…A Very Big House In The Country… Part 2

Welcome back to Lynsey and Barretts super stylish big day in the Cotswolds, it’s the ultimate mid week countryside escape.

If you missed part 1 earlier today then scroll down now – but shut your eyes, you don’t want to spoil it!

Photography by the genuinely lovely and super talented Jo and Simon at Shoot.

Well Soaked

Right from the off-set Tina was making the cake as she needed to ‘feed it with a dozen bottles of brandy’ for at least 9 months! Just one tall cake with a bit of simple lace inspired icing placed on a glass cake stand. Project ‘cake relocation’ proved to be one of the most stressful parts of the wedding for my mother-in-law as she had the terrible job of baby sitting it 3 hours in the car on her knee. Unfortunately Peter’s (father of groom) driving left a little to be desired and was charged with wrecking the delicate lacy icing. But in true Noble spirit, resourceful as ever, there were back-up icing decorations to fix the cake’s bald spots!

Floats Like A Butterfly

On recommendation from The Rectory came Matt Bee. A singer songwriter acoustic guitarist with a lovely indie / folk style which we both adored as soon as we heard it. There was something so quietly calming about his singing that gave me a good honest feeling inside. I kind of didn’t really care what everyone else’s taste was; all I knew was that we both agreed he’d be perfect. He played a few Beatles, Police, Snow Patrol & Fleet Foxes’ songs before the ceremony and Paul Weller English Rose as I walked down the aisle, then You Do Something to Me on the Wood-Nobles exit.

Save The Date

Save the dates were made from vintage hankies block stamped and carefully wrapped around a pretty paper covered board then placed in a Kraft envelope with a couple of delightful vintage stamps. After many a late night or early morning I managed to perfect my block stamping by lots of trial and error and then I was onto a winner…. block stamping everything in sight. From place name tags to wall hangings.

The Invite

I first saw the idea of silhouettes on the Oh So Beautiful Paper website and after a few profile photos later we were hooked. I designed the little flowery/leafy surrounding and a friend helped out with the professional artwork, which enabled them to be printed on a standard printer using tracing paper. I paper covered board, trimmed to approximate size lugged out the sewing machine and carefully stitched them across the top. I give the impression it was a short no hassle process but it was the most time consuming stressful project I undertook. However, I would certainly do it again as I loved having the sole responsibility to create something unique to us both for our very special day. Oh I must not forget that we represented the children with a couple of little birds on each side of the invitation, our private little secret, which felt a bit cheeky as no one else knew. It was important to us that the children were featured but not in the most obvious way.


Kraft paper covered with printed info on one side and pretty paper covered on the other. With matching Kraft envelope. Everything was placed in a vellum envelope with a lovely selection of vintage stamps. You could just about make out what was inside, which I liked as it gave you slight sneak preview before you opened it. We kind of ‘did away’ with favours as I just couldn’t make my mind up on anything different but still keeping within a budget, so we decided that everyone could take away the table decorations, it was kind of a nice touch that everyone could take away a piece of the wedding.

Ingenius D.I.Y

I work in the silver industry and our company manufacture photo frames, so I used some plain frames on the tables to display table numbers. The glass was painted with blackboard paint and I then chalked on numbers. Each table was decorated with a precise scattering of lace doilies of different colours collected over a number of years. Napkin decoration was decided the day before!! I had already prepared the block stamped linen name place tags and asked a good friend to supply me with some pretty fabric strips to tie them. It all came together after a good dose of Prosecco and a sober 8½ month pregnant sister-in-law with a great eye for detail.

Heirlooms And Car Boot Finds

One of the main inspirations and source of the hand made decorations is a lady called Gemma Nemer from The Button Tin in Rotherham. I first came across her after my heavily pregnant sister-in-law invited me to a book covering workshop. Gemma runs workshops for you to learn how to make delightful works of art using vintage fabrics, buttons, ribbon and other nostalgic little gems. She is an artist in her own right who designs and makes jewellery and accessories from vintage fabrics.

In our workshop I decided to make a guest book type thing for everyone to take a Polaroid photo of themselves and place it in the book next to a note or a few words. The book was covered with an original 40’s fabric and hand stitched with ‘The Wood-Nobles’. This gave me the inspiration to use Gemma’s workshop as a vehicle for my Hen party crafty creations. I summoned my nearest and dearest (7 of us) to The Button Tin and Gemma created the most wonderful, inspirational and original idea ever. I fell in-love all over again!!!

We were all to create unique pieces for the wedding. She encouraged me to use my existing family heirlooms and car boot finds to create a number a very personal statements. I had certain ideas, but Gemma totally took them to a new level and I was totally bowled over with the result.

Personal Touches

We made stiffened doilies scattered with vintage buttons – which I used to hang in against the windows in the ceremony room. A block stamped sign with some cute splashes of vintage fabric topped with an old granny hanger and some dangly balls for the Polaroid camera guest book area.

10 minutes before finishing my sister-in-law, in true clumsy style, lovingly spilt tea all over it!!! A glass or two of wine later Gemma had unpicked the damage and re-applied fresh un-stained text and fabric. All was saved, but we were all certainly on the edge of our seats throughout.

Bunting Not To Be Sniffed At

Natalie (other sister-in-law pregnant one) and I made an appliqué hanky bunting that was draped over the doors in the ceremony room. Mum and gran spent all day threading jewel like buttons onto wire to hang between lace panels and fabric strips to make a lovely backdrop behind where we were to get married. Over numerous perfectly cut sandwiches and an abundance of Prosecco and strawberries we had the most fabulous day to remember, with the added bonus of unique lovingly crafted decorations made for the wedding.

