A Little Bit Of Luxe For Your Best Girls.

Afternoon lovelies. I have a special guest post for you today courtesy of Rachie from A Chi Chi affair who is going to share some great ideas for your best girls, I for one can’t wait for Vix’s do in the not too distant future.. and I am so down with dressing up a la Pocahontas 😉

Hi everyone. Its Rachie from A Chi Chi Affair here. I’m thrilled to be writing for Rock My Wedding! I’ll start by saying I love hen nights! My take on them is that they are an excuse for the bride to take some time out with her besties, to be spoilt by them and have an all-out happy time. A happy bride being the key!

So I’ll start by saying do consider what the bride would like to do by asking her. If your bride is a girly glam city girl then paint balling may not be the best bet and vice versa, if you have a bit of a tom boy bride then afternoon tea and manicures may not go down so well! Talk about it together, see how much or how little the bride wants to be involved and take it from there!

My big piece of advice is plan plan plan! A well organised hen night makes it much more relaxed for the hens. Also do make sure everyone knows how much everything will cost. If there are lots of you then go for set menus in restaurants, have a kitty for drinks and snacks and don’t forget to add in those extras like taxis.

Activities can be made super special with a few little twists. I’m a huge fan of all the little details that take your hen night to the next level. Get crafting and decorating! It really is so much fun!

I thought I would share with you a few hen night suggestions that I have put together…

First up – Camping! Not your run of the mill average camping with but camping hen night style! There are some fabulous campsites around the country like this one called Jollydays luxury camping in Yorkshire where you can stay in a luxury tent complete with proper furniture like a Cath Kidson fabric covered sofa! York is only 20 mins away and the nearest pub only a mile and there is even a communal tent serving tea and cakes on proper vintage china. This is definitely glamping!

However you don’t need to go to a fancy campsite, in fact this would be lovely even in your own garden! I’m thinking Campfire, bunting, roasted marshmallows, your favourite songs on the radio, beers and a good old gossip with your besties. If you are really ambitious then paint some signs like this and have hot dogs, margaritas and get everyone to dress up as red Indians. Don’t forget you don’t have to do this for the whole weekend, campfire night could be night one and then the next day you could do a day activity and the traditional meal out and dancing!

Next up why not have a glam city style hen night and rent your own fabulous city pad. If there are lots of you, apartments are always a good bet. Often much nicer than the cheapest budget hotel, you’ll be all together and it can work out really reasonable too. They often have little kitchens which means you can mix your own drinks and make your own snacks which is a great way of keeping the budget down. It also means you get that girlie getting ready time together where you can blast out the tunes and do each other’s make up! Try and request apartments next to one another if you are in a big group. Some lovely apartment complexes are the chambers in Leeds called More Than Just A Bed and these Loving Apartments ones in London:

If you’re going out for a meal in the evening – I always think it’s nice to book a private room. My faves in London are the private dining room in Malmaison in Farringdon Seating 14 and Luxe in Spitalfields which has stunning space seating up to 30 with its own private bar. Its tres chic and the area around Spitalfields is super trendy to go out in.

Finally why not rent a very big house in the country! Hiring a private house can be so much fun! Take this one called Cliff Barns in the Norfolk countryside which sleeps up to 20 and can be hired for the weekend. It’s decorated in a rancho luxe style and its totally fabulous! Lounge around pretending this amazing house is yours, have a pamper party, a dinner party, invite a butler in the buff 😉 or do some country pursuits like horse riding or even just go for a long country walk! Remember hen nights can be about relaxing too. If this house is a bit pricey then Owners Direct is a fab website to look for smaller houses, choose one with a Jacuzzi or pool to make it extra special!

Whatever you do remember to have a fantastic time as that’s what its all about really!

Rachie xo

*Huge thanks to Rachie, please do tell us what glamping/fancy/home-made plans for hens you have folks…

28 thoughts on “A Little Bit Of Luxe For Your Best Girls.

  1. WOW loving this post, gives me lots and lots of ideas for the Bride to be, who I’m a bridesmaid for in July next year. HOWEVER…..this particular Bride-to Be happens to be non other that the author of this post – Rachie, which actually piles on the pressure for me and her other bridesmaids (so if anyone has any other ideas for her then please let me know!!)

