A Scottish Garden Wedding… Part 1

Today we’ve got a Scottish Garden wedding that actually took place in the Brides back garden – how’s that for the perfect location? There is so much family input throughout this relaxed and pretty affair that I think anyone trying to pull of a wedding with that homespun feel can be inspired.

Sarah and Matteo got married on 7th August 2010 and all the images are by Craig of McBeth Photography.

I am from Scotland and Matteo is from Italy. We live in Italy but decided to get married in Scotland on my parents farm. In Scotland ministers are allowed to perform marriages anywhere, so we were able to have a religious ceremony in a marquee in the garden of my parent’s farm surrounded by the stunning Border countryside.

We had drinks and canapes in the garden before going to our reception in Hawick Rugby Club function suite.

Packham Petite Perfection

As I’m sure is true for most brides, the most exciting part of the wedding preparations for me was choosing the dress. I loved going dress shopping with my mum and sharing those precious moments together, just the two of us. I tried on a lot of dresses in various bridal shops but they were all quite similar, strapless with full skirts and a lot of beading. They were all beautiful but I knew that I wanted something a little bit different.

I eventually found ‘The One’ in a shop called Pan Pan in Edinburgh. It was a Jenny Packham dress called Petra and I fell in love with it immediately. From that moment I couldn’t wait to wear it on my wedding day.

I chose a hair comb also by Jenny Packham and a beaded veil by Richard Designs completed the look.

Shoe Love

I needed to wear fairly high heels as I’m quite short compared to my bridesmaids! I chose a pair of 4” peep-toe sandals from Dune. They were really comfortable to wear and I used a pair of plastic heel stoppers to stop me from sinking into the grass during the ceremony!

Hair Heaven

I had my hair done at a local hairdressers called Style-a-Head. I’ve been going there to get my hair cut since I was a little girl so I know the hair stylist, Nadia, really well. She did an amazing job of getting my very long and fine hair to stay up all day.

Local, Country flowers

My bridal bouquet, bridesmaid’s bouquets and the button holes were all from a local florist called Stems of Jedburgh. We wanted a natural, country look using flowers that were locally sourced and in season. I described the kind of look I wanted to the florist and then left it up to her to choose the flowers.

It was a complete surprise for me when the flowers were delivered on the morning of the wedding. I think the florist created my vision almost exactly.

Green Goddesses

My sister found the bridesmaids dresses in a sale in John Lewis and had to telephone all over the country to find three in the right sizes! They were perfect and suited all three bridesmaids really well. I didn’t want them all to be completely matching so they all chose their own shoes and accessories. My mum made the flowergirl’s dress.

Kitted out in a Kilt

Matteo wore a kilt in my family’s tartan. From the minute we got engaged he said he wanted to wear a kilt and he loved wearing it on the day. Quite a few of the Italian guests also wanted to wear kilts so we hired the lot from David Thomson & Son Tailors in Jedburgh.

Getting married outside was something I really wanted to do when I was planning, and if I had known it was possible in Scotland, I might have looked a bit further afield… something to bear in mind if thats high on your priority list.

There’s more really special images in Part 2 which really signify the importance this couple placed on their friends and family being present. Look out for it tomorrow!

Yours Truly,


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Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

30 thoughts on “A Scottish Garden Wedding… Part 1

  1. Lovely to see a bit of tartan on RMW! Can’t beat a man in a skirt in my opinion! 😉 Beautiful bride wearing a stunning JP. Loving the country feel flowers too. x

  2. Relaxed chic! What a great mix of colours. Sarah you look utterly breathtaking and Matteo… very handsome indeedy. Love the lavender window box, loving the braids in Sarah’s hair and love love love the puppy dog. xxx

  3. Damn, I am such a sucker for a cute dog and I have been gifted two piccies with 2 uber cute puppies in the past 24 hours!
    That dress is beeyootiful. Also hawt groom in a kilt! xx

  4. If your new additions would like a holiday in Manchester we have plenty of room (??). Mr. P has ruled out a puppy unless its a boxer… hmm I was thinking more along the smaller Toto that could wear tartan jacket and fit in a Dorothy style (lavender filled) basket…. :).

  5. My favourite buttonholes so far. Colour! Texture!
    Also think the boxes of lavender are stunning. As are the bride and bekilted groom!

  6. loving those flowers, its so nice to see how a florist can take an idea and make it come to life, the thistly button holes are fab!

    and what a slinky dress!


    ps Loulou – don’t rule out a boxer, they are gorgeous, friendly dogs!

  7. woohoo loving the italian wearing the kilt, so pleased he really wanted to wear it, cant wait to see Jp in his debut kilt wearing experience, hes been saving it for our wedding day.

  8. oh and Rach if your coming to the RMW party i can have a good chin wag with you about Hawick cos i studied in Galashiels just up the road a bit xxx

  9. LOVING those amazing BM dresses and bouquets.

    Mahj – these weddings needed to come with a CUTE DOG Warning. Far too much for us to take in!

    LouLou and Miss R.Now- I’ve got two boxers and after seeing this, I may well hire them out for business!

    Bring on Part 2 xxx

  10. Nice to see so many folk enjoying the images from Sarah and Matteo’s big day.

    The “simplicity” along with the real feeling of family and friendship made this one of the most enjoyable and fun weddings I have covered.

    Thanks Sarah and Matteo for choosing me to play a tiny part.

    Craig xxx

  11. love

    vintage parasol
    the elegant bridal gown
    handsome groom in kilt (always good)
    the soo cute dog being held under the arm classic picture (really wanted my pups at our wedding but it would have been a disaster they are really naughty!) 🙂 xx

  12. I grew up in the borders too! (kelso, coldstream, selkirk and gala)

    Lovely to see a beautiful borders wedding!
    Amazing and wonderful touches

  13. I’ve just shown my mum this wedding (which is stunning!) and she’d really love to know where your mum, I’m assuming it’s your mum – the lady holding the dog – got her outfit from? Thanks!

  14. So beautiful, laid back but elegant! Got to love the JP gowns.

    It’s a real shame that you can’t get married outside in the rest of the UK 🙁

  15. Yay, a Borders wedding!

    I’m getting married at my parents’ church in Norham, which is about as far north as you can get without technically being in the Scottish Borders.
    I shall check out the Style a Head hairdressers mentioned above, but does anyone else have any hair/make up recommendations in the area? I actually live in Newcastle so it’s a bit difficult for me to track down local services.
    Also does anyone know of a decent good value wedding car service in the Borders area?

  16. It looks like you had a perfect day for a perfect wedding, I just love Scotland, there’s no other place like it…if I may also suggest dunglassestate.com as another perfect wedding location, I’m sure you would agree.

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