A Moroccan Masterpiece.

So, by now you will have feasted your eyes upon the engagement shoot (and if you haven’t – check it out now!)

It is now time for the marriage of Paul Nunn and Sarah Joseph. Sarah is a couture dress designer so prepare yourself for a truly creative fashion festival with a Moroccan twist.

Clearly Sarah has some good connections in the wedding industry, her big day pulls on so much proven talent that you would be forgiven for thinking that this is a fashion shoot!

Photogrpahy is all by My Big Day Photos.


The dress was made by me, I am a couture designer under my own name. It consisted of around 300 meters of fabric, cottons, crochet, chiffons, georgettes, ribbon, lazer cut birds and flowers, guipure lace , tulle and orchids. The fabric was all brilliant white and had a body of guipure lace with a waist embroidery beaded detail of pure turquoise stones that I bought in Morocco whilst travelling. The skirt was 7.5 meters long and was made of ruffles from all of the fabrics named above. I sewed white orchids around the skirt to give it a finishing touch. It was my absolute dream dress and I consider it to be the most magnificent masterpiece I have created to date. Because the dress was mainly white cottons and crochets I teamed the look up with brown leather skyscraper heels which infused the look of a traveller. The veil was a 72 inch bouffant white tulle veil with a crochet edging made by myself.


I had 6 bridesmaids and they were all drenched in couture brilliance. They were all individually designed, and I pulled their personalities and flaunted their body shapes into each dress. The fabrics were all the same but used in different ways and techniques, it was like a new runway collection for me. The fabric was Ivory lace with antique gold sequins with an indian embroidered trimming and an antique gold droplet trimming. On a few of the dresses I also had a beautiful Spanish inspired Ivory bridal lace. They were a real talking point of the day and it set a mood for the wedding, not to mention a great show case of my work. They all had different antique gold jewellery on, from gypsy chandelier over sized earrings to bamboo cuffs and Indian filigree bracelets.


Paul was in a metallic medium grey dinner jacket with black silk lapels and pockets, it had skinny legs and tight tailoring creating a skater/trendy look, he wore a black fitted shirt with a grey and white paisley tie. The groom’s men were all in different shades of grey with light paisley grey ties with the bright coloured exotic button holes. They all looked fantastic and edgy.


I designed and had my ring made. We were travelling through Thailand and bought an opal, a sapphire and a blue topaz. We then went and lived in Australia for a year and he proposed on the Sydney Harbour bridge with a view of an art show being reflected on the Opera house. Paul proposed with a beautiful temporary ring and then I had mine made. It is a big ring with three lines running through it in white gold and small diamonds, each stone is place on each line symbolising engagement , wedding and eternity. My absolute dream ring. We bought Pauls ring in Hawaii, its a Koa wood which has a meaning of strength, the different coloured woods were separated with titanium bands.


I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a great photographer to suit your style. I changed the date of my wedding as Martin Ellard from My Big Day Photos was not available for my first date. He gave me a list of dates and I booked the wedding around that. I have used Martin for all of my couture shoots and I couldn’t have had anyone else shoot my wedding. His style and personality suited my wedding down to the ground and I never had a feeling of worry after the wedding of how they would look.

Martin gave us an engagement shoot which I strongly recommend to get you relaxed and confident in front of the camera. You don’t have to do the typical romantic shoots; we did a skate boarding and surfing shoot. We are both surfers and love the beach life, so this was important to us and we will always cherish those photos.


The brilliant Gill Clement made me a unique set of individually designed pieces for my special day. Gill had travelled the world over, picking up inspirations from all corners of the globe. This is why I knew she would be perfect. I recommend all of my brides to go to her as her designs are really unique and incredibly different. I had Arabic designed matt gold chandeliers with Moroccan turquoise embedded in the design. She also made me a thick bracelet to go with the stunning earrings as well. It was made for my dress and I will never forget the feeling I had when she showed me them in the box for the first time. Details like that can individualise your wedding from anyone elses.


