A Photographers Engagement Shoot…

Every once in a while we get to share something truly special on the blog and today is one of those days. Because one of the reasons for starting Rock My Wedding (and I feel fairly confident to share this on Charlotte’s behalf,) wasn’t just to share amazing weddings, but to showcase brilliant photography and banish the mug-shot-line-up from the pages of UK wedding albums.

This afternoon, cast aside your preconceptions about Engagement Shoots and just feel the L-O-V-E, as I defy anyone not to be moved by these images and the oodles of love on display between this recently engaged couple, who also happen to be Photographers themselves… Tobiah Tayo and his fiance, Laura.

And as I like to think everyone who reads this blog has a burgeoning interest in superb photography or at least a passing interest, sit back and just take in the quality of these shots by Pete and Laura Lawson of Lawson Photography .

The Light. Oh the light… *sigh*

Let’s hear a little more about the shoot from Tobiah and Laura volunteered themselves as models and we spent a day wandering around some pretty woods in Staffordshire. They we AMAZING subjects, and we feel so darned lucky that we get to shoot their wedding next year!

Taking pictures for fellow photographers is a bit different to taking pictures of a regular client. For a start it is much more terrifying, and they will laugh at you if you leave your lens cap on. On a more positive note, they tend to be more trusting of your vision and (certainly in Tobiah and Laura’s case) willing to walk for miles through the freezing cold woods to find the ‘good light’!

The key thing that made this shoot a dream was that Laura and Tobiah were relaxed and totally at ease in front of the camera. As always (apart from choosing pretty locations with fabulous light) most of the direction we gave them was shouting things like “LOVE EACH OTHER!” every now and again. This means every hug, every look between them is real, and hopefully these pictures will reflect who they are and how they feel about each other.

They brought a car boot full of outfit changes which was brilliant. If you’re going to have a portrait shoot I recommend you do the same – you end up with lots of totally different pictures which you can have all over your house without it getting boring. I was particularly in love with Laura’s cute baker boy cap and that gorgeous All Saints maxi dress. Oh and Tobiah’s hair of course 🙂

I love the shots with the old sofa (which was carried around by fellow snappers Cris Matthews and Ian Olsson who were also getting in on the picture taking fun), I wish I could take one everywhere I go!

And what did Tobiah have to say about it?

We were delighted with the photos and how they had captured us perfectly! The Lawson’s ROCK!

I’m inclined to agree! I have to also say how immensely honoured we are that Laura and Pete chose to share these images with us that I know they are so very proud of themselves (and rightly so.) They are truly stunning guys.

Yours Truly,


Author: Becky Sappor
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41 thoughts on “A Photographers Engagement Shoot…

  1. These shots are simply amazing. I love them all, but the last four are stunning! It makes me want to run to the nearest woods with my camera! 😀 x

  2. These are beyond stunning!! The light is just so beautiful! This is my favourite pre wedding shoot you have featured. I absolutely can’t wait to see the wedding pictures. How exciting! 🙂

  3. Erm, is it appropriate to say that Tobiah and Laura and a really handsome couple? And that I think I’m in love with Laura’s boots? And that I now want to snuggle in the woods on the sofa too? xoxo

  4. O.M.G Please show their wedding – if these shots are anything to go by i will be literally dribbling over my keyboard. Seriously gorgeous pictures!!

  5. Now.

    I am not normally a fan of engagement shoots – the whole standing holding hands against a piece of ranky door making an “M” shape never really does it for me, too forced – but this isn’t like this at all.

    I do absolutely love the Lawsons and fully intend on meeting them once we are further down the planning route (they don’t know this yet, I probably should email them at some point). I love the fact the Lawsons capture “moments” and not just “details” which I don’t think many photographers do. And I have been known to cry.

    These engagement pics are gorge. I’d seen a couple on twitter and was blown away. Having seen of all of them I love them ALL.

  6. Hello everybody,

    I still feel the need to say how chuffed I am that we get to put such amazing images on the blog. As an aspiring photographer I’m in AWE of these – the best from The Lawson’s yet!

    Pretty good looking couple too eh? 😉


  7. These are such gorgeous, amazing, stunning shots! I love Laura and Pete, their photography really is the best! I soooooooooooooooooooooo wish I could afford them for my wedding 🙁


  8. Sooooo beautiful!! They look so relaxed and informal which is very hard to do. The light is beautiful, soft and romantic. Sigh!! xxxx

  9. I have booked Lawsons for my wedding. I just know my pictures will be stunning. Pete and Laura are incapable of taking a bad picture. They have such an eye…… xxxx

  10. when I win the lottery, I think I may just spend all my winnings on having the lawsons follow me round all day taking splendiferous photos (oh, and extras to carry the furniture too!)

    a very depressed r.now as her e-shoot planned for this weekend has been cancelled til after crimbo 🙁

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