A Raspberry Romance.

Red Wedding Theme Inspiration

Much like the Purple Rain inspiration post we showcased a couple of weeks back, red themed weddings seemed, up until recently, to have fallen out of favour with you lovely lot.

And it’s a blinking shame, because approached in the right way an all-red colour scheme can look nothing short of spectacular. And you needn’t be marrying near Valentine’s nor Christmas to utilise such a vibrant palette either.

In actual fact, using cherry and berry hues in your wedding decor is fresh, exhilarating and invigorating; there’s nothing quite like a bold colour statement to say the party starts here.

And so I am determined to prove to you just how wonderful this shade can look…after all red is the colour of love is it not…

Potent Posies

Nothing quite packs a punch as a fistful of crimson blooms. Romantic and eye-catching a raspberry bouquet just screams love and romance.

Don’t necessarily think that you have to opt for thick heads of red roses if you’re going down this colour route however. The beauty with red flowers is that there’s just so many varieties to choose from – from anemones, tulips, dahlias to ranunculus, clematis and even poppies.

Potent Posies

I’d recommend using a spectrum of red hues rather than colour blocking with a single shade. This breaks up floral arrangements bringing them slap bang up to date with the 21st century. Add foliage for a wistful feel or if you’re looking for something more contemporary stick with thick heads of roses and peonies albeit in different tones.

I particularly love the pop of the splashes of purple of the grape hyacinths against these scarlet peonies at the top here. You wouldn’t think such a colour combination would work but it so does. Equally the contrast of pink hues against red tones looks equally gorgeous too.

Scarlet Ladies

Yes, yes and more yes.

Nothing warms my heart more than seeing a bevy of beautiful maids dressed in scarlet frocks. Be they mismatched or coordinating there’s a real wow factor associated with such bold shades.

I’ve yet to see a maid dressed in red lace but I’m desperate to see a bride use this material in such a modern way. Opting for frocks in shorter lengths looks more contemporary than longer versions too. If you’re choosing to dress your girls in cherry hues then let the dress do the talking and opt for nude shoes and subtle bouquets as a finishing touch.

Scarlet Ladies

It’s worth bearing in mind that red gowns which err on the pinkier side rather than at the orange end of the spectrum suit a wider range of skin tones. It’s something to remember particularly if your best girls don’t look alike; this way you can be sure that they all look beautiful.

Whilst most brides won’t probably want to sport a red frock themselves, there’s no reason why you can’t dash on a slick of pillarbox red lippy or the sweetest strawberry heels as the perfect nod to the wider colour theme. Finish off with lashings of the blackest mascara.

Patisserie & Paper

When I was pulling together the inspiration for this post, I got more than a little peckish. It’s surprising just how many of our favourite fruits (and sweet treats) happen to be red so it was only fair that I shared this plethora of goodies with you too.

We’ve seen the popularity of layered Victoria sponges increase lately and it’s no wonder. They look beautiful and taste just as gorgeous to boot. If you’re looking for a subtle twist on this classic why not serve up individual portions in sweet glass jars for guests as dessert.

Patisserie and Paper

For a healthy alternative, why not offer bowls of luscious cherries and fecund berries in large bowls to be passed between guests – perfect for a rustic summertime wedding. Think about how you serve your sweet treats too – presentation is always key and a neutral background will always make your red delicacies pop against it.

And I couldn’t resist throwing some paper pretty into the mix as well – choose luxurious cardstock in pale hues and literally let the ruby toned calligraphy do the talking.

Titian Touches

This plethora of titian delights firmly proves that an all-red colour scheme can look breathtaking gorgeous whilst ultra modern too.

Why not serve bespoke raspberry or cherry cocktails with customised napkins in the same shade? You could add a monogram or a favourite saying of yours and your beau’s to make it a little bit more special.

Grey and red table settings are perfect for a chic, city soiree whereas distressed wood and soft cotton red and white striped napkins complete with soft strawberry coloured napkins is a wonderful combination for more rustic settings.

Titian Touches

Finish the look with a red bloom at each table setting or a sequinned heart for those of you after a more girly touch.

So are you feeling inspired? Will you be using red in your wedding decor?

I’m off to munch on some delicious strawberries…maybe just maybe Spring has arrived.

All my love Lolly xxx

Author: Lauren Gautier-Ollerenshaw
Lolly is a self-professed frustrated florist and styling maven with an endless passion for all things pretty.

21 thoughts on “A Raspberry Romance.

  1. @Abigail we have lots of love for red at RMW HQ too! I bet your wedding looked gorgeous especially at Christmastime.

    @LynseyB Thanks sweetheart! The wedding looks immense! The photographers are on our List too!!

  2. That’s what we had for our wedding – the lorry driver supports Liverpool FC, red was a prerequisite! My girls looked beautiful in long red frocks and mismatched shoes, the boys wore red ties and I had red suede shoes with metallic toecaps x

  3. @Becky – I’ve commented on the RMW FB thread, think you can just about see my shoes in my profile pic (coupled with Henry Holland silver star tights!)x

  4. I have never considered red, I always think of just red roses which I’m not a huge fan of. Love all the bouquet ideas here though. X

  5. If you had asked me what the least likely colour I would have for W-day way back when in 2009 I would have said…red. I just don’t wear it/utilise it anywhere in my home decor.

    HOWEVER. I am on the turn – especially when combining all the fruits and colour clash pinks, so stylish.

    Charlotte xxx

  6. Thanks for the inspiration – especially the flowers. Timing is perfect – 2 months out from my wedding and the bridesmaid dress that is meant to be burgundy in colour is actually raspberry red…argh… time to adjust my colour scheme a bit!

  7. Being a Middlesbrough lass originally, the colours red and white scream out Middlesbrough Football Club to me, this is why i steered well clear of red for my big day celebrations. My grandad had red and white for his 90th birthday do, a deliberate overload of red and white shininess from the balloons to the cake- that was just right for a man who spent most of those 90 years (and still does) cheering on the Boro, despite the fact that the loose most of the time

    For weddings i think red can be done if its quirky-red shoes with a 50s dress, that kind of thing. And, since becoming a florist and wondering if i can make a red rose look attractive and not like it belongs in a tesco valentines bouquet, i have found the key is to step away from the bear grass and eucalyptus (love eucalyptus for the record-just not with red) and clash it against bright oranges and pink with leafy green foliage.

    I suppose i did kind of do red and white for my wedding actually- white dress and red hair–damn…oh well, you can take a girl out of Middlesbrough…

  8. But so easy to get REALLY wrong!! I love your images Lolly, they are – as always – good enough to eat and make me want to change everything! I love red, it usually goes with my 80s power moods (which dont come often enough really) xx

  9. I really love the scarlet red colour and would love to photograph a wedding where a couple pull this off – the photos above are just stand out.

  10. That’s a beautiful collection of images.

    My partner proposed to me last year, we still haven’t set a date but the more I see the more I realise what a huge amount of choice and work there is to do for a wedding. Funnily enough it’s not the work but the choice that gets me. I’m a wedding photographer too, I guess that doesn’t help!

    I really like your blog, you host some lovely images and ideas, and I really like how helpful the whole site is (especially for someone as indecisive as me!).

    Take care x

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