A Long Distance Love Story……Part 1

There are times when I sit down to type out an introduction to a wedding feature and frankly I just can’t think of a way to encapsulate the style and background to the Big Day as well as the bride herself did in her original submission email.

This has certainly been the case with Rock My Wedding reader Diana and her husband Harry, so original and inspirational was their London soiree.

So I’m not even going to try, I’m just going to hand you lovelies straight over to the bride herself to fill you in on all the delicious details…….

Dear Charlotte

When we got engaged Harry and I didn’t have any firm plans for the big day. We didn’t have a colour scheme or a theme, which were the two main questions we kept getting asked.

All we knew was that we wanted the day to be a reflection of us, what we love and most importantly we wanted to involve as many family and friends as possible (more difficult then it seems as I’m from California but reside with Harry in London).

In the end it seems the wedding was somewhat “Mad Men” meets “Up” as we adore the style of the TV show and the movie’s love story. Harry was surprisingly involved in wedding plans, partly because this means he got to have a made to measure Don Draper inspired suit!The ceremony was definitely our favourite part and embodied what we are and what we love. We made it completely personalised. Our favourite songs helped punctuate the service and to close the ceremony two of our friends recited emails we had sent to one another while we were 6,000 miles apart.

Many thanks

Diana (&Harry) x

Images courtesy of Dan Werdlow.

American Pretty

I had a quick look at some wedding designers & vintage shops in and around London but had my heart originally set on something American. Luckily I was going on holiday and strategically planned a shopping trip to Portland Oregon as Elizabeth Dye has a boutique there, which specialises in ‘non-traditional dresses’. Her dresses are gorgeous and she also features a few other independent designers I kept getting asked by friends what kind of dress I wanted but I could only think of what kind of dress I didn’t want. I knew I didn’t want something poofy, overly frilly or anything strapless.

The dresses featured in the Portland boutique were none of those things. Tough choices—I eventually shortlisted three and could not decide. As all of the designs were available to order online I left the shop with my measurements and felt safe ordering online. I would recommend doing this as I had time to think and also time to search for the dresses online. As it turns out Jenny Yoo had the dress I wanted on her website, one shouldered antique white silk chiffon. It was in my measurements and more importantly in the sample sale.

I don’t know many people who got their dream wedding dress for $400 (roughly £250) 😉

A Touch Of Vintage

My cousin designs costumes in her spare time and had offered to design and make my wedding dress. However, as I had found the dream dress quite easily she offered instead to make hair accessories for the bridesmaids and myself. She did a wonderful job! For the jewellery I got vintage inspired earrings and a bracelet from Fur Coat No Knickers in London. I had such a hard time balancing getting something cheap from Accessorize or spending absolutely loads in a department store. I wanted something simple and vintage inspired. I think Fur Coat no Knickers was great for my budget and matched the look I wanted.

Scarlet Shoes

I began to learn quickly that people brand things as ‘wedding’ and suddenly justify a hefty price rise. I found this especially true when looking for shoes. What makes a shoe a ‘wedding shoe’ anyway? I wasn’t sure what colour I wanted but knew I wanted something bold. I checked a number of shops and nothing jumped out at me. Then I went to Ivory on Bond Street and found a gorgeous pair of red shoes. I tried them on, they fit and I fell in love. But, then I looked at the price and immediately put them down. The shopkeeper saw me do this and informed me they were the last pair and he was happy to put them on sale, 50% off. I snapped them up and told him afterwards that they were for my wedding.

The Wedding Party

Harry had two groomsmen and a groomsmaid (his sister) on his side and I had two maids and a bridesman on my side. The men on both sides wore suits from Marks and Spencer. They wore various shades of grey with narrow redish ties. The ladies had free reign to buy a dress in any shade of blue. In the end all of the dresses worked well together.

Budget Beautiful

We didn’t see our flowers until the day of the wedding. Instead, we met with Tamsin, who runs a local garden centre, a few times to talk through what we wanted. We trusted her completely and it was a lovely surprise to see how everything turned out. Our only brief to her was that we wanted seasonal flowers and we were, of course, heavily influenced by our budget. Tamsin worked with us, told us what we could afford and what we couldn’t. I kept bouquet prices down by going for gypsophilia.

They were simple and stunning and they smelled wonderful as well.

A Dapper Groom

Harry: I wore an Aquascutum Personal Tailored brown suit with orange check, a white slim fit shirt by Thomas Pink, Tan Brogues by Oliver Sweeney, a vintage tie that belonged to Diana’s late Grandfather, a silver tie clip by Charles Tyrwitt, and cufflinks by Duchamp. The suit was originally going to be a Prince of Wales check but after spending some time with Adrian the tailor at Aquascutum (he’s now moved over the road to Chester Barrie), we decided on the brown with orange check.

The tailoring allowed us to mix both the more classical elements of the Mad Men look such as the narrow lapels and the colour of the suit, with more modern looks such as the slim fit. In the end it was perfect, in fit, look and feel. And to bring it all together were the tie and the shoes, which complimented and brought out the subtle orange in the fabric, while still looking great on their own.

I know. So very very stylish.

My new favourite thing in life – a great big cloud of gypsophila.

And the whole colour pop of sexy scarlett Diana and Harry have going on. LOVE that.

Big Mad Men Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

13 thoughts on “A Long Distance Love Story……Part 1

  1. Love the gyp, I have a big bunch of it as the centrepiece for my dining table at the moment. Budget friendly and so romantic. Lovng the Mad Men vibe, and the dress. Oh and the earrings are sensational! Bring on Part 2 x

  2. oh what a lovely wedding for a sore head to see this morning….
    The pop of scarlet and the fantastic bridesmaid blue is gorgeous.
    Big ‘I’d much rather be a stylish bridesmaid today than be at work’ Love

  3. So elegant and grown up. Makes me want to be a real lady!
    (which I am clearly not, after just booking Florida for our honeymoon).

    This is a real classic! x

  4. Love this. Especially:
    1. the bride’s red lips
    2. the blue bridesmaid’s dress
    3. the big bunch of fluff bouquet
    4. the groom’s whole look!
    Can’t WAIT to see the reception…

  5. Loving the don draper inspired groom – especially the shoes. Absolutely love mad men so this wedding is just brilliant. Love the brides dress and lipstick too!
    Rachie xo

  6. I love the Mad Men meets Up vibe!
    And is that the Order of Service? Who designed them? They are AWESOME!

    The bride looks stunning. There’s something so classically beautiful about red lips.

    Can’t wait to see more!

  7. That one where the bride hugs the groom at the end? Look at her upper arms. Jealous Jealous Jealous.

    If I did that you couldn’t even see my H2B’s face because of my uber fat arms.

    Love the lips too.

    And the 1940’s vibe.

    Is there a part 2?

  8. Lovely wedding, just love those shoes. And wow, how bizzare, I am just about to put an order in for an Elizabeth Dye dress! I think her little shop is amazing, a beacon of light in the world of wedding dresses!

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