A Vintage Inspired Wedding… Part 2

Yup ladies, you were right, there is a whole heap of detail in this here wedding. And we have it all to share with you. One of the highlights for me of this wedding were, (aside from the hair, which I am yet to get over!) the couple portraits taken by Carrie Bugg Photography. They are swoon worthy.


Keeping it in the family

My fabulous florist was my wonderful Auntie Sue and her team of helpers, auntie pat and my bridesmaid Tori along with my Mum also. My parent’s garage became a hit on the senses, smelling and looking wonderful as they worked their magic on our displays, it was wonderful having everything on hand, it felt like a real family affair.

When my Mum and I went into the church, as she was finishing off we both burst into tears, they were breath taking, the delphiniums creating huge dramatic heights within the displays and the vintage tea roses softening the pew ends. Shades of gentle pinks and whites with grey tones in the eucalyptus worked with the colours used within the bridal party and the surroundings of our marquee.

Reportage Perfection

This was a perfect chance meeting. Practically living next door to my parents from the moment I met Carrie I knew I had met the person who would capture our day perfectly and that is what she did. Her relaxed yet professional style meant that we could have stunning wedding pictures.

We both did not want to spend our day posing for pictures and wanted our day to be photographed with as much emotion as possible and these pictures show all of that. We were blessed with a wonderful photographer in Carrie and now a fabulous new friend.

Design and Details

We were blessed with a blank canvas, and to many this may be a daunting thought, but to me it was so exciting it ignited my senses. It is amazing how much you can make with a little bit of imagination and glue!!

I wrote down every idea that I saw and liked, if I had used them all it would have looked like I had a jumble sale going off in our marquee! Finding things that complimented one another whittled the list down into a perfect accompaniment for our special day.

Our favours were everything we could have wanted, looked gorgeous and tasted scrummy, Homemade cupcakes and wrapped with pink spotty ribbon for the girls and grey spotty ribbon for the boys setting off our tables perfectly. The children’s table was def my favourite task. Alice in wonderland tea party theme, goody bags for the children, pink spotty bags for girls and grey spotty bags for boys. Napkins wrapped with sweets, butterfly wings and wands for all the girls. Not forgetting the vintage sweetie table laid out in the evening for children and adults alike to enjoy.

Mum and I made our bunting, empty jams jars tied with ribbon provided the perfect night lights that hung in the trees, vintage metal buttons searched for then sewn onto ribbons worked perfectly for our napkins to be wrapped, a pretty wallpaper used for our table plan and confetti cones. Handmade wooden hearts painted and distressed and hung on the ladies chairs, our home resembling Blue Peter for months on end.

Bespoke stationery

We had a unique design of entwined butterflies drawn by our friend Gemma Kenward which appeared on our invites, order of service, table plans and now tattooed on me whilst we were on honeymoon!!!

Our wedding invites were put together by Paul.

Advice from a Newly Wed

Weddings are magical, they are one day where some of the most heartfelt things are said, but they are also probably one of the quickest days of your life so enjoy it. I don’t just mean enjoy the day I mean all the little things you have to do in the lead up to a wedding, the 6 months before our wedding was spent, wrapping, tying, sewing, sticking, lists and endless tasks but not once did we argue about it, when else can you have an excuse to sit with some of your closest friends and make things over a bottle of wine or two.

Don’t forget what the day is actually about when things do not work out how you want them too, you’ll still be husband and wife, with or without the perfect piece of ribbon.

A (different) Catered Cheesecake

Cheesecake – who does not love cheesecake, combined with my husband’s love of profiteroles we combined our ideal cake/dessert made and designed by our caterer Aundi Mason. The taste was out of this world not to mention how good it looked too.

A Big Band

For me the evening entertainment had to be right, there are so many parts to a wedding that you worry and stress over that do not matter, we felt that our evening entertainment did matter. It is the thing that keeps the party going. I was out for a friend’s birthday and coincidentally one of my bridesmaids and I walked into the pub just as the band started up.

10 piece swing band, I play saxophone and Big band songs just make me want to move, My spine tingled and I knew there and then I have found our wedding band, I just had to tell Paul!!! Luckily he trusted my judgement and we couldn’t have been happier. They blew every ones socks off, never an empty dance floor, all ages were up even the local villagers were at the end of the drive joining in.

