A Rock My Wedding Special – Lisa & Will Part 2


Part two part two!

I’m afraid there are no gratuitous images of best men in their smalls (sorry) but there are lots and lots of lovely details and gorgeous couples portraits.

It’s interesting you know, as much as I recall being in awe of all the hard work Lisa has clearly put in to making the venue look beautiful and how perfect she looked in her dress the thing I remember the most is how everyone was having such a genuinely amazing time, particularly on the dance floor.

And not particularly being a “food-y” as such I thought the wedding breakfast was immense, both in terms of the quality of what was served and the whole way in which it was presented (you can read all about it in Lisa’s account.)

Enjoy lovelies.

A pretty wedding at Cripps Barn by Anna Clarke photography with a lace pronovias dress_0309

Nine Lives

I arrived to the ushers waiting for me, it’s a good job he had nine ushers as the rain just kept pouring and they all helped me get in without a drop of rain on me. Once all the formalities with the registrar were complete I could now go and marry my future husband. I was simply ecstatic. Lisa-Marie, the front of house at Cripps Barn was an absolute gem, she greeted me and put my mind at ease immediately. She had everything under control, which is always a bonus. Isn’t it funny as you plan so much for the day but don’t really talk to the venue much about it until the day in some cases. I had nothing to worry about though, Cripps Barn have done zillions of weddings.

The little flower girls and page boys were so amazingly good. Ava who was only 3 and a half at the time was a little over whelmed I think but took it all in her stride, Maddie just looked like she’d done this a million times – a little professional. Benj was to go first. I’d created a little sign for him to carry down the aisle which said ‘Uncle Willie here comes your girl’ I could hear a few chuckles, so glad it went down well. Will knew nothing about it. Looking back at the video now, Will’s best man was just waiting to see his face when I walked in to the room.

A pretty wedding at Cripps Barn by Anna Clarke photography with a lace pronovias dress_0310

The Cheshire Cat

Eventually it was my turn. I had a brother on each arm. I was so proud to have them there and although a massive part of my life wasn’t with me in person, I was so lucky to have them both to lead me into the room. There he was my perfect husband with his ‘Cheshire Cat’ smile! I didn’t want the day to end.

The flowers were better than anything I could have expected. Large hanging arrangements from the ceiling, hanging low. Charlotte Gabb did an amazing job and when I met her months before the day, I knew she would be perfect, as she knew the place inside out. You’ve probably guessed by now that the service had to be inside but I’m actually quite glad. It was so beautiful inside, it didn’t change a thing. The service went really well. Normally civil services end quite quickly so I was determined for it to last as long as possible so I managed to get a little song in there.

A pretty wedding at Cripps Barn by Anna Clarke photography with a lace pronovias dress_0311

Take That

I know it’s cheesy but it was meant as a little joke so we all sang to Take That ‘Greatest day’ whilst the Saxophonist took over the rest of the entertainment. It was actually quite hilarious and really made the day enjoyable I hope! We booked Matt Stacey as the saxophone was mine and Will’s favourite instrument, so we just had to have him. Matt was brilliant, he even came down the night before as he was driving from Harrogate and let me know so I knew everything would be ok on the day. Little things like this really help. During the day, everyone commented how amazing he was and just fitted really nicely into the day.

A pretty wedding at Cripps Barn by Anna Clarke photography with a lace pronovias dress_0312

Just Enough

Now a little more about the flowers; I went for flowers that were in season to keep down the costs but couldn’t help but have pink peonies in my bouquet with a combination of Astilbe and Ranunculus. I’d seen exactly what I wanted on Pinterest and with a little help from Charlotte O. Once Charlotte Gabb saw the images of what I wanted, I knew she would bring it to life for me without a doubt. One bridesmaid was to have light pink Astilbe and the other Ranunculus. The men had button holes in the same style. These fitted with my colour scheme of pinks and were scattered in little jam jars all over the venue too and used for table centres. I didn’t want to go overboard with flowers but I think I had just enough.

