A Typical Friday at RMW Ltd HQ.

If you read this post then you will know that Adam and I’s plans for Rock My Wedding and the growth/expansions are well under way, and we hope to create a successful, innovative and constantly evolving business that inspires our readers and generally y’know…..brings joy.

If you had a butchers at Adam’s London Love post yesterday then you will have seen that a few weeks ago we joined forces with Lomography.com to style a shoot using various retro camera equipment. Usually I would probably conclude a Behind-The-Scenes type post with the video but today I thought we would start with it instead – just for variety and so you can see what happens on a typical Friday at RMW HQ

We work very very hard…. HONEST.

The amazing videography skills are courtesy of non other than Simon Clarke (he also does weddings!) and the out-takes are as long as the actual film so you make need to grab yourself a cuppa and have a good six minutes or so to spare.

The first song is by the mighty Beatles and the second is entitled “Good Year” and is a firm favourite with Team RMW and the #Birminghammassive. It was written and performed by Richard Allman-Brown, singer/songwriter and dark brooding model type. Also known as the other half to the spectacularly beautiful Natasha, she who was one of the winners of the Lomography.com competition and has amazing long thick wavy hair. Oh and rocks a feather crown to perfection.

So enjoy the show folks….and afterwards I’ll give you a bit more information on what make-up we used and where you can buy the cool accessories and stuff.

So far it has definitely been a very good year 😉

So then, the beauty bit.

In The Beauty Bag

The make-up looks were created by Melissa aka my little (but taller – she has way longer legs than me…) sister.

For each of the four girls the products, colours and application techniques were different to ensure a significant nod to the correct “era” as it were.


Lucie was our 80’s chick, all splashes of Neon and boxy leather jacket. Melissa created a flawless base using Illamasqua Skin Base foundation and powder and added a sweep of bright pink blush: the new and fabulous Nars Gaiety.

For pretty but colour pop eyes Melissa swept MAC Bitter shadow all over the lid, an uber cool green/yellow and finished with a fine winged line of Bobbi Browns long-wear gel liner in black ink and a few coats of mascara.

For daring (but soft) lips Melissa applied a very light coat of the neon pink Mac Viva Glam Nicki lipstick (Nicki Minja’s own shade that has recently been added to the range).

Lucie’s flouro stud earrings and stack rings were a recent buy from Aldo.


Natasha was our 70’s model, all loose beachy boho hair and pale pout. In stylist Lauren’s prop box was not only this disco-esque lilac fur trimmed gilet but also a vintage Marni coat…..I know. There was some serious fighting over that going on.

The feather headdress was a random purchase of mine from Zara however, you can currently find similar at Topshop.

Natasha doesn’t (by her own admission) wear many cosmetics so Melissa created a natural base using Liz Earle Skin Tint (a tinted moisturiser) and a light dusting of translucent powder.

For peepers Melissa applied semi-permanent individual false lashes for an is she/isn’t she? flutter and a barely-there champagne shadow all over the lid.

The pale pout was created by a mixture of MAC lipsticks in Creme Cup (pink) and Creme D’Nude (Beige)


Rose and her friend Emily were channeling the 50’s, Emily working a more stereotypical housewife look and Rose going for something altogether more sexy and mysterious.

It amazes me how these young girls have such awesome wardrobes – the majority of their outfits were their own, including the glamorous leopard print fur coat.

For Emily a flawless matt base was created using Illamasqua Skin Base foundation applied with a brush and a generous sweeping of translucent powder.

Eyes were feminine with a layer of MAC ivory frost shadow as a base, a violet gel eyeliner (MAC Micro-violet) and false strip lashes – Melissa used a pair by Ardell. Lips were kept kissable and shine free by applying MAC Please Me lipstick using a fine brush.

Rose’s perfect base was created using a combination of Chanel Pro-Lumiere foundation and YSL touché Eclat to hide dark shadows. Rose’s eyes were made dark and smoky with Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner in Denim Ink and Silver Ring eyeshadow and false lashes by MAC.

Rose’s natural glossy lip was a quick slick of NARS lip laquer in Baby Doll.

