrings, which I borrowed from one of my bridesmaids, ones that she had worn on her wedding day. I wore a simple pearl bracelet. I decided to skip the tiara as my hairstyle was already quite detailed. I wore a long veil, which provided some entertainment for the day when it decided to fly out of my air when we were having photos taken outside. This ended with Jack and our photographer sprinting for the veil across the school car park. It was all very funny.

I’m 5ft 11ish, and decided to listen to my mother’s practical advice for my wedding day and went for a cute pair of Kurt Geiger kitten heels. They were nude in colour, and were very comfy which was a great help when walking down the aisle, as some would say I’m rather clumsy.

A Highschool Romance

Light & Lovely

I met lovely Jo in House of Fraser in Birmingham. Lovely Jo spent hours with me and taught me all about how to put my make up on properly and what shades suit my skin colour, the lot. I went with Bobbi Brown makeup on the day and it was just right for me. It lasted well, and felt light and lovely. I had my hair done by wonderful Zoe at Zaks hair in Kingswinford. Zoe couldn’t help enough, and wanted me to be fully happy, following my nonsensical explanation of what I wanted very well!

A Highschool Romance

Simple White Roses

Flower wise, I spotted a bouquet a few months ago when I rwas eading one of RMW‘s posts and fell in love. I had simple white roses, with a tinge of green around the edge of the petals that matched my bridesmaids’ dresses. The bridesmaids had the same but their roses had a tinge of light pink. My florist insisted that it’s always nice for the groom’s button hole to be different to the best mans and ushers. I went with her advice and Jack wore a big white rose, roughly the size of a planet, with a hint of green. The others all had white roses with a hint of pink to match the bridesmaids. We went for a more economical option for the flowers at the venue. My mom and me took a lovely trip to Morrisons on the Friday morning before the wedding on the Saturday, and bought them out of gypsophila, roses, and lots of mixtures of flowers. My mom’s lovely friends did the flowers in church, which consisted of white roses and gypsophila. All quite simple, but looked beautiful.

A Highschool Romance

Lively Blue Suits

The ushers wore a grey suit that we hired from Greenwoods. We found them to be very organised and helpful, much more so than what we were! We decided that Jack and his best man would wear a lively blue suit from Next with the ushers wearing ties, which complimented the blue. It was a bit of a risk, as we didn’t really know what it would look like until the day itself, but it ended up working well. My 3 bridesmaids wore a minty green, knee length dress from Debenhams. It was a cheaper option but they looked stunning. The whole theme was meant to be ‘rustic’ but that ended up going out of the window when I found other colours I liked. However, it all seemed to work, thankfully! I had my two handsome nephews as my gorgeous pageboys. They definitely stole the show with their cute blonde hair, blue casual trousers, shirt and waistcoat combo from good old M&S (plus cheeky red converse). They looked adorable!

Jack looked perfect! The blue really suited him, and he felt pretty swarve. He combined it with some brown brogues from schuh. The blue mixed with the brown, his lovely auburn locks and his cute face made him the most handsome bloke I’d ever laid my eyes on.

A Highschool Romance

A Chuffing Good Photographer

Photography wise, we went with the talent that is Chris Barber. Being a regular reader of RMW, we spotted him on there, and fell instantly for his photographic skills, and the vibe he goes for. He made us feel so relaxed which we appreciated as we were a bit nervous about what poses we would have to do and how unlike ‘us’ it might be. However, it was all au-natural, and he just told us to be ourselves which included a good old game of charades, hoorah! Chris captured every emotion expressed during the day, and his photos told the story of the day perfectly. We always find something new that we love when we look through our wedding photos, and say each time how thoroughly happy we are that we went with him and how he’s a chuffing good photographer.

A Highschool Romance

School Of Rock

If i’m honest, I just copied a cake that I saw on RMW. My mom’s friend, lovely Di, made our cake(s) for us. I took some photographs in of the kind of cakes I like the look of, and we decided which one to go for. When I went to pick it up the Friday before the wedding, she had made three of my fave cakes. The one I wanted, which was a 2 tier, flower stencils, white ribbon, sponge cake, along with, a country feel victoria sponge cake, and a huge, beautiful iced fruitcake for those who prefer the traditional fruit cake. What a gem!

For entertainment, Jack asked some of his friends that he used to be in a band with when they were teenagers to lead the show and they definitely pulled it out of the bag. They rocked the theatre in our school venue, filling it with crazy dance moves to the likes of Mysterious Girl (obviously!) and a bit of One Direction, mixed in with some other tunes. We loved it, t’was a lot of fun.

A Highschool Romance

Love On Top

I’m not the most romantic person in the world, and sometimes I feel a little uncomfortable with it all. However, I do like to strut my funky stuff on the dance floor, as does Jack, so we therefore decided to ‘show off’ our amazingly (limited) dance moves extravaganza. We had our first dance to Beyonce’s ‘Love On Top’, just because we really like the key changes she does at the end of the song! As we were in the middle of some of our finest moves of all time, my little nephews came and joined us. It made our jig, and although we weren’t exactly having an intimate dance we both felt so happy within that moment.