A pretty wedding at Cripps Barn by Anna Clarke photography with a lace pronovias dress_0313


Will and I wanted to choose non cheesy readings, which was actually quite difficult if you google readings for weddings. They are all cheesy. In the end we liked ‘He Never Leaves the Seat Up’ by Pam Ayres and ‘I like you’ by Sandol Stoddard Warburg both were rather amusing but had an underlining meaning which was important to both of us. We even said our own promises, which were a little soppy but as neither of us were religious we wanted to have something quite unique. I promised to ‘stack the dishwasher properly’ and he promised to ‘make a cup of tea every morning’. I think I did really well there!! And I must say he’s not broken his promise yet.

The ceremony was a blast, so many smiles, we definitely couldn’t wipe them of our faces. As we left the ceremony to once again ‘Mr Blue Sky’ the sun just shone down ready for drinks outside, I couldn’t believe it. It couldn’t have happened at a better time. The guests were presented with Bubbles and Raspberry Mojito’s (again pink) with tiny flags in which I made months before the day with a little help from Lauren C.

A pretty wedding at Cripps Barn by Anna Clarke photography with a lace pronovias dress_0314


Bonny and Clyde had done a fantastic job of the invites, order of service, menu and table plan designs and because they gave me the fonts and Toby had put together the ‘L&W’ brand I used it in as many places as I could which will pop up throughout this blog.

As mentioned being a marketeer I wanted to be a little creative and get across the whole ‘home made feel’ so with the font and logo I brought the design to life in other ways. Before I knew it I had branded the entire wedding but couldn’t have done this without Bonny and Clyde’s initial design and work. I made the signs outside from old pallet wood and used Annie Sloane chalk paint, picking colours that complimented the colour scheme to create that finishing touch. The signs were just the beginning as I was able to make song sheets, names tags, ‘just married’ bunting. Thank you Lauren C for your help in punching a zillion names out and for the use of your printer!! I couldn’t have done it without you.

A pretty wedding at Cripps Barn by Anna Clarke photography with a lace pronovias dress_0315

Always Remembered

You’ll also notice featured some step ladders courtesy of Rock My Wedding. I had spied them from another shoot they did and thought they would look amazing with some old pictures of Will and I and our parents getting married. I also created a little area for my Dad as I didn’t want this to be a focus on the day but just to have subtle hints of him being around. This was a happy day and he would have loved it. I wrote a poem and popped some pics and a candle there for him. I’m sure lots of you out there have had to go through or will be having a wedding without someone that was incredibly close to you there. Well this is how I dealt with it. I also used an old locket and popped a pic of him in it to put in my bouquet (so he could be with me down the aisle) and instead of favours Bonny and Clyde helped create a design to give away forget me not seeds so instead of a favour I donated money to a charity close to our family; Cancer Vaccine Institute.

A pretty wedding at Cripps Barn by Anna Clarke photography with a lace pronovias dress_0316

The Feast

Well this was a feast, there was no other way to describe it. The food was amazing. We went for an Anti-pasti to begin with and it was huge. Then for main I branded some Aprons and chef hats and gave a person on each table the role of serving the meat. It really was fun, as it helped create that informal feel and gets everyone chatting from the beginning. We are huge lovers of food so the food was important to us and went with what the venue said they were good at doing too. Then there is less risk of anything going wrong on the day. It went brilliantly well and everyone was very well fed.

A pretty wedding at Cripps Barn by Anna Clarke photography with a lace pronovias dress_0317

I Wish For Rainbows

We really could not believe it……during the meal, across the field we could see, not one, but two amazingly vivid rainbows. I don’t think I have ever seen rainbows so prominent before. Taking one look at my mum she was so happy her little wish had come true and my dad really was there on the day. Before I knew it Anna and Simon whipped us off to get the perfect photos.

After the meal and speeches we went to cut the cheese cake. As well as us not really wanting a ‘cake’ cake it meant we could use the cheese later on too when the next round of food came out with some homemade chutneys. As if we hadn’t eaten enough! We had some little mice toppers which I had made to represent us too. Very Cute.

A pretty wedding at Cripps Barn by Anna Clarke photography with a lace pronovias dress_0318

Perfect Delivery

The speeches were tremendous. We had both my brother sand Will’s dad to say a few words in my dad’s absence, which was truly special to me, and I couldn’t have asked for more beautiful and put together speeches. I know it must have been incredibly hard for my brothers but the way they delivered them was perfect. The best man’s speech was hilarious! Jack , Will’s younger brother made a fantastic MC too.

