A Love Story.

Because that’s what it’s all about isn’t it.

After the rings have been exchanged and the cake has been eaten and you have both had the time of your life….. what are you left with?

A Marriage. A Happy Ever After. A Love story.

And as much as we adore pouring over every last detail of your W-day we also like to hear about how it all began, how you first met, what happened at the proposal, how much you are looking forward to spending the rest of your lives together.

RMW reader, founder of stationery design company Pocket Typewriter, Love Lust List member AND general uber stylish lady Leckie (so many attributes!) and her fiance John are sharing their love story with you gorgeous lot today. Oh, and their engagement shoot is based on the film “The Notebook”.

I know. I die.

These images are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen.

And that’s all I have to say.

Leckie from Pocket Typewriter: Well it all started with a resignation and the drive of our life, East coast to West coast America! I was hoping that there may be a chance of a proposal but to my disappointment there was no sign, no hidden ring (I checked the bag!) and on the night we reached the Californian coast and he said that we had to get up and watch the sunrise I thought “this is it, my time has come!”

I got up that little bit earlier and popped on a bit of lippy (I had to look half decent if I was getting engaged today). So we snuggled on the edge of a rock looking out at the rising sun on the horizon, I felt so in love and had butterflies fluttering overtime in my tummy. So the sun rise came and went and still we were snuggling (What was going on??!). Next thing I know John is saying “we should get some rest as we have a drive ahead of us in the morning”.

I guess it was not meant to be, oh well at least we have had an amazing holiday. I kept that thought for the remaining few days of our trip as we had San Francisco as our grand finale!

Then came the penultimate day to our holiday and John wanted to catch the morning sun on the Golden Gate Bridge for ‘the shot of the holiday’, he had been snapping away at every given opportunity so this was nothing suspicious. Anyway, we walked to the bridge where we sat with it in full view, no fog (which is unusual for San Fran) and John handed me a folded piece of paper, on which he had written some beautiful words; describing the moment his mind was made up, how he had gone to see my dad to ask his permission and the very place we were now occupying (by this point I was crying, the soppy woman that I am!) John then proceeded to get down on one knee and ask the words I had been dying to hear “Leckie, will you marry me”. I couldn’t speak, I was so happy, all I could do was nod my head manically. “you have to answer in words Leckie”………… I was able to final muster a massive “yes, yes, yes!”

We arrived home, only to be met by our parents at the airport with flowers, flash photography and a million and one kisses, even with mega jet lag (after 3 changes and nearly missing the final flight home!) it was the best feeling ever. We were home and the planning began!

Then came the time to find the wedding photographer! We wanted to have an engagement shoot (that I only discovered actually existed through trawling the wedding blogs and magazines) that told our love story through the setting, styling and theme and so when we met Jade Alana and Michele Gledhill and they suggested we base the engagement shoot on “The Notebook” I was over the moon as this is the ultimate love story! (I weep every time, that’s my soppy side rearing its little head again!)

Well we had the perfect setting, it meant so much to us to have the shoot in a place that was close to our hearts, so we were thrilled to be able to able to use John’s family home…. So, here is what the marvellous Jade and Michele came up with……..

Jade requested a vintage bike with a basket (I started liking Jade even more, we are definitely on the same wave length; John had bought me one the last Christmas). Michele put together a beautiful bunch of flowers, new romantic with a vintage twist, this is the theme for our wedding in July…..

John and I were very enthusiastic about the images that Jade wanted to capture, as I have already mentioned we were on the same wave length so I trusted her, I think trust is key with the person who is capturing your very own personal love story. So when she asked if we could get the horse out (John’s sister’s (Jody) horse Megan) we went for it!

Megan did tread on John’s toes and refused to move, I think it was her way of saying she had had enough!

While we were trying to get Megan off John’s foot, Michele had created an amazing scene with vintage lace and gorgeous little bottles hanging from the tree with those lovely flowers again. It looked magical and really reflected our personalities, which shows with the stationery we have chosen (designed by my brother which has since launched our creative stationery business- had to get the little advert in there!) All I can say is that Michele really is a styling guru!

