A Real Rock My Wedding Bride…..part 2

The china-Doll-beautiful-dress-wearing bride that is RMW reader Linzi and her husband David had a dreamy W-day full of D.I.Y decor ( and I mean Do it Yourself people, tablecloth made of stitched together curtains bathed in tea bags anyone!?).

I love the slightly off-beat colour scheme and how the reception looked like so much fun…..And the balloons. You gotta love a big white balloon right?

Oh and the first stormy sky shot, if that was me and my best girl it would be up on the wall pronto.

Capturing The Atmosphere

Our photographer Paul is a friend of a friend. When I first started wedding planning I’d not looked into wedding photography much, I just knew I didn’t want the standard posed shots, I wanted photos that showed the atmosphere of the day that were almost like a set of film stills. Paul isn’t a wedding photographer but I could tell from his website that he had a good eye for capturing people and trusted him 100%, this has to be seen as a huge compliment to him as I have an inability to delegate pretty much anything. He took time to understand what we wanted and was really easy to work with.

At Inchcolm we had a few family posed shots and a few of me and David posed, which all in all took maybe 10 minutes, our main focus was to spend the day with guests as so many of them live far away. Paul’s photographs worked exactly how we wanted them-a story of the day.

He stayed the entire day and we couldn’t have asked for a better photographer. When he presented us with the photographs after the wedding,I loved how he had made the getting ready shots in black and white and the rest in colour, it reminds me of my favourite movie, “wizard of oz” where everything turns to colour when Dorothy arrives in Oz and that magical music starts.

A Diet Of Tea And Cake

After seeing photos of American weddings with their cake or dessert buffets I decided we were going to have to have one as I would probably live off a diet of tea and cake if I could. Most of our family and friends live far away so it was up to me to do all the baking,I spent a night on the sofa surrounded by my cook books picking out the sweetest, spongiest recipes that would keep a day or two in advance. Altogether I baked 8 cakes, well, 7 after the blueberry cake sank into itself then gooped over the kitchen floor but hey…. what you gonna do about it at 11pm with no more blueberries and going delirious?!.

I spent 12 hours in the kitchen with Johnny Cash on the radio and a few cups of tea inside me running what felt like a cake production line. The only disaster was the blueberry cake, which smelt amazing but was spreading slowly over the kitchen floor.

In the end we had cheesecakes, honey and chocolate cake, lemon loaf, banana loaf and lots more; and i’m glad to hear that people did take a bit of each. We were still left with a fair bit which we ate on the flights to America for our honeymoon!

Our main wedding cake was a 3 tier fruit cake made by by Mam who volunteered to bake it (thanks mam!) of course, she probably knew my brief would never be easy, but infact , my main concern was that I took a dislike to the standard silver cake stands and so asked mam if she’d keep an eye out for a ceramic cake stand, brown or cream, to fit the largest cake exactly! I don’t know how, but she managed to find one. I wanted the decoration of it to be simple, just ribbons, i found some yellowy mustard coloured ribbon with lace trim which I rescued from a sale box in a cake shop, we teamed it up with some chocolate brown satin ribbon, I really like how it turned out. The cake topper was very last miniature, a ring stand from urban outfitters in the form of two little ceramic bunnies, we put the cheap high street ring that David used to propose to me on one of the the bunny’s ears.

Not A Minimalist

Our guestbook was a typewriter, I’d seen the idea before on wedding blogs but didn’t have a typewriter and to be honest, couldn’t be bothered searching for one. Then a few weeks before the wedding I was in a charity shop when I saw this mint green beauty of a typewriter for a fiver and had to buy it! I’m glad we did it, we got some not so traditional “letters” to us, which made us laugh when we read through them all.

The photo booth/fancy dress thing may have been done 1000 times but we still wanted to do it, we set up a poloroid printer that people could hook their camera phones up to, mostly though people just put on the hats and glasses while ceilidh dancing which made for better photos and was funny to watch!

We wanted personal touches everywhere, me and David are total hoarders and our house is full of weird ornaments and pictures that I have rescued from charity shops and hundreds of David’s old books and prints he has collected, there was no way that we could have a minimalist house, so our wedding décor could never be minimalist either.

The venue at inchcolm was a long, bare room, with an arched ceiling and stone walls, the only piece of furniture was a large wooden table which was the focal point during the ceremony. I made a huge tablecloth from some Ikea lace curtains stitched together, and dyed it by filling the bathtub with water and half a box of cheap tea bags which had been lurking in the cupboard for emergencies, like when we run out of Yorkshire tea.

Quite early on in the venue hunt, I insisted I only wanted to marry under natural light or candle light(not too difficult to find then, eh? bad lighting is a pet hate for me and just means more effort with make up), at Inchcolm we had both as we filled the room with tealights and church lights, I will never forget the warm scent of the candles as I walked up the staircase to the room with my dad, and now, if I fill a room with tealights I’m taken back to that moment in an instant.