I made my bouquet and it was stunning. It was made from bright coloured butterflies, dragon flies, bumble bees, white doves, orchids, roses and other exotic flowers. I had a white horse shoe dangling down from the explosion of details and had vibrant coloured ribbon flowing down, it really was a statement and I am thrilled that I went the extra mile with it. The bridesmaid’s carried cream wind chimes with a few scatters of butterflies, orchids and bumble bees on them, the same cluster that was on the groom and the groom’s men. My mother Sheila Joseph is a brilliant florist and artist so I grew up with designs all around me, she helped me along with the bouquets which made it really lovely process.


I am lucky enough to know Farhana Ali, the most incredible makeup artist I have ever seen. I have been working with her on my couture shoots and I always hoped that she would do my wedding. We went for a heavy Egyptian style to set off the grand dress and hair. She really created a stunning look and I was getting comments all day how unusual it was. My bridesmaids had slightly lighter makeup than me but it was all still a statement, it certainly carried through the Moroccan theme to my wedding.


The hair was created by the fabulous Secrets hair and beauty. They read my mind with the design and it looked like a waterfall of creativity. It had a fishtail plait across my forehead which flowed around the waterfall of beachy waves. We finished the look off with some delicate white orchids and hair dazzle which completed the couture look I was going for. They are fashion forward hairdressers which I needed for my day, and I was overwhelmed by how incredible the end result was.


Clyne chapel situated in the beautiful botanical gardens in Clyne, Swansea. It was a small and intimate ceremony and we sang Amazing Grace, Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley and Happy days, we read a poem written by the groom and also a Pam Ayres poem called I do I do I do. It was a very modern ceremony and we had the fabulous Ellie Higgs singing chasing cars by snow patrol as we walked down the aisle. She has a voice like an angel and I am thrilled we had her sing at our wedding before she becomes famous and too busy to do such things.


The reception was held in South Gower rugby club near the beautiful Pwlldu beach. We had a beautiful Bedouin marquee that was filled with Moroccan spiced colours, from the vibrant drapes and Moroccan chandeliers to the palm trees and coin tables it set the mood for my dream wedding. The club were fantastic and really helped us create our special day, the staff really went out of their way with everything and we cannot thank South Gower Rugby club enough.


In the afternoon we snacked on some beautiful canapés sweet and savoury as we heard the speeches and then in the evening we had a Moroccan banquet of falafel, tajines, vine leaves, Egyptian cous cous, hummus, tachiki, chicken skewers, tubule and baklava for desert. The company was called Everything Egyptian and they also put up a shisha tent for us which created an atmosphere of being in the souks of Marrakesh.


Jenny’s Amazing Cakes made this for me, it was a work of art and a real focus of what our wedding was all about. Cake tables are ever so popular now and she decorated ours with macaroons, meringues, millionaire short bread, chocolate brownies, cake pops, cup cakes and a giant Victoria sponge.

It was such a spectacle and the colours were vibrant and exciting, not to mention how delicious it all was. Jenny really pulled out all the stops and I cannot recommend her enough, she really loves her job and it shone through her work. All of my couture brides have their wedding cake made by Jenny and they are all unique and simply stunning.


We had three speeches, the father of the bride Michael Joseph, the best man Mikey Mc Mahon, and the groom Paul Nunn, they were all hilarious and the whole bridal party were laughing from start to finish. My father’s speech was very animated and we were crying and laughing. It all set the mood for the evening and everyone was relaxed and thoroughly enjoying themselves.


Our first dance was to ACDC Back In Black, this was so much fun to dance to and was a real twist on the typical traditional first dance.


We had two singers from the X factor, Lee Vaughn and John Adams. They rocked the show, practically everyone was on the dance floor from start to finish and it was a real party. These singers cannot come more strongly recommended. We had an array of belting songs and had plenty of beat-boxing and rapping.

Their voices blew me away, the music was a very important part for me, and I wanted my wedding to be like a night club full of friends and family. These singers certainly created that mood for us and Paul and I were so so happy all day and night. We then had a DJ from a local hip hop night club called Jared Percival who belted out some old classic hip hop tunes, he rocked the joint.

We ended the night with a grand fireworks display.

Venue – South Gower RFC

Dress – Sarah Joseph

Jewellery – Gill Clement

Fabrics – Lee Mill Fabrics

Photography – My Big Day Photos

Make-up – Farhana Ali

Cake – Jenny’s Amazing Cakes

Canapés – By Word Of Mouth Catering

Catering – Everything Egyptian

Entertainment – Lee Vaughn and John Adams

I love all the Moroccan touches – the vibrant colours and bling really suit this lavish celebration.

