A Very Fine Romance.

So after yesterday’s “simple is chic” affair, this afternoon we’re showcasing the uber pretty lots-of-detail W-day of Clare and Stan. And before I say anything else I just want to mention the blooms. I freakin’ LOVE them. Especially all the tall wiry greenery mixed in with subtle hints of hot pink.

Clare’s parents did a stellar job of decorating the reception venue themselves the evening before the big day and there are plenty of DIY decor ideas for you gorgeous lot to steal, the heart-labelled table plan and contemporary typography on the place names are particularly covetable.

Oh and then of course there is the fashion. Clare is doing that whole sexy lace sleeve thing whilst her maids are divine in mis-matched floral print tea dresses.

We Heart Pictures? We heart you. Thanks for sharing the loveliness with the RMW community guys.

A Beauty Rescue Mission

Here was where I buried my head in the sand and thought it would all just sort itself out! Why? – well, I’ve got crazy curly hair that I wanted curly, but not fake curly- I’ve had so many bad incidents that I was scared to even approach a hairdresser! Anyway, 4 weeks before the wedding, I decided that I couldn’t do my hair myself, nor could I guarantee straight eye-liner if nerves got the better of me!

Dilly at Pinkgloss came to the rescue. Mum and I had a day trip to Chipping Campden to visit their studio and Dilly was amazing. She understood exactly what I wanted and, within an hour!, hair and makeup was perfect. On the day she was a star – so calm, professional and a genuinely lovely lady.

Something Borrowed Something Pink

My beautiful friend, Becci, leant me her very own veil – the lace trim matching my dress perfectly. My earrings were last year’s Xmas pressie from Stan – pearl drop, with a diamond stud. My most precious accessories were my Grandma’s ring and bracelet – although I wear the ring everyday, the silver bracelet only comes out on special occasions.

Shoes were not crazily high, but just right for dancing! They were Rachel Simpson vintage T-bar design in pink and gold. As some of the money went to Breast Cancer Trust, I thought: pretty, can wear again and all for a good cause.

A Fine Romance

My dress was a ‘forget me not’ design. The lace top was from Stephanie Allin ‘a fine romance collection’. I never had a set idea of what I’d like when I got married. However, after only trying a couple, it had to be ‘all about lace’ – I fell for the vintage, soft look it gave. The organza on the length of the dress added a special, almost ‘pre-worn, old’ feel, which I liked.

Rock My Vintage

Stan wanted a simple, classic suit that he could wear again. Therefore, we went for navy blue suits, white shirts, pink spotty ties and tan shoes. We didn’t hire anything, as most of the men had a blue suit and Stan had one made.

For bridesmaids dresses, I wanted something a bit vintage twee / floral / tea dress-esque. Finally found some lovely designs on www.rockmyvintage.co.uk We picked two different designs and had four bridesmaids – two in each dress.

The Only Theme Is Floral

The wedding never had a theme from start to finish – more an eclectic mix of things that we liked. The venue had a ‘country feel, relaxed’ vibe about it, so I tried to tie in the flowers in with that. Flowers were important – both our Grandmas loved pretty flowers so, as they weren’t with us to celebrate, we wanted to do them proud. Jan Phillips, a florist based in Montgomery, created just what I wanted, off the back of a thrown together brief! She was recommended to me, and I’d recommend her 1000 times over.

I had a bouquet of cream roses, dusky pink hydrangeas and wax flower. Buttonholes were cream roses, with pink hydrangea spurs and wax flower. My bridesmaids had lovely bunches of gypsophila, which looked lovely against their patterned dresses. The florist then ordered in a mix of gypsohila, hydrangeas, wax flowers, freesias, roses – my dad then arranged them all in a perfect haphazard way into a mix of tea cups, jars, bottles, vintage jugs and dotted them around the rooms. Doing the table decorations ourselves saved a lot of money and it was fun!

We Heart Our Pictures

This was the only disagreement that we had in our wedding planning process. The discussion was along the lines of: Stan – “I don’t want one, they get in the way” Me – “We’ve got to have one to capture all the memories….”

Long story short, I won! We found Charlie & Hector, who are the lovely duo behind ‘we heart pictures’. Their style of photography was just what we wanted – best of all, they understood it was our special day and just fitted in to the day, making it so easy for us. Having got the photos back, I can’t believe how many beautiful and memorable pictures they captured, as it felt like we hardly saw them. In hindsight, we have both realized that having the photographs of our day is invaluable. We can flick through them and remember things we’d forgotten, or look at things that passed us by on the day.

