A Magical Day.


As so many of you are recently betrothed you may only just have started your wedding planning journey, which all of the team at RMW know from experience, can be extremely overwhelming at times.

At this stage you may not be familiar with the concept of an “engagement” shoot, which is essentially you and your favourite person spending time together with your chosen wedding photographer pre W-day, this enables you to become familiar with being in front of a camera and will give you confidence for the “real thing” on the big day.

We LOVE the concept. And as well as increasing your level of comfort you will also come away with some beautiful memories.

Eleanor and Kevin are the prefect example of the kind of engagement shoot we adore. Natural, genuine and full of romance. Eleanor has included some useful information about her planning and thoughts on the day as well as her fashion choices and the benefit of bold red lipstick.

Well worth a read lovelies.

A coastal engagement shoot by Rebekah Murray_0556 A coastal engagement shoot by Rebekah Murray_0557A coastal engagement shoot by Rebekah Murray_0558A coastal engagement shoot by Rebekah Murray_0559A coastal engagement shoot by Rebekah Murray_0560A coastal engagement shoot by Rebekah Murray_0561A coastal engagement shoot by Rebekah Murray_0562

Eleanor The Bride: We frolicked and photographed all along the Jurassic coast. My now- husband Kevin proposed to me at the near-by Harry Rocks. It was such a special day that we wanted to revisit the Jurassic coast to celebrate our engagement. It was a magical day as the sun actually decided to come out and glistened off the water. The coast came alive that day and we were so lucky to be there at the right time.

I am not a big make-up person and we wanted the pictures to reflect us so I kept it minimal. I threw on a little mascara and eyeliner as we pulled up to Durdle Door. As we were walking down the hill to the beach I asked my friend and our photographer, Rebekah Murray, what she thought about red lipstick. She persuaded me to try it out and I am so glad I took her advice. It was the color of pop that we needed.

I changed my dress twice throughout the shoot because we wanted to make the most of our time with Rebekah. The first dress I wore was from Anthropologie. The second dress I wore was my absolute favorite, which came from Freepeople. Originally I wanted this white dress to be my wedding dress but I knew it would be too hot for a summer wedding. However, I could not pass it up as it was so lovely and boho. I felt really comfortable but beautiful at the same time.

I wore a necklace from Ethiopia, which I picked up during my work there. The bag I wore was also from Kenya that I picked up on Kevin and I’s first trip together on a Kenyan safari. Kevin also sported a lovely wooly scarf from Zara.

I think the most important thing is to just be yourself. Its hard not to get caught up in everyone else’s style when there are so many images out there… but these are your pictures forever so make sure they reflect the two of you. And have fun!

Our photographer Rebekah Murray is a magic maker. Honestly my biggest advice is to find a photographer that matches your style and someone with whom you are comfortable. Kevin and I were incredibly worried that we were the world’s most awkward people and we were concerned with how this would translate in our pictures. However, Rebekah put us at ease and promised us that we were not as awkward as we felt. It was a magical day on the coast and we were so thankful that Rebekah was there to capture it all.

You can find Rebekah listed in our International section of The Love Lust List. She also covers the United Kingdom.

Rebekah Murray Photography

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
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7 thoughts on “A Magical Day.

  1. I have to agree that Rebekah is most certainly a magic maker – she was the photographic genius behind our Autumn inspired editorial last year and she’s excelled herself again with these exquisite images of Eleanor and Kevin. And I need that white Free People Dress in my life. So beautiful!!

  2. You really did find the perfect photographer for you! What a great piece of advice.

    I love a windy and wet beach…it really doesn’t matter where you are if you’re with the one you love does it??


  3. what an amazing day! I’d never been along that coastline before and exploring with Kevin and Eleanor was the best way to see it….not to mention they’re such lovely and authentic people to photograph.

  4. Ridiculously, filthy, gorgeous couple

    In love with this shoot and I wish i could pull off a white dress, black tights, red socks and boots. Style on style!

    Congrats on your engagement


  5. What an adorable shoot, and we LOVE Eleanor’s Freepeople boho dress! Her style is simple yet so elegant and Kevin looks like the king of the countryside…a very trendy king! Thank you for sharing with us xx

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