It sounds like even though meticulously planned and executed Paul and Sarah still managed to throw a really laid back and chilled party.


Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

31 thoughts on “A Moroccan Masterpiece.

  1. O. MY. GOD.

    The hair! All the hairs! and all the dresses! and the eyes! My word. What a wedding to die for. Simply stunning.

  2. OMG!! Love the hair, Love the dress, Love the colours!! Original and amazing. Bridesmaids look amazing. Can’t believe you made all those dresses. I admire you! xxx

  3. Amazing! Love the photo’s looking down towards 3 Cliffs Bay (I think?!) Gorgeous part of the world!!!

    Love the jewellery and the bridesmaids dresses are just stunning!!


  4. @Becky – Your comment just made me laugh out loud, brilliant. 😉

    I love turquoise jewellery, it’s my favourite.

    And I really don’t have any other words to add than what you gorgeous lot already have, this is one fashion awesome W-day.

    Charlotte xxx

  5. This is absolutely incredible. Is this real are these people real they’re so beautiful! Stunning wedding! Jaw on floor!,

  6. I am in love with the one-shouldered bridesmaid and the one with the back jewels/head necklace thing (you know what I mean).

    That is all! 🙂

  7. OOOOOOOOooooo the dresses, the prettiness, the hair, the beautiful eye make up! Love the bridesmaid dresses too – how good to have such pretty girls around you on your day!

  8. Oh my god.
    So much beautifulness.
    The bride is the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen ever.
    And the bridesmaid dresses…I want one.
    I love it! I love it! I love it!

  9. Oh my giddy aunt!!!!!
    Please, please, please can I be Sarah’s friend – those bridesmaid dresses are to die for, just stunning!
    The whole thing looks absolutely amazing, I’m almost speechless!

    Apologies to my bridesmaids in advance, I don’t think I could get you dresses this absolutely amazing!!!!

    Oh and the make up & hair…….perfect!

  10. as you can imagine, this was to a slightly different wedding, none of them are ordinary EVER but this one was special because Sarah is my friend and we have produced such amazing fashion images over the last couple of years, through her I also met my good friend and amazing makeup artist Farhana Ali and more recently jewellery designer Gill Clement so it felt like our little fashion family was involved. Sarah made it clear that she wanted fashion pictures of the dresses and I made it clear that these dresses had to be photographed properly to show off her spectacular designs. There will be a video coming soon which is going to be fun.
    I am so pleased to to have been involved in this wedding and so honored to have Sarah as a friend.

  11. The dresses are amazing! Beautiful brides and beautiful maids too. I love all the colours and details, such an original theme. The cake is fabulous, the whole wedding is!

  12. OMG! Martin I looked earlier on my phone at this, but it just doesn’t do it justice! Fantastic bride and bridesmaid portraits, fantastic colours that capture the Moroccan theme.

    Sarah you are a VERY talented lady those dresses and styling are to die for! I am just picking up my jaw off the ground! Tx

  13. Just amazing!!! This wedding is overflowing with creativity and pure awesomeness!! My jaw hit the floor when i saw Sarah’s dress! Such a rad couple, its no supprise their wedding kicked ass too! Incredible photos by Martin Ellard…lot of love for this guys!!! x

  14. Oh my days! Will you design my wedding dress and my maids please!!! Amazing. I’m not that easier impressed at all but this is just gorgeous. I love everything!!! x

  15. The beautiful Sarah- was an honour to have you part of the White Bride team last year and this thank you beautiful girl who looked amazingly beautiful and spectacularly different on her wedding day- a clever, clever couturier .
    Lots of love and luck for design sucsess in Australia! Miss you x

  16. Great to be part of this. Sarah you rocked, and it was one amazing wedding. Your dress and the bridesmaids dresses were out of this world, every piece has a story and shows your passion and creativity which creates perfection. it was an honour to do your makeup and be part of your big day.
    And Martin your photography is spectacular, you’ve captured every special moment and your weddings sure tell a beautiful story… Much love guys
    Farhana Ali
    Facebook: Farhana Henna Mua
    http://Www.farhana.co.uk x

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