Will and I had been a bit cunning. We didn’t want to do a normal first dance so without telling anybody we learnt a routine to Dire Straits ‘money for nothing’. It was hilarious; we started really slow then Will jumped out to do air guitar style moves. No one was expecting it. It wasn’t perfect but good enough to look like we’d tried. Will said he was more nervous about the dance than he was the speeches. Why Dire Straits you may be wondering? Well..not only was it not a ‘cheesy’ song in the slightest, one day we were just happily cooking in the kitchen with a GTE (GIN, Tonic and Elderflower – my fave) and it came on the iPod. Will’s air guitar was hilarious and we thought it would be so funny to incorporate into the day somehow. Having it as our first dance made absolute sense.

A pretty wedding at Cripps Barn by Anna Clarke photography with a lace pronovias dress_0319

Flooding The Floor

We hired ‘Flood the Floor’ as the evening band– that was Will’s job and he definitely picked the best band ever. They were very clever asking the Bridesmaids and Best Man to get all the gossip, who was who and requested people on the dance floor to do dance offs and sing. They were hilarious and definitely flooded the floor! Well done Will!

Although I seem to have organised a lot of the day I did have some great help on board from both families and Will also contributed massively. Especially when things started taking a little longer than expected. Everyone was dancing and the floor was never empty.

A pretty wedding at Cripps Barn by Anna Clarke photography with a lace pronovias dress_0320

I also had delivered a rather large “L” and “W” to add to the evening entertainment. The letter’s really do stand out and people just kept talking about them. I new the room was quite big so I wanted some detail to make it different and I’d seen these before on another wedding on RMW feature, I just had to have them.

In the background I had also organised a homemade photo booth for the guest book. It was really easy to do and saved us loads of money. I look back at the photo’s now and they are hilarious, especially with the bits of attire I made to go with it. Emma did a fantastic job of making sure we got everyone’s pictures from the evening.

A pretty wedding at Cripps Barn by Anna Clarke photography with a lace pronovias dress_0321

Sparkling Surprises

It was so sad when it all came to an end but it had to end sometime I guess. Both Will and I, although not traditional these days, we both wanted to leave with everyone seeing us go and start our happy married life together. Another one of Will’s jobs was the transport to get home. We couldn’t quite bring ourselves to go home in a taxi after the day we had and as everyone would be watching us leave. I had absolutely no idea what he had sorted.

A pretty wedding at Cripps Barn by Anna Clarke photography with a lace pronovias dress_0322

I just loved the idea too of throwing the bouquet to see who catches it so as we left the venue everyone was lined up for us to leave with sparklers everywhere. It looked so pretty. I threw the bouquet and one of my best friends Sarah caught it and literally within months she was engaged so it definitely works ladies!!

I was quite overwhelmed with everything at this point and what was looking at me? A Tuk Tuk. We were off on our honeymoon to Indonesia so Will thought it would be comical. It certainly was. Thank god the rain had stopped by then.

A pretty wedding at Cripps Barn by Anna Clarke photography with a lace pronovias dress_0323

So what advice would I like to give brides out there? Don’t put too much on yourselves and always ask for help. It actually makes it really enjoyable having close people involved in the day and the run up to it. If you can’t get everything done then take some detail out. No one will know any different on the day. Make sure you have time out for you and your man. Time flies so quickly so you need to reflect on all the loveliness around you. If you can stretch yourselves to get a videographer, I would completely recommend, there were things I didn’t even see and we have watched it tonnes of times already. If someone cannot be there, in my case my dad, on your special day then make him or her apart of it. I didn’t want to go overboard but it actually helped with the build up to the day itself.. oh and a little rescue remedy!!

The day was an absolute blast and I have loved sharing with all you RMW beauties. I really hope you enjoyed it. And as I said at the very beginning, I simply wouldn’t have changed a thing. I just love being Mrs Jordan. A big thank you must go out to all our family and close friends as without you, our special day would not have existed. Thank you so much. And Will – you are incredible.