Posing And Not Feeling Like An Idiot

I don’t know anyone (unless you are a fully fledged model I guess) who feels 100% confident in front of the camera. Especially in situations like our Retro shoot where you’ve got several stylists and photographers in your face as well as what feels like the whole of London gawping at you and wondering what the hell it is you are actually doing.

If we (and by we I mean Rock My Wedding) are going to continue organising this type of styled shoot with real people then we need to get experienced at direction, making our subjects feel comfortable and making sure everyone has a great time whilst making sure the results are amazing.

I would say initially our most nervous couple were Mikey and Lucie although I don’t think you would ever tell (they positively exude that edgy cool don’t they? standing next to them I felt a little bit like someone’s Nan). This apparent apprehension was quickly removed by making them laugh, telling them they looked super (they did) and in some cases being really specific about the image you wanted to create.

This was basically me saying “look at her, look at her like you look at her when you think I love this girl more than anything in the whole wide world….” and then pulling a stupid face (all that seriousness needs to be counteracted with a bit of silly you see)

It got me thinking about engagement shoots actually, and (at least in my humble opinion) how useful they can be – to find your comfort zone, your “best” side and in general just having a bit of practice at being centre of attention.

As far as styling and props go I’m all for this sort of thing for an E-session, and when I say “this sort of thing” I mean something you and your significant other are genuinely interested in.

In the case of Mikey and Lucie, Natasha and Richard and Rose and Emily they were all huge fans of lomography as well as their wardrobes (in real life!) swaying towards a certain era of fashion.

I guess what I’m saying is it will come across as more natural and altogether belivable if your engagement session is styled using elements of your every-day life, be it eating cupcakes in a cafe, reading endless chick-lit in your local library or just wandering the streets of your hometown enjoying a day of shopping and seeing the sights.

There are quite a few folk we would like to say a rather large thank-you to for making our Friday in the big smoke a super one, so please join me in doing a huge happy dance for the following:

Photograhers: Emma Case, Ann-Kathrin Koch, Anna Clarke and Steve Gerrard

Videographer – Simon Clarke

Stylist – Lauren at Grace and Gable

Make-Up Artist – Melissa Greening

Lender Of Awesome Lomography Cameras – Heidi Mace

SO then lovelies, do you have a styled E-session organised? considering one?

Is there one particular era of fashion that takes your fancy?

Thinking of trying a neon/70’s or housewife type make-up look?


Big Behind The Scenes Love

Charlotte xxx

P.S If you liked the “Good Year” track you can see more of Allman-Brown here and there are also a few more photographs from the shoot over on Ann-Kathrin Koch’s blog for you to enjoy. And now having seen the behind the scenes footage, you may want to revisit Adam’s Lomography Love In London post from yesterday.

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

33 thoughts on “A Typical Friday at RMW Ltd HQ.

  1. Ooooohhhhh love it! Everyone just looks super cool and gorgeous and I WANT to spend my Friday’s with you guys playing dress up! The couples look amazing, really love the shots and everyone looks completely natural.

    So weird (but nice weird) to hear your voices! You’ve both got very strong ‘voices’ when you write, but different actually hearing you.

    Looks like so much fun, amd when you get into RMW Towers proper (with the powder room etc!) you should do it every Friday!

    (PS dragging the boy to Brum tomorrow for suit and ring shopping in JQ….any top tips?…thank you!)

  2. @Carrie – Oh how spooky! Adam and I have a meeting near the Jewellery Quarter today – LOADS of amazing stores, have a good browse and a good haggle (!)

    What did you expect our voices to be like? 😉

    @Amma – We were all re-designing the Lomo shop into how it would work as a home….. such an amazing space!

    Charlotte xxx

  3. Lovely to see the behind the scenes stuff and how it was all put together. I’m not a fan of Lomography … I can see what its trying to achieve but I just don’t get it, even though I really want to get it.

    PS Adam, the video isn’t working on Chrome. I had to go back to IE to have a butchers. It was like a trip to the dark ages 😉

  4. love it!!! That video is classic! Ah, what a good day that was, thank you all again! xxx (p.s. for the credits… his name is richard not ‘allmen’ …funny!)