The First Dance is one thing that I was not at all looking forward to. Once being described by my beloved as a ‘drunk windmill’ whilst on the dance floor, it was not something I was wanting to embrace. But we did and I am so pleased I did. It was like the being on an empty dance floor with no one else around, the lyrics meant so much and all fear of my drunk windmillness was gone!!! We danced to Finley Quay ‘Love gets sweeter every day’ and now 3 months on, it certainly does.

The Start of the Sweetest thing…

I am lucky enough to have enjoyed a career in interior design and this stood me in good stead for creating my own wedding not to mention the years spent doing friends and family weddings and events so it really has been a natural progression for me to set up my own company in Event styling. My creativity and attention to detail are endless for all things beautiful and I am constantly coming up with new ideas to compliment people’s personalities on their special day.

The sweet and dessert tables are tailor made to your style and scheme. It is as visually beautiful as it is a taste sensation – a real head turner and talking point at your wedding. From a retro tuck shop to a contemporary colour coded dessert bar, there are endless possibilities.

For more information or a free consultation contact me (Hannah) at www.sweetdreamevents.co.uk or Tel: 07999223473

Simple, elegant, country glamour, if that can even be a description! All captured beautifully by Carrie Bugg Photography who we thank massively along with Hannah and Paul for submitting this little piece of pretty to us.

Yours truly,


Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

29 thoughts on “A Vintage Inspired Wedding… Part 2

  1. That pic of the groom kissing the bride’s nose is the cutest thing I have ever seen. I dont know if I was more distracted by the hair or just the whole cute shot! xx

  2. Ah this is what I was waiting for, so stunning, such imagination and wonderful idea to go into business, an interior designer for your wedding, just perfect. . . . And i agree with the above post, how cute is that picture!!! x

  3. That cake looks incredible. I could eat the whole thing right now.

    My H2B doesn’t like cheesecake (strange boy) so it was unfortunately never an option, but I have serious serious cake envy!

    This was the icing on the cake (no pun intended) to an absolutely exquisite wedding.


  4. I really like the muted colour scheme of this wedding, everything ties in really wonderfully and you can really rell that a lot of time was spent on the details.

    which annoyingly means I should probably be getting on with my escort cards right now…


    r.now x x x

  5. Hello there! I just wanted to leave you a note to congratulate you on such a fab fab blog. I stumbled across your site today when I done a Google search for real weddings with a blush pink theme and landed at Rock My Wedding. As a wedding blog obsessive I can’t believe I haven’t come across you before. So glad to see a UK wedding blog to rival your American counterparts.
    What I especially love is the beautiful photography and that there is plenty of detail written about the photos. I can find out where all the gorgeous shoes and hairpieces are from.
    I’m sure you’ll see from your stats that I scoured almost every page – I decided at page 25 that that was enough stalking for today but couldn’t help myself clicking on “Older Entries”. I’ll definitely be keeping up to date via Google Reader.
    Once again – Well Done!

  6. Hello Ladies – I am the bride in this blog and i cannot begin to thank you all enough for your wonderful comments.
    It means so much to us to have our wedding showcased for you all to see. it is like reliving it all again, just magical.
    If you want to know anything at all about where i got things, how i made things my email address is on my website which is linked at the bottom of the blog.
    Once again thank you and you are all so right. Carrie Bugg rocked our wedding as did my best friend and hairdresser Hayley xxxx

  7. Hi,

    I was a guest at Hannah and Pauls wedding and it was a perfect and magical day. Everythings was just…well perfect! There were no drama’s, none of that usual lull between the service and reception you usually experience at weddings. It was such a special day 🙂


  8. Thanks to Rebecca, Charlotte and Adam – thank you so much for having my photographs on your blog – so exciting! And thank you everyone for your lovely comments – very kind! Hannah and Paul were such amazing, beautiful (and easy!) people to photograph! Thanks Hannah for your lovely words too x

  9. Love the big band – nothing says “vintage” more succinctly than the right music. Of course, if you can’t afford a ten-piece band there are some excellent solo vocalists out there who can give you the same vintage atmosphere at a fraction of the cost. Mentioning no names… 🙂

  10. Gorgeous wedding. Congratulations!

    Hannah, who were the big band? Have been looking for a big band for our wedding and not got very far. Recommendations are the way forward I think!

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