Ceilidh and Piping

We decided to have a piper on inchcolm island, it was my dad that suggested it, and I thought that it would be nice for English guests to give them a proper Scottish experience. He piped all the guests up the abbey then came back for me, that walk from the boat to the abbey with my parents and bridesmaid was one of my favourite parts of the day.

In the evening we hired the Reel Time 3 piece ceilidh band complete with piper, David loves ceilidh dancing, I find some ceilidhs a bit “folksy” and tame, so the addition of the piper really spiced things up and got everyone up dancing, we were all totally knackered afterwards! We got lots of comments about how much people enjoyed the dancing, especially the male guests! I think some men feel awkward dancing to wedding discos whereas at a ceilidh, no one really knows the steps, people fall over, everyone’s out of time, so there really is no pressure to look good….!

We really should have went to some dance classes before attempting our first dance which was to johnny cash’s “memories are made of this” (both big fans of his) our practice consisted of clearing a tiny section of the floor in our study, which was overtaken with wedding décor, clothes and honeymoon packing, playing the song and deciding on moves we definitely were not going to be making (long kisses, inappropriate grabbing, any kind of elaborate footwork) and decided that would have to do. On the day, the dance was a bit rubbish really, we spent the whole 3 minutes which felt like 1 hour doing the same spinny thing and constantly saying to each other, “we cant do that one spinny move again, its getting old,” so yeah, not the highlight of the day for us!

Decor Freedom

Our favours were from “Hotel Chocolat”, we had decided to buy little boxes and bars of chocolate for guests, with everyone getting a different flavour, they weren’t really meant for favours so I made up little tags and ties them round with string, I also designed badges and pinned a couple for each guest onto the string. David and me both grew up in the 80s when the world seemed to be badge obsessed, we still have our collections, from a time when eating a bag of crisps seemed to earn you a badge. We decided to bring a bit of this nostalgia back into our big day, our badges had photos of Lucky- our cat, our silhouettes, silly slogans and little deers that I had designed for the wedding stationery

At the hall in Kirknewton, you are given complete freedom over how to set up the room, and so we booked it out for the day before the wedding to decorate it with help from my parents. We decided on long tables as it seemed to suit the room best and felt more informal as the meal was a BBQ, we didn’t want a top table as I would find it weird not having anyone opposite me, David and I sat amongst our family which meant everyone could have a good chat.

We DIY’d pretty much all of the décor. I made tablecloths from cheap Ikea cotton fabric and runners from hessian, I wanted to use natural materials to compliment the stone walls and timber floor of the hall. All napkins were made from either vintage or Ikea fabrics by myself and Laura. At low level we had the jam jars of flowers and lots of tealights, we then used large white helium balloons, weighted down with tiny plant pots, to draw the eye up towards the beamed ceiling. Our table numbers were made using cheap ikea double sided photo frames, for the numbers I used a peach template downloaded from the internet, and on the other side, was a photograph of one of our family weddings, which matched the photograph on the table plan.

More Than Just A Manicure

If you’re planning on a DIY style wedding, be prepared to spend the day before arranging flowers, filling your car with decorations and surviving on supermarket sandwiches, you might not get the time to have a manicure, family meal, soak in the bath and then sit in a fluffy white robe watching a box set of your favourite TV series. Infact, your manicure might be you, sat alone in a hotel bed at 1am on your wedding morning watching coronation street repeats, hoping your nail varnish isn’t glooping at the corners because you’ve discovered that the lighting really isn’t ideal for this kind of thing, feet stuck out of the bedcovers so as not to smudge your toe nail varnish, waiting for each coat to dry and praying your hard work wont chip off in tomorrow mornings shower, and hoping that your someone will actually notice your efforts.

If you’re planning a DIY wedding, all the preparation and hard work will pay off on the day, and a comment a guest makes on how much they liked the stationary/flowers/the whole thing will give you a nice feeling inside more than a professional manicure ever could.

Favours – Hotel Chocolat

Decor – D.I.Y

Entertainment – Reel Time

I know. I am so sad it’s over.

I just want to say a huge “THANK YOU!!” to Linzi and David for sharing their Big Day with RMW and for being such an inspiration – boats, china doll make-up, blue brogues, jewellery that looks like a giant sweets…. we love.

Big I want to be a Redhead Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

31 thoughts on “A Real Rock My Wedding Bride…..part 2

  1. *SIGH*

    The most perfect wedding to read on my lunch break… certainly brightened up my day.

    If only there was a part 3…. this wedding is just beautiful and her “More than just a manicure” advice has helped lift my DIY spirits!!


  2. LOVELY. Gorgeous, moody photography, and the DIY details are sublime.

    Absolutely loving the Johnny Cash love too – he’s my fave <3


  3. The bride is soooo wonderful. I love her hair and the blue flowers in it. Her dress is awsome. The location perfect! Im impressed.
    sorry for bad english – Im from germany 🙂

  4. From one red-headed Linsey to another, love this! It all looks great, as do you. I wish we’d picked somewhere with a bit more freedom to decorate, although it might just make me too ambitious!