  5. Loving this 🙂 beautiful shots and nice to see how the “looks” were achieved. Excited actually as we have booked our e-shoot for June (when of course the sun will be shining???!). Initial thoughts are to use it as an opportunity to get to know our fabulous photographer and also to get some really cool pictures of our home and to capture this part of our lives. We only moved in together 7 months ago and our flat is quite quirky, plus we live near Crystal Palace park which has some stunning ruins of the Palace plus spectacular view that I would never be able to do justice.

    This is how I am selling it to Mr M (his reaction being “what the frickety frick is an ENGAGEMENT shoot?” !!) However I have done a bordello burlesque shoot for a friend at Prangsta recently (results on facebook) and it was sooooo much fun, I may take him in that direction as a surprise! 🙂

  6. @ Miss Vix – I think using an engagement shoot to get some great pictures of your home and your surrounds is a brilliant idea – it’s all about documenting a little part of your life so make it exactly what you want it to be! And of course getting used to the camera and your photographer before the big day is also a mahoosive bonus!

    I think I’ve watched that video about a million times now… still not bored! It was a great day and this brings it all back. We were so lucky to work with a bunch of super cool peeps… and our competition winners/models were all brilliant too. We couldn’t have picked nicer people (even if we could have picked!)

    Adam x

  7. This shoot is total awesomeness! The video is superb as always, great job Simon 🙂 Anna and Emma you ladies look so frigging cute! Looks like you all had sooooo much fun, great shots, love it!

  8. Grr, the video is blocked at work, will have to wait til I get home.

    @Carrie – can highly recommend Newey’s in the jewellery quarter. We got our wedding rings from them and they were ace everytime we went in (couple of trips til we made our minds up which rings we wanted, then went back about 6 months later to have them engraved) and they cleaned and polished my engagement ring everytime we went in just as a little extra 🙂

  9. @Adam – oh and also means we get shots of us with our crazy spaniel, he’ll be rushing around like a nutter so this will really put the photographer to the test 🙂

  10. Wow its brilliant looks like a lot of fun. I have a feather head piece for my DIY photobooth glad I got it now its looks brilliant in pics! xx

  11. This is a super cool video! I am in love with all your props and all your models a little bit too – what a bunch of lookers!

    If you’d ever like a model for something else…you know who to call (please call!) 😉


  12. @Carrie and @Miss VIx – ha ha! I say “Ta” but apart from that not very “Brummy” – my Dad is but my Mum is welsh (!) and I went to Grammar school near Stratford Upon Avon (said in posh voice) where they were exactly that – awfully posh. I have ended up with some kind of welsh lilted, midlands/sometimes a bit “Rah” accent…. 😉

    Adam is just 100% POSH.

    Ha ha ha ha.

    Charlotte xxx

  13. @LadyFushia – ace – thank you. The boy doesn’t deal terribly well with shopping of any sort so the more focused we can be the better! xx

    Miss Vix – I’m not even from Bham, I’m from Worcester which is a good 30 miles away and the accent is way more farmer (I have avoided it pretty well tho) than Brum, yet the boy still goes ‘yam, yam, yam,yam, yam, yam, yam ..etc etc’ at me everything me and my sister have a little catch up! xx

  14. Wowsers! How blue are Lucie’s eyes?!
    Looks like an awesome day – everything about it is AMAZING!

    Oh, and I neeeeeeed a Billy Ocean 7″ in my life! Love him!

  15. OMG…I think I want to quit my job and come work with you guys! Looks super ace fun 🙂 loving the lomography and actually considering purchasing a lomo camera for W-day! Any suggestions/recommendations for which camera to purchase?? xx

  16. I have the same pair of roller boots! I bought them a few years ago for when I take my children to a roller disco – honest. Unfortunately my skating skills aren’t what they used to be but still have lots of fun. xx

  17. @Annie – It really depends what look you are wanting to achieve Pet, my advice? take a trip to the shop in London, have a look at all the different effects etc and go from there – it is an AMAZING store, well worth the journey to London!

    @Teresa – it is from H & M pet, only £14.99 – bought it a few weeks ago but they still have them I think. Failing that guess where has a tonne of mint green? ZARA!!!

    Charlotte xxx

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