Our favours were produced by a friend of Jack’s, lovely Lynn! She’s a chocolatier in Northumberland, and she hand made two delicious chocolate truffles for each of our guests!

A Highschool Romance

An Eclectic Theme

Due to our reception being in a school, I was keen on getting lots of decorations just to make it a tad more ‘wedding like’. Through a contact, I ordered some silver birch trees for inside the venue. They brought the massive hall space together, and added something special to the venue. They also matched the inside of the venue with the big green view that was visible through the glass wall, bringing the outside in (sort of!)! Nora Noelle is a dress maker, and we asked her to make lots of cute decorations for us including stuffed material hearts and birds, as well as some doily bunting. She was amazing, and we were so happy with these decorations, we highly recommend her (her website is currently under construction, but you can email her here). This really added to the venue, and definitely put a ‘Lydia stamp’ onto the school. On top of this, my amazing sister-in-law made 50 metres of beautiful bunting, which fitted perfectly across the windows in the venue. We had an eclectic theme for our tables, with different vases, flowers, sweets, lanterns, sticks with hearts, going on. I loved seeing it all scattered around and it added more loveliness to our day.

A Highschool Romance

Crazy, Manic & Hard

Prior to getting married, we had both been warned about how crazy, manic and hard it is to plan a wedding. We both didn’t have the time to get too worked up about it all so we took on more of a relaxed approach. Jack says that 90% of wedding-related stress is self-inflicted and you can help yourself massively by focusing on having a good time with people you love rather than making sure everything is completely perfect. I think as long as you don’t automatically think ‘stress’ in planning a wedding, and don’t get swooped into the current of ‘Argh, this is going to be so difficult’ and actually enjoy the process, it makes for a calmer and more joyful wedding. I wasn’t thinking about the mix match in colour scheme on the wedding day, or the fact that we were sitting in a school for my wedding venue, I just looked around, and saw everyone enjoying themselves, I had my husband next to me, and to me, it was all perfect.

A Highschool Romance

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Dress: Maggie Sottero
Boutique: Go Bridal
Shoes: Kurt Geiger
Make-up Lesson: House of Fraser
Hair: Zaks hair
Hire: Greenwoods
Groom: Next
Maids: Debenhams
Photography: Chris Barber Photography

That last image is priceless… What does one do if you’ve just danced your noggin off on the most fun packed and manic day of your life? Collapse in a gorgeous heap in front of the school lockers.



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16 thoughts on “A Highschool Romance.

  1. LOVE that last photo!!
    And those pageboys are too cute 🙂

    I would never have know this was a school if you hadn’t said – the space looks lovely and bright and the bunting & pom-poms are perfect!

    Oh & one last thing…..A dance off for the first dance?! Genius! 😀

  2. I love this. That last photo is boss! Also the one of the bride and groom getting their groove on is pretty amazing.

    Apart from being a gorgeous wedding with loads of super stylish touches, I really want to be friends with them all


  3. LOVE the locker shot!

    The page boys are far too cute and I love the flowers in the church. They look beautiful. I also love the order of service and how the twine used on it was used throughout other elements of the day. It’s the little things I like to think make the day come together.

    My favourite part about Lydias’ story is how she stumbled across her photographer on these very pages and found her flower inspiration with us too. That makes me all warm inside.

    Beautifully happy day. Congratulations xx

  4. LOVES this so much – that last pic makes me smile like a div! Also major tall bride love – I’m not on my own in the 5’11 club! The whole thing looks like it was such a fun day. And I really wish I’d had access to Lydia’s advice this time last year – alas, it’s too late now! (25 days to go, arrgggghhhhh)

  5. This wedding looks so much fun!! I love all the colourful decorations, they give it such a personal touch!

    Loving the photography and that is such a cool venue too, I wish my school had looked like that!!

    Congrats guys xxx

  6. I love this wedding partly due to Jack’s sartorial choices and Lydia’s amazing hair but mostly because Jack and Lydia have massive smiles on their faces from start to finish. This wedding looks FUN! I so would loved to have been a guest.

    The locker shot is exactly how I felt at the end of my own wedding – except Lydia looks so bliinking gorgeous and elegant whereas I was a bit of a sweaty mess.

    And hello…I would have loved to have gone to this school back in the day. What a cracker of a venue!

  7. Oooh what a fab dress! I LOVED the sleeves addition. Cute page boys and my fav pic is the bride and the 3 bridesmaids all laughing.
    And sigh yes I have height envy…at 5’2″ I can only dream of how lovely and willowy I would feel at 5’11” and Lydia carries it off to absolute perfection…

  8. Such a gorgeous wedding with the biggest smiles – looks like so much fun! Totally summed up in the dreamy last photo… Adorable!

  9. Lovely wedding!! The order of service caught my eye as I’m looking to do a similar design myself! did you use a stamp or a specific font? If a stamp, where did you get it from please??


  10. Hi,

    Great photos! I am actually looking for a suit exactly like Jacks – that bright blue colour is fantastic.

    Do you know which suit it was from Next?

    Any help would be great!


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