  5. That last photo is just amaze balls. I am feeling distinctly inferior and in awe of Linzi’s DIY-ing! What an utterly scrumpticious day. xoxo

  6. well, my ruddy godfathers that was good! (especially as I had a piece of chocolate cake to eat whilst reading).

    the last pic is my absolute favourite, I would have that made into wallpaper and cover my entire house in it if it were mine (yes, inside and out)

    r.now x x x

  7. I adore the long tables and those natural flowers, the table set up looks so stylish with the stone walls and the balloons are the perfect touch!
    Such a great wedding as it really showcases the bride and grooms style! Love it! xo

  8. Best write up ever, ever, ever! Love Linzi’s description of their day! This would have been a fab entry even if the photos weren’t there (which, incidently, are also amazing!) I laughed out loud at my desk at the blueberry cake story!Linzi I hope you have a blog for your stationery company where you can write and entertain us all more!

    All the elements of this day are amazing. Love the boat, the bridesmaid’s outfit, the DIY flowers (both the buttonholes and reception flowers which look so professional), the homemade cakes, the whole styling of the reception is gorgeous, the sourcing of bits from IKEA, the typewriter (amazing find), and those frickin balloons are awesome!

    I love everything about this wedding but most importantly Linzi’s honest and hilarious write up! Sorry I feel I may have been a little bit too enthusiastic with my declarations of love for Linzi…


    Bow ties make my fiance look uncomfortable too! (I’ve just read yesterday’s and today’s posts together).

  9. Really gorgeous well done.
    I can’t believe you did all the stationary etc, it all looks very professional! Adore the little deer.

    How did you make the badges?

  10. What a stunning wedding – loved it. We actually looked at Kirknewton as a venue for our wedding, and you guys decorated it so well! Where did you get Hessian from though? I was thinking that it would be perfect for table runners just a week back but couldn’t find it anywhere…xx

  11. Thanks again for all the lovely words, which i am not ashamed to say have completely gone to my head… to answer some of your questions…

    Kat- I got in touch with the lovely people at https://www.glasgowbadges.co.uk/index.shtml for the badges-they sent me a template, i designed the badges on photoshop, emailed them across and they were sent to me within a week. You can buy badge makers but as it was a one off this way worked cheaper (it was only about £15 for more than enough badges for 60 people!) we did have people fighting over badges with our cat’s face on though……

    Anna- john lewis do hessian but its REALLY expensive, i got ours from ebay (cant remember which seller-sorry-but there are lots of them!) it cost about a tenner to do runners for a 60ft length, and no sewing required!

    Liz H- glad you liked the ikea lace curtain/tablecloth idea-you can get a huge pair for £10 with a scalloped edge…again…no sewing hems!

    Jenny-wow you are super nice! haha, we will have a blog for our stationary company, lord knows what we will write on it, but we promise we’ll try to make it good! google “lucky and lucy stationary” in the near future and hopefully you will find us!

    good luck to all the brides to be with your planning and with any DIYing!
    And a big, big thank you to Charlotte of RMW for putting these posts together and believing in our wedding enough to put it on your blog, you are a star!
    xxx Linzi

  12. I love this! So amazing but it has been giving me a strange deja-vu feeling and I just worked it out. My friends sister was a guest at this wedding and was showing me her photos raving about it! I knew I had seen it and been inspired by it before. So nice to see the full set of photos.

    BIG thank you for this wedding. We get married in just over 2 months and I really can’t wait. I love men in kilts and pipers!

    Linzi – who was your piper? Still haven’t found one we like.

  13. Hi Kate
    wow-small world! we hired our piper from Reel Time entertainment-you can hire the man who runs it (Roddy-who is the most expensive!) or one of his pipers-we just asked for one of his pipers-don’t remember his name sorry! but he was very good!
    good luck for your own scottish wedding, it is great to see all the men in kilts 😉 xx

  14. Frank- i ordered the balloons from http://www.magic-balloons.co.uk who are in manchester – there was a post on here a while back where Rebecca of RMW said she used them (i’m pretty sure!?) for her wedding. We then hired a HUGE helium canister from a balloon shop in edinburgh. (FYI they are a bit of a nightmare to inflate!!-i appointed my dad and dave on “balloon comittee”-they were not happy!)

    Ria-the welcome sign was a very cheap find from BHS


    Also, just a quick mention- if anyone Edinburgh based is wanting their hair done by Tia who did mine, she is now based at Cascal hairdressers, (she’s moved since i wrote the post!) x

  15. Thanks linzi, looks like bhs no longer sell the welcome sign online *sad face* I don’t suppose you’d be interested in selling it to me?!

  16. Kate-glad you got the piper booked, hope you have a brilliant wedding day, fingers crossed the scottish weather is good to you 🙂
    Ria- the sign is up in our living room and we’re kinda attached to it (attached to painted mdf-i know, sad, huh?) but it reminds us of our day, sorry love! hope you can find one…maybe ebay?….

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