Then came the real Notebook part of the shoot…..THE BOAT SCENE! It was great fun, John’s dad (also John, yes it gets very confusing!) cleaned out their little wooden boat and pushed us onto the pond, which although looked perfect did smell like a sewage works, the things you do to look good eh!

And so concludes our engagement shoot (and John thinking it would only take half an hour!). Well it was a fab experience that even John relaxed into, but I think that was down to Jade, photographer extraordinaire!

Photography – Jade Webb

Stylist – Michele Gledhil

Stationery – Leckie at Pocket Typewriter

Ok so I have a bit more to say.

I realise that engagement shoots are not as popular as they are across the pond. And I can appreciate that some couples would feel uncomfortable posing in front of a camera (even on W-day, let alone just for “fun”)

However, when it’s this pretty and when everything that is included in terms of styling is 100% a representation of the couples’s relationship?

I think it’s magical.

Big will someone have this bouquet on their wedding day please? Love

Charlotte xxx

20 thoughts on “A Love Story.

  1. Such a lovely love story which brought a tear to my eye this morning as, like millions of girls out there, i’ve had that moment when you think that you’re going to hear those words and then you don’t…only to be surprised when you least expect it. And that is the beauty of the proposal after all…you want to know its coming but when it happens you’re glad you didn’t really know after all.

    Such a gorgeous shoot as well – a perfect start to a Wednesday morning…thank you for sharing!

  2. WOW-I’m speechless! Such amazing, dreamy, romantic shots along with a lovely love story. Great start to the day  xx

  3. Such amazing pictures, so totally relaxed and perfect. Just lovely.

    I had planned an over the arm bouquet with sunflowers, purple lisianthus, white wax flower and twisted willow, all tied with raffia for my bouquet, but had started to worry I had got it all wrong (…great timining a month before the day!!). Now seeing that amazing bouquet, I know I have definitely made the correct choice= me a very happy, if not a little tearful!

    Thankyou!!!! 😀

  4. right, i’m going to watch the notebook again Right Now!

    I love engagement shoots and seeing uber-cool ones like this make me sad every time that I missed out on mine. mr r.now would never go for something like this but still, a girl can dream right?

    congratulations to john and leckie (such a cool name!)

    mrs r.now x x x

  5. Oh my word – I freakin LOVE The Notebook “I wrote you every day for a year” waaaaaaaaaaaa!

    Ok freak out over, these are some of the most delicious e-shoot images I have ever seen. Completely dreamy and total melt for me!

    Also, the groom-to-be does look a little like one Mr Ryan Gosling….


  6. I’m so watching the notebook again next time the boy is out for the evening! love it!

    Love this shoot and such a romantic proposal!

  7. Amy just thought i’d let you know the lip colour is shade 510, Red Passion by Maybelline and it’s their super stay 24 colour….and it really does stay!!!

  8. Mahj I was literally about to write the same thing – he looks just like Ryan Gosling!

    Gorgeous E-shoot. So romantic and pretty and vintage and beautiful… I could go on and on about how amazing it is! The last photo is my absolute favourite!


  9. Beautiful – I’m thinking that it might be necessary to dig out the quilt and go sit in a field of flowers next spring.

  10. Oh my gosh – such BEAUTIFUL photos – Jade is so talented! And they are such a beautiful couple!! And I’m LOVING their proposal story 🙂 SO cute! Amazing amazing amazing post!

  11. Notebook is one of my all time fave soppy movies, it makes me cry every time even though I know whats coming!
    Love the pics and love how flawless it all looks. Love the love xx

  12. Everything about these pictures is just right, I love them. Can you imagine looking at these when you’re 90 and wrinkly and explaining to your great grandchildren that this is you? That would be amazing! x

  13. Beautiful, so chic and very them…As a close friend of the happy couple this is such a gorgeous shoot that sums up their lovely love story perfectly!

    Well done guys absolutely LOVE IT!


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