It doesn’t stop there either… I knew I could commission Gemma to create button holes that shouted individual style personal to us. What I was presented with was over and above my hugely high expectations. In a word she is ‘genius’. They were adorned with feathers, my gran’s lace pieces, vintage fabric and buttons. A true keepsake that will last forever. Needless to say we had plenty of tears when they were pinned on the men’s suits. Not from careless attachment of course!!

Frame And Fortune

I decided to make a program of events out of a huge redundant picture frame. I painted the frame with soft blue/green and then blackboard painted over the picture. It then took me about 3 days to achieve the perfect lettering. I must have rubbed it out 100 times to get what I wanted. The result was fab and it was a great greeting for everyone as they arrived into the main reception room at the Rectory.

Another major success was a few other picture frames that I painted in similar blue/green colours and removed the inner to reveal an instant photo frame for everyone to stick their head through, or any other body parts they desired. We really wanted to capture every single person in these frames, so Simon and Jo ran a military operation to make sure we achieved a quirky fun documentation of our guests. It turned out that everyone loved their pictures and our job was complete.

Final Thoughts

Top tip – Actually remember to taste one of the delicious canapés!

It might be one of the most important days of your life, but no matter how much money you spend the most important thing is to share your day with the people who mean the most to you. Enjoy every single minute as all the planning and hard work will ensure your day goes without a hitch. And even if it doesn’t this day will last forever so just make the most of every situation.

Which brings me to say that no amount of money can give you the perfect wedding day, it’s about prioritising what’s the most important to you and saving in the areas that you can. For me it wasn’t necessary to spend lots on favours. All the decorations we made are now dotted around my house and I enjoy catching a glimpse of them and feeling totally blissed out with warm fuzzy feeling from our day. Try and pull on the talent of your friends and relatives for anything you can, be cheeky and ask a few favours as you would be surprised how many people will come to your aid if you ask.

Entertainment – Matt Bee

Venue – The Rectory Hotel

Dress – Temperley

Shoes – Vivienne Westwood

Flowers – The Fresh Flower Company

Photographer – Shoot

D.I.Y advice, Inspiration and genius! – The Button Tin

Button Holes – Gemma at The Button Tin

Another super talented and creative bride, who somehow found the time amongst all the other planning to give her decorations and stationery a stamp of genius individuality. The amount of effort put in and the detail that Lynsey achieved is stunning, the payoff is clear for us all to see here in this delightful set of images.

Such a heart warming and emotional day – I’m all in favour of a bit of a man cry when the occasion calls for it.

…or when you you are watching Marley and Me, it is also acceptable then.


Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

18 thoughts on “…A Very Big House In The Country… Part 2

  1. I am totally and utterly in love with Lynsey and Barrett’s day. Truly inspiring and amazing.

    My heart will also break when my Papa gives me away…


  2. Hands down my favourite wedding to appear on rock my wedding. Absolute perfection.
    So lovely to see the crying photos as well,you can tell that it really captured the moment.

  3. Another case of not thinking part 2 can top part 1… and then it does!
    What an utterly beautiful bride (the dress, the hair, the shoes, *swooooon*), with an equally beautiful family!
    Great to see a perfect balance of elegance, vintage/quirky touches, and a whole heap of fun!
    The photos of Lynsey’s father have now set me off twice today! Images like that should come with a warning: ‘This picture WILL make you blub’!
    Glad we’re not the only ones having cricket at our wedding!

  4. I’m such a huge fan of the flowers in the Lipton tea cans. How beautifully rustic! And what a beauuuutiful venue…this whole wedding is like a fairytale come to life!

  5. This is just pure perfection!!!!! the photography, the decor, the dress, the list goes on!!

    I love how the photos capture such beautiful moments! the dad, he is now a legend!!

    The shoes look so comfy as well!!

    I hope my wedding next week is at least a quarter as as good as this one!!
    Anyone now planning their visit to biscter!!???!!

  6. I adore the brides dress, and the grooms suit complements the dress, and the day, perfectly.
    Actually I love it all, the styling and the details are lush!

    Oh, and Marley and me is the ultimate tear jerker! My husband and I were both in floods of tears for probably the last 30 mins of the film!


  7. This is my favourite rock my wedding wedding ever ever ever… that is all.. the dress though! the shoes oh oh oh! the looks! the details! the gorgeous kiddies… so beautiful, so stylish and so filled with warmth and love and light xxxx

  8. Loving the love for this wedding folks. It truly was beautiful, and so emotional – Jo and Simon really captured everything to perfection.

    Can I also just say what a stellar job Adam did of putting it together? I think I need to raise my game 😉

    Charlotte xxx

  9. What an adorable wedding, the tenderness & love just comes shining through – her dad crying made me well up. A good reminder that weddings are about people not pretty things.

  10. Absolutely stunning.

    What an emotional day – I welled up at so many pictures. You can feel the love so much with this family and that is quite often missed in really fancy wedding photography!

    Gorgeous, congratulations and I wish you a long and happy life together xxx

  11. This is DEFINATELY my favourite wedding so far!

    The Bride and Groom look so stunning and happy and everyone looks like they’re having such fun!



  12. Beyoootiful dress, I love it! And the shoes … mmmm mmmm! Oh yeah, and I really love your hair too – thats just how I would like mine to look if only I had hair long enough for it. The kids of the kids in the garden were great too, so cute 🙂 Congratulations x

  13. I have looked at many MANY weddings on numerous wedding blogs and I always come back to this one.

    Absolute perfection, what a stunning venue, photography, decorations and family. I am in absolute awe! 🙂


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