A Perfect English Cuppa…

Tea is one of those truly English things (well, since about the 1660’s at least!) and everyone likes it their own particular way. A little splash of milk for some, a gallon for others. Stewed for two hours, or just graced with the bag for a most fleeting infusion.

Once as a student I stuck a hefty great slug of Gordon’s gin into an Earl Grey as there wasn’t a more suitable mixer to hand, I really don’t advise that one – and my house mate Gordon was livid when he found out I’d been in his cupboard!

Anyway, I digress. My point is simply that tea is a very individual thing.

Today I present to you an insight into how Jemma and David Bronnert made their wedding as individual as (yet much more successful than) a piping hot gin based cocktail. Photography is by Victoria Phipps. Enjoy!

A Splash Of Vintage Tea

We wanted a relaxed wedding that had a vintage tea cup theme. We did not want many of the traditional formalities such as a top table or greeting line up, but still wanted that special feeling on the day. We also wanted to do many of the things ourselves to give it that personal touch so the majority of decorations were made by myself and family. We choose this style as we did not want everything to match as weddings sometimes do, with just one colour running through everything. My idea was to have things that didn’t quite match to give it that vintage feel. The tea cup inspiration came from my Grandad who sadly past away last year. He had many old tea cups, all shapes and sizes, with many being used at the wedding.

Spot On

I loved the fact that it looked exactly how I had imagined it. We had swing and Jazz music in the evening as people arrived and this gave a perfect feel to the day. I had prepared jam jars with candles in and a mixture of old material placed round them which were all lit. This gave a gorgeous look continuing my theme through to the evening. I wanted to create a relaxed atmosphere and for my guests to feel comfortable.

Quirky Colours And Cloths

Because we avoided a colour theme I loved the fact that everything was individual and slightly quirky. Even down to the table cloths that my Aunty found in charity shops to give that extra vintage feeling.

Ivory Lace And Pearls

My dress by Miss Kelly was a very soft ivory material. It had a gorgeous layer of lace over the top of it with pearls sewn on. It was fitted going out slightly from the waist. I had a flat silver leaf tiara and a vale with a lace trim. I loved it because it had a vintage feel with the lace but still was very bridal and pretty. I loved the ivory colour and I knew it was the dress for me. I worked in Runcorn and used to drive past this wedding shop on a daily basis always having a quick peep at the beautiful dresses. When I went to look for dresses I had to go in and Barbara who runs the shop was so friendly and helpful. I was greeted with a glass of bubbly and the experience was made to feel so special. The shop was called Wife To Be.

Grooms And Maids

The groom wore a three piece suit which was very light grey with a shiny appearance. It was very fitted and Dave wore a crisp white shirt and grey silk tie. My three bridesmaids wore Dessy dresses that were a mocha colour. They all wore vintage hair pieces in there hair which were all different from each other.

My Friend The Florist

My best friend who was one of my bridesmaids is a florist which was very handy. We discussed the flowers and Emma knew I wanted a wild theme to the flowers with dashes of colour. In my bouquet I had hypnoses roses which gave it a vintage look and Dave had this rose in his button hole along with some dried lavender. I also had avalanche roses, ranunculus, stocks, snap dragons, dried lavender and wax flower. The smell was delightful.

Give Me Your answer Do…

The reception room at Inglewood Manor was decorated with a rose bowl in the centre with a wild flower arrangement. The flowers in this arrangement were viburnum, anemones, veronica, muscari and daisies. Surrounding them I had small candles with three tea cups on each table which also had single stems of a flower in. All tea cups were different, some with saucers some without. The napkins were collected from the venue a couple of days prior to the wedding and myself and my mother-in-law tied each one with pearls which was a lengthy job but well worth the effort! The favors were made up of ivory material, two different types, tied with ribbon and a pearl tie. They had mini eggs inside and again myself and my family made each of them ourselves.

Kissing You

We had My best friend singing during the actual wedding ceremony and she sang Kissing you by Desree. During the meal we had a Rumour playing which was very relaxed. For early evening and the evening do we had swing and jazz singer Ed Norris with his band Speak Easy. They started off very relaxed as people were arriving and chatting. It then got more lively as the evening went on with many guests dancing, even the oldies!


I wanted a vintage look and for the flowers to look rustic and wild. This was achieved and the splashes of colours finished it off perfectly. We also had two massive terracotta pots filled with wild flowers that set off the entrance to the ceremony room. The centerpieces were wild but looked perfect alongside the tea cups.

Some Magic Moments

I particularly liked our guest table which had some books and old teacups on it. Rather than a traditional guest book to write in we had willow in a vase and old luggage labels which people wrote on and hung on the willow. Straight after we got married our photographer whisked us off for 20 minutes and we walked up to the lake in the grounds. We had this time for just the two of us and this is where Victoria took the most beautiful pictures.

I had a suprise during my fathers speech – he pulled one of my old bibs out from when I was two that I had never seen! He had kept it all these years! The most moving moment would be without a doubt the actually ceremony and my husbands speech that brought a tear to my eye.

Pearls Of Wisdom

Make sure you enjoy the planning of your wedding! It is stressful at times but it’s all part of the fun. Also try and do as much as you can yourself as it cuts costs but also on the day you’ll have a real sense of achievement when you look round and see all the hard work has paid off. I would also recommend having those 20 minutes for just the two of you when first married as it felt very special.

Make sure you have trials of your hair and make up and that you are completely happy with your look. I wanted a fresh look with my make up and wanted my hair to be a certain way so I did spend a while finding the right people to achieve the look. When I did find them I had no worries on the day and was so happy with how I looked. It’s worth spending the time on this to get it right. And finally – my top tip is go to charity shops for tea cups and things, you can get some brilliant bargains!

Photography – Victoria Phipps

Flowers – Emma Tudor

Boutique – Wife To Be

Dress – Miss Kelly

Groomswear – Jasper Conran

Venue – Inglewood Manor

Entertainment – Ed Norris / Speakeasy

Well I hope this wedding quenched your mid week thirst for pretty, How amazing does the venue look in that last shot? And can anyone else feel themselves developing a longing to own some random fine bone china? Or is that just me?

Right, I’m off for a mooch around the crockery section of Oxfam. Bye for now peeps!


Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

16 thoughts on “A Perfect English Cuppa…

  1. Beautiful wedding! I love mismatched, colourful, vintage, pretty! It just works so well! I particularly like the candles in sand in jars with the cute labels tied with fabric and ribbons! Inspiring idea! I’m going to make some this afternoon for my fireplace!


  2. Ooooh this venue is just down the road from me and I regularly photograph Weddings there! Stunning photos from Vicky Phipps and a beautifully designed wedding.

  3. I love the mismatched tea-cups and the jam jars!! I’d never seen jam jars with candles in them – such a great idea.

    What a beautiful wedding. Congratulations!

  4. Ooo I love those flowers! The bouquets are especially stunning!

    The vintage theme looks amazing and so well done.


  5. Wow im jumping up and down with excitement – I get married in 7 weeks and this is exactly my theme – mis match tea cups, jam jar , candles, luggage tags, lace, pearls, so amazing – thank you RMW

    L xx

  6. Ah ha! I THOUGHT that sounded like an Adam rather than a Rebecca or a Charlotte!

    Great post and lovely details – those flowers are so purdy

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