A pretty wedding at Cripps Barn by Anna Clarke photography with a lace pronovias dress_0324

Venue: Cripps Barn, Bibury Near Cirencester
Dress: Siliba by Pronovias from Grafton Manor, Bromsgrove
Shoes: Jenny Packham at Debenhams
Bridesmaids: Kelsey Rose
Flower Girls: Monsoon
Groom Suit: Steel & Jelly, Henley-in-Arden
Accessories: Headpiece by Ivory and Co
Stationery: Bonny & Clyde
Photographer: Anna Clarke with Adam Crohill (Second shooter)
Videographer: Simon Clarke
Hair and Make-up: Martin Sheen, Mode Hairdressers and Alice
Cake Decoration: Charlotte Gabb
Blooms: Charlotte Gabb at Super Flowers
Day time music: Saxophonist Matt Stacey
Evening Band: Flood the Floor
Big Letters: Vowed & Amazed

Click here & view all images from this wedding

We are doing something a little different with this feature folks and posting the WHOLE wedding film in full towards the end of the week, we’ve never done this before and figured it was an opportunity for our community to see the kind of footage you receive rather than just highlights.

And I might be biased but, it really is one of the greatest wedding films I’ve ever seen.

Big (Even More) Will And Lisa Love

Charlotte xxx

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19 thoughts on “A Rock My Wedding Special – Lisa & Will Part 2

  1. wow.. what an absolutely stunning wedding.. so many beautiful touches, and looks like everyone is having a fabulous time!

  2. After seeing THAT engagement shoot I knew this wedding would be a show stopper and it really is. They all look so so happy!

    Congrats to all involved, what a wonderful day!

  3. I have LOVED reading about this wedding – extended reports get a big thumbs up! All the little touches are so beautiful, and nearly teared up when the rainbows appeared! It looks like a massive fun party by the end, which is exactly what a wedding should be 🙂

    Also doubly excited as I’m getting married at one of their sister venues, Shustoke Farm Barns, in 4 months, and it makes me so happy to see how wonderful the Cripps venues are!

    1. Hi LouB, thanks so much for your feedback – we think once in a while a really detailed report is great to share with our community, it gives a feel for the whole day and all the planning that went into it.

      Charlotte xxx

  4. Oh wow! I love Annie Sloans paints!!

    And I cannot wait to see the whole wedding video. I understand why people don’t share them. But it is really difficult to decide if you want a video without seeing one. I shall be waiting 🙂

    1. Get a video Stef, I’ve heard so many people regret not and you do miss so much of the day!! Plus Simon is amazing!!! Should be on today for you to take a look. Xx

  5. I can concur that Flood The Floor are the best wedding band ever!! Fab wedding, captured perfectly by Anna Clark as always! (With a little help from Adam of course.) I didn’t comment on Part 1 but that best man….. HOLY MOTHER OF SWEET B’JESUS. xx

  6. Wow! A truely stunning wedding. Not only are the details so personal and clearly well thought out they have been created to absolute perfection. A gorgeous wedding!!! Congratulations Lisa and Will. x

  7. Loved seeing Lisa and Will’s gorgeous faces on the blog today!
    Congrats to a fabulous couple. It was an absolute honour to be a guest at this wedding x x

    Lauren C x

  8. Yay!

    Great to see this wedding on the blog at last! I think it’s the first wedding we’ve featured that I have actually been to (apart from Lolly’s of course) and it was a real privilege to work with Anna Clarke and Simon Clarke.

    Will & Lisa – it was a fantastic day and it certainly didn’t feel like work! The day flew by and everything about it was spot on.

    In particular I loved how the “family service” meal got all the tables mingling and chatting… Food, Entertainment & an ice breaker in one. Spot on.


    1. Ah thanks so much Adam. You got so many amazing shots. Especially the one of Tom which has sent the ladies wild!!! You are v talented. Xxxx

  9. Such an amazing gorgeous wedding!! but why can’t i see the full gallery? really wanted to pin a pic of just the bouquet! can’t wait to see the video 😀

  10. What an absolutely gorgeous wedding! I got goose bumps reading that two rainbows came out, so lovely. Congratulations Lisa & Will xx

  11. Thank you very much for your kind feedback Lisa & Will, you were a pleasure to host and your day was simply perfect.
    all the very best for the future.
    LisaMarie & all Cripps Barn Staff.

  12. This is the most perfect wedding i think ive ever seen on RMW… cried as i read it, bride was stunning, venue gorgeous and looks like everyone had so much fun!! Everything a wedding should be!!! Huge congratulations to Lisa and Will! 🙂

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