    Don’t worry though Rachie – your hen do will be fantastically amazeballs! (promise)

    Helen xx

  2. Love this!!!! I am so stuck on what to suggest to my girls and they keep asking… just going to email the link 🙂 Thanks heaps x

  3. Loving the luxury tent idea, especially with my favourite decor of Cath Kidson fabric, my hen party could match my wedding theme 🙂

  4. I want to get married at Cliff Barns more than life.

    Thought it was pretty reasonable until I realised the (huge) number I was looking at was PER NIGHT, and not for the week!! Error…

  5. Lovely to see you on these pages Rachie 😀

    I loved my hen weekend – it was one of the best times ever!! We stayed in a big house in Brighton just by the pier – amazing.

    Am quite fancying the luxury tent idea… could be exactly up the street of one of my newly engaged friends!


  6. Great article Rachie! I have been told which weekend to book for my hen do but my bridesmaids refuse to tell me anything else about it….

    I may send them this article as inspiration though, just in case!

  7. Hello lovelies

    @Katie – have just been telling Vix about the tent!!! I’m even tempted to ask Mr O’Shea if we can have a glamping weekend just so I can check it out for myself ASAP.

    @Celine – oh a surprise! I’m sure whatever they plan it will be immense 🙂

    Charlotte xxx

  8. I had my hen do at Jollydays in the very tent pictured! it was awesome and I would recommend them to anyone, they have done such a fab job with the decor and the reception tent with its cakes, lovely old china and bales of hay to sit on is great, and what more could you ask of you tent than a four poster bed! And they are really helpful too!

  9. This has come at a good time, I’m just starting to look into hen do ideas, and am feeling a bit overwhelmed, so I’ll be interested to hear what everyone else is planning. At the moment thinking of going to Brighton, we’re going to be a pretty big group (approx 16) so will need to find somewhere big enough for us all to stay!

    I love glamping, I stayed at a Featherdown Farm campsite, they have lots around the UK, they have beautiful big tents with proper beds, flushing toilet and wood burning stove. Highly recommended.

  10. Charlotte – I too want a luxury glamping weekend with The Boy! He wasn’t budging for Glasto as it was like a million pounds, but maybe this could be just as lovely and easier on the bank balance!


  11. @Lauren A and @Katie I love the idea of the great outdoors you see but am a bit of a wimp when it comes to not having my creature comforts, I couldn’t do without a flushing toilet (Katie – I’ve heard horror stories about festival loo’s!!) so I’ll check out Featherdown farm too, sounds perfect.

    Charlotte xxx

  12. Thanks lovelies – Glad you are liking all the ideas! I want to go glamping too!! And totally know about the price range of Cliff Barns but I featured just in case we have any super luxe brides reading or lottery winners! Hee hee!

    @Lauren A – I have organised a hen night in Brighton for that number so email me via A Chi Chi Affair and I’ll pass on the details! It was fab!

    Would love to see you all over on A Chi Chi Affair – do pop by! We love Hen nights!

    Rachie xo

    PS: To my bridesmaids – No pressure honestly! I don’t mind what we do as long as its not paintballing 😉 xx

  13. Such gorgeous ideas Rachie. I’m sure your girls will treat you well! Also really lovely to see you on here – I am a big fan of your blog!
    It’s lovely that ladies are opting for more upmarket dos.
    It can be awkward to cater for lots of different tastes and ages, so alongside my sister’s night on the town, I put on a bash at my parents house for the ladies in her life who prefer not to return home at 4am. My sister got married in Brighton so it was easy to opt for the seaside theme, but we went all out and turned the garden into a 1950’s holiday camp. She loved it and the photos are priceless!
    Am desperate to go glamping though – I need to plan another hen do sharpish! x

  14. Fab post Rachie!!
    @ Helen- good luck!!! He he – it’ll be grand, I’m sure (as long as it isn’t paintballing!)
    @Celine – mine’s a surprise too! I know NOTHING, apart from the date. Eeeek!!
    Great stuff!

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