The Perfect Decor

My mum and dad were amazing at helping out with the décor. I’d seen some heart shaped bunting I liked, so they set about making some with heart cutters and vintage card. It looked fantastic. We also had lots of jars and bottles dotted around with flowers that my dad arranged the day before. I bought some ‘just married’ and ‘happily ever after’ signs that we hung on the fireplace/mirrors in the venue (from etsy). The venue has a lot of character, so not much was needed to make it feel special.

Charitable Favours

For favours, we decided to donate money to Breast Cancer Trust. We made little cards for the tables, thanking our guests for joining us to celebrate and telling them where we’d donated money to. We also got everyone a badge to wear, which went down a treat – ‘I’m next’, ‘My shoes are killing me’, ‘I love the groom’, ‘Hello ladies’, ‘50p a dance’…

A Magazine Worthy Sponge

I knew what I didn’t want, but was struggling to find something that shouted ‘eat me’! Until I saw a picture in a magazine that looked divine – a big Victoria sponge, oozing jam and uttercream, covered in strawberries and dotted with flowers! My godmother, Frankie, had very kindly offered to make our cake and she did us proud! It looked better than the magazine and tasted delicious!

The church was in a little Shropshire village called Chirbury, whilst the reception was across the Welsh border in Montgomery, Powys.

We had an acoustic duo singing at the church, as well as doing two sessions in the afternoon and early evening but we decided to break with tradition and didn’t have a first dance.

Lucky 14

Last year, we went to 13 wonderful weddings – the message I got back from many of the friends was ‘do exactly what you want…’, so that’s what we did. We wanted a small wedding with our closest friends and family, so we stuck to our plan.

We liked that we had time to have a chat and relax with everyone. The best piece of advice I got came from and old school friend – she said, when the last few weeks get manic with home DIY wedding projects, stay chilled and remember that your guests will never know what all your plans were – therefore, it’s ok if you don’t finish your favours …. Try and enjoy the run up to the big day as, all of a sudden, it’s over!

Brides Lace Top – The lace top was from Stephanie Allin

Brides Shoes – Rachel Simpson

Maids Dresses – Rock My Vintage

Florist – Jan Philips in Montgomery Tel: 01686 668645

Favours – Donations to Breast Cancer Care

Photography – We Heart Pictures

Yes the Maids-dress boutique name amused us no end too….


Anyone else opting for mis-matched florals?

Big I Want Some Pink T-Bar Shoes Love

Charlotte xxx

21 thoughts on “A Very Fine Romance.

  1. oooh those maids dresses are gorgeousness. If I had mine non-matching my MIL might have heart failure..

    Wonder if I could get away with just not telling her? 😉

  2. love the mismatched bridesmaids dresses and the blue tinge ont he pics very atmospheric.

    loving the lace and boatneck dress xx

  3. @Charlotte – the blonde model on the home page of RockMyVintage looks remarkably like you …. are you sure you’ve not been doing some moonlighting?!

  4. Ha ha ha loving the “Lush” ladies (that and “immense” are my current favourite words)

    @Shirley – you just made my day, woke up looking about a hundred years old this morning 🙂

    But no – definitely not me pet.

    Pleased to see all the floral appreciation and @Ruth – sounds IMMENSE….

    Charlotte xxx

  5. Amazing balls, Beautifully shot wedding , totally atmospheric, great work.
    P.S The green wiry blooms are white Veronica x

  6. We’re having bridesmaids in mis-matched floral dresses from Vivien of Holloway – 50s halternecks with full twirly skirts. I can’t wait to see how they look on the day now I’ve seen the beautiful photos from this wedding! Lovely stuff x

  7. Am going for typography place settings myself & badges… So am delighted to see it pulled off so well.

    The photography is amazing

  8. What lovely details!!! The flowers, the dress, the hair (totally get what you mean about the curly hair thing! So many times when I’ve asked for my hair to be curly hairdressers have straighten it to curl it! But it’s already curly! WEIRD!) Oh and the photography!

    Just beautiful!!!

  9. May I add that you are all 100% correct – fabulous hair, dress, flowers, maids, photography, groom – and the most fun wedding ever. I was there, that lady is one of my bfs and she looked INCREDIBLE… What a great party mrs stan…. Love you xx


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