A Rustic Tuscan Love Story.

Joanne and Ronan married in the garden at Villa Pitiana in Tuscany, Italy.

I am so pleased to be able to bring you all a well deserved ray of sunshine this morning. Prepare for pinks and ivory, romance and relaxation and a plethora of rustic chic. And prepare too for 34 degree heat (not outside in the real world unfortunately).

Photography today is by Anushe Low. Pop your sun glasses on and we can begin.

A Bit Of Wang

My dress was by Vera Wang, Diane.

I originally wanted a very plain Priscilla of Boston dress which I found online, however it could only be purchased in Boston in the US. My sister and I decided to have the full wedding experience and booked a day at Browns Bride in London.

Walking out with the dress on and looking in the mirror, I could for the first time imagine how my wedding day would be like, from the surrounding of the venue to the flowers. The Dress was the piece that connected everything for me.

High Street Accessories

I wore a pair of stone encrusted earrings from Monsoon and a pair of red peep toe shoes from Topshop.

Simple Florals

We used a local florist. They provided me with a list of roses available in September. I picked the flowers and had them put into vase with water. We also had Mini Eden, Large Roses and Cala lilies. It was very simple. In my bouquet I had Sweet Avalanche.

Fashion Finds

Our bridesmaid dresses were from French Connection. Our flower girls dress was from Monsoon and Ronan wore a suit from Hugo Boss.

A Good Recommendation

Our photographer was Anushe Low, I was recommended her by David Jenkins, another photographer who had been recommended by a friend.

Food For Thought

The chef at the Villa made our cake, it consisted of a large Strawberry Mille-Feuille surrounded by smaller versions of the same cake. we had pre-ceremony and pre-reception drinks that consisted of Prosecco, Beer and Cocktails served with a vast selection of Meat, Cheese and canapés.

Chasing Cars

We hired a traditional Irish band, which played for 3 hours, then disco music played until 2am. Our first dance was to Snow Patrol, Chasing cars. This was the song playing on the radio when we had our first date.

Little treats

We gave the bridesmaids a travel bag from Aspinal of London and the Flower girl was given a charm from Pandora.

Rustic Charm

I tailored made my menus, confetti bags and table settings to go with the rustic theme. My menus were wrapped in lace and string, my Confetti bags were made of burlap and wrapped in ribbon. The guest names were clipped on wine glasses with flowery heart pegs.

The flowers were chosen to blend in with the surroundings of the garden where the reception was held. Everything from the table name holders to the Sheppard sticks to the flower jars were picked to achieve the rustic look.

Under The Skies

A lot of my decorations were brought from the US. The paper parasols, Fans, paper bags for the biscuits and sweets were purchased from the US.

Our heart pegs and heart table holders were purchased from Cox & Cox and the sweet jars and retro sweets are from John Lewis. Our table numbers were borrowed from my nephew’s number blocks!

I’ve always wanted to a reception outdoors under the skies, my best memories have always been outdoors under the stars, this is the main reason why I choose Italy – so we would be able to have dinner outdoors.

Hot Stuff

The overall look of our wedding was perfect. The ceremony was meant to be held in the garden, but due to the 34 degrees heat, it was moved to the court yard, which turned out to be perfect. We were lucky that the venue’s beautiful surrounding required very little decoration.

If you are having an outdoors wedding make sure that the venue has an indoor option, and do not look at the weather forecast more than 3 days before the wedding, as the info is never accurate!

Dress – Vera Wang

Boutique – Browns Bride

Shoes – Top Shop

earrings – Moonsoon

Suit – Hugo Boss

Photographer – Anushe Low

Venue – Villa Pitiana

Ha! I love that the table numbers are a childs number block set… that is so cool.

The dress is amazing, the bride and groom look like celebrities… The light that Anushe Low has captured. The beautiful scenery. The outdoor banquet, the parasols, the pastel florals. All mind blowing. Every single element of this wedding ties in together so perfectly.

It’s a little bundle of sunny wedding joy.


Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

22 thoughts on “A Rustic Tuscan Love Story.

  1. That dress is stunning!!! Beautiful wedding eye candy for a Wednesday morning. Love Vera Wang. Congratulations on your amazing wedding day! xx

  2. You know the bit on Sex and the City where Carrie and the foxy (but not very nice) Russian are on the bed and he says her dress reminds him of Mille-Feuille…that is what Joanne’s dress does for me!

    Can I also say I love a bride with a pony tail…in fact, anyone with a pony tail at the moment…in a sea of ballerina buns and beehives…you cannot beat a tail that swishes…

    And please, would someone buy me an Aspinal of London travel bag…I will be a good girl for the entire rest of the week.


  3. Pamela I’m with you, that is a seriously good bridesmaid gift – in the immortal words of TOWIE, I am truly well jel.

    It’s a very Vogue-y frock isn’t it? Love love love it x

  4. RMW is literally the answer to all my problems… last week someone gave me one of those flowery heart pegs and I have been desperately searching where you can buy them as I neeeeeed them for my table plan! Admittedly this isn’t one of life’s major problems but solving it has made me happy this morning!

    Beautiful wedding, congratulations 🙂 I have been going back and forth with getting a coloured sash / belt and after seeing this I think I’m going to have to go for it! Stunning!

  5. Wowzer, that is one stunning bride. Vera el Wango’s Diana dress was my “if I had a million pounds to spend on my wedding I would wear this dress” dress. Sadly I do not, but I may be stealing that swishy little pony tail number…

  6. Am pretty sure @Charlotte has been duped and these are in fact images from the Vera Wang catalogue!

    Amazing dress, beautiful venue and sun – we could all do with some sun right now.

    @Pamela – Mikhail Baryshnikov – nom nom nom

  7. @Mimi – I know….he is totally dreamy. I love an older gent…

    @Leanne – Oh please, swish! Alas, my hair is too ginger and coarse to swish but I think as many people as possible should swish! I am already encourgaing guests to don fancy head regalia…I will now add to my demands swishy ponytails…is that unreasonable?!

  8. Love this wedding – well done Anushe – fantastic photos of a beautiful wedding. I’m shooting a wedding in Tuscany next month so this has really got me excited 🙂

  9. This is the first Cera Wang dress I have ever seen that I want…. I may have to remarry to wear it…..same man obviously….I wonder of it comes in a colour and I could wear to every ball for the next 15years? Beautiful wedding!

  10. Every time I read RMW I seem to get dress wobbles, I think these might be the worst yet!! Absolutely stunning wedding Xx

  11. This was one of those weddings where I get really jealous that Adam is putting it together and not me – just beautiful.

    Anushe the light is just spectacular and I love the way you capture fashion so perfectly.

    Charlotte xxx

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