A Scottish Garden Wedding… Part 2

I love all the effort that’s gone into this wedding from family and friends. Sarah’s wise words at the end are nothing short of perfect, reminding us all of the most important things in wedding planning and your lives together thereafter.

But never mind that – check out that cake. O.M.G. 😉

All the images are by our newest sponsor, Craig McBeth Photography. (In fact Sarah and Matteo grace Craig’s ad with us – check it out!)

Hitting the Jackpot

We stumbled across a gem of a photographer from a random Google search. I’d searched high and low for a photographer and couldn’t find anyone who could take the type of photographs I wanted. Then I came across Craig of McBeth Photography who not only took amazing photographs but was also within our budget.

He captured the day exactly the way I saw it and we now have hundreds of photos that we’ll treasure forever.

Rustic Style

My cake was made by a family friend Mandy. We wanted a traditional three-tier fruit cake but decorated in quite a rustic style and with lots of flowers. I gave Mandy a few pictures and she created the most beautiful cake. Her husband cut a log to use as a cake stand and it looked stunning sitting under a holly tree in the garden.

It tasted delicious too and we’re saving the top tier for the christening of our first child as is tradition.

Saving on Favours and Spending to Charity

We decided we didn’t want to waste a lot of money on favours that people would either throw out or shove in the back of a drawer so we donated money to the Multiple Sclerosis Society instead. However, we still wanted to give our guests something as a memento of the day so we made hundreds of brightly coloured Origami cranes to put at each place.

We decorated the marquee with ivy and bunting which my mum made and my sister hung up candles in jars around the garden. We had a stunning panorama of rolling green hills as a backdrop to the ceremony so we didn’t need much more decoration than that! We kept the decoration of the Rugby Club fairly simple with flowers and tea lights on the table. The best decision was to hire chair covers from Sitting Pretty Chair Covers which made the room look much more ‘weddingy.’

Family Florals

Some family friends did some flower arrangements for the garden and created a beautiful arch of heather and greenery in the marquee.

My mum did the centre pieces for the reception using flowers from the garden, sweet peas, roses, cornflowers and alchemilla. My little flower girl didn’t want to carry flowers so she carried a favourite dinosaur toy instead!

Music Music, Everywhere

For me music was one of the most important parts of the day. I wanted to hear music wherever I went. As I was getting ready I could hear music trickling up to my room from the garden below. For the ceremony a family friend played the traditional Scottish Unst Bridal March on the fiddle as I entered the garden and my Uncle played the keyboard for the hymns. We were also very well entertained during the evening reception.

We started off with a traditional Scottish Ceilidh band of local musicians Stuart Anderson on the accordion and Louise Douglas on the fiddle. We also had a caller, Jock Thompson, who called out instructions to the dances which got everyone up dancing from the start of the night. My mum sings in a folk band so she sang a couple of songs as did various other musical friends. My brother plays the guitar so he played for us too and my brother-in-law even did a rap later on in the evening! We finished off the night with a disco which kept everyone up dancing ’til the ‘wee sma’ hours’!

We had a simple waltz played by the Ceilidh band as our first dance as it meant that everyone was able to join in. We’d planned to do another Scottish dance, the Gay Gordons as it was the first dance Matteo and I ever did together but we thought it would be a bit difficult for the Italians to join in. We did the Gay Gordons as our second dance though and after a while all the Italian guests picked it up and joined in too.

Built with Love

The thing that made our wedding so special was that it was a real family and community effort, I was overwhelmed by the offers of help. Neighbours, family and friends helped with flowers, gave people lifts, lent us marquees, baked cakes, walked dogs or came to make us bacon rolls on the morning of the wedding!

All of our suppliers from the florist to the band were friends and local people who we know well rather than complete strangers. As much as possible everything was hand made or locally sourced. We made all of the stationery ourselves using recycled materials (I made the Order of Services using paper made from sheep poo from a company called Creative Paper in Wales!)

Wise Words

I think the guests could sense that so much thought and care had been put into all of these little details. Secondly, because the ceremony was held at home it created a really relaxed atmosphere, kids were running in and out of the house playing, our family dog was running about and my older relatives were able to go into the kitchen and have a cup of tea! Best of all I got to say my vows in a garden where I’ve been playing all my life, under a tree I used to climb and looking out at a view that I’ve loved my whole life. It was simply perfect. Finally and most importantly the day was made so special because we were able to share it with all of those most dear to us.

Family and friends travelled from far and wide to be with us and although Matteo’s grandparents weren’t able to make it to Scotland they joined us on the day via Skype on a computer we set up in the garden. All in all, it was a day filled with love, not only the love between Matteo and I but also the love we feel for our family, friends and neighbours.

So true and what a lovely family affair it was. Congratulations to you both and thank you to Craig McBeth for submitting the images.

Yours Truly,


PS! There’s going to be a little change around and some LIVE excitement on the blog tomorrow. We’re moving DIY Devotee to the morning as I’m off to The National Wedding Show at Earls Court to blog live about what I can see there. You’ll get live updates on the fashion hot off the catwalk and any other great finds I stumble across – and if you’re going to be there and happen to see me – make sure you stop and say hi!

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Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

10 thoughts on “A Scottish Garden Wedding… Part 2

  1. Most of the time, I’m just vaguely annoyed at the English Legal System and it’s ridiculous ‘concrete structure, licensed venue’ mulch regarding outdoor weddings. But this beauty has made me soooo mad!

    Sarah’s earnest, heartfelt and beautiful words really leave an impression and I’m so very, very pleased for them that they got the fabulous day they deserved.

    And a little (a lot) jealous that they live in Italy…!


  2. Brilliant wedding – the cake looked amazing.

    I am off to the Wedding Show on Saturday in a bridesmaid capacity – are you there all weekend?

  3. OMG!! Faboo!!

    My fiance and I had our first kiss in Hawick! awwww xx

    What a lovely wedding you guys had.

    Much love for your future together

    Hopefully our tartan day may be shown on these pages one day! (I wish!)


  4. I second that Aisling – the bit where Sarah talks about getting married in the garden where she played as a child, against the view she’s known her whole life – just lovely. Really heartfelt and personal. xx

  5. Sniff…so pretty…
    I have to be honest, I never gave consideration to getting married outdoors, but this is one wedding that has given me pause for thought. Too late now though and with what Aisling said, it wouldnt have been a possibility anyway (boo).
    Really truly lovely wedding day. xx

  6. Holy Moly – I love the pure thought, yet utter simplicity which you can see in this wedding. Nothing looks staged or put there JUST to look pretty – everything is there for a reason and because they both loved it. Exactly the way it should be.

    And the cake. Don’t get me started. What a beauty.


    PS I am SO glad to be back – oh how I’ve missed the RMW posts…

  7. First, what a lovely wedding. Congratulations to you both, and such moving words from Sarah. You both look gorgeous!

    Second, the lovely Debs at BelleAmour.co.uk (another UK blog) currently has links to a petition to allow us UK brides the opportunity to tie the knot outside. Definitely worth a look (and the signing of your virtual signature) for all of you who feel strongly about it.

    Third, woo hoo, see you at the NWS on Friday!


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