A Wedding With Sunflowers And Zebra’s……

To start your weekend the RMW team thought they’d give you even MORE real wedding pretty…..yay!

And just to keep it y’know different from the Silver Sensation, Classic English Rose soiree and Western Wonder we’ve posted earlier in the week we’re going all out on the bold colour scheme front with this South African influenced beauty of a Big Day.

Monochrome it seems is forever popular and I love the way Simon and Clarissa have added huge amounts of striking yellow to their Prested Hall affair. Not to mention all of the little personal touches and general merriment.

Oh and what just might be THE cutest flower girl outfit EVER.

Enjoy lovelies.

All images courtesy of Craig Williams Photography.

Simon and Clarissa met on a blind date and as Simon said in his speech he knew she was the one he was going to marry from the first moment he saw her….

The proposal didn’t go quite as planned as Clarissa dropped the ring and they spent most of the dark night trying to find it!!

Comfort Rules

With my shoes I went for comfort over anything, I never wear heels and I can’t walk in them so I thought it would be best to get something I could actually walk in!

The make was Rainbow and they were great, I kept them on all night!

Pearly Queen

My Mum really wanted me to wear one of her necklaces but unfortunately it would have been too much with my dress so in the end I just wore some pearl bracelets which I already had.

An Unlikely Choice

My Dress was from Berketex in Oxford Street by the dresser Rosetta Nicolini. I tried six on in this one shop and I ended up going for the second dress, I didnt go for it first off because it’s really not what I wanted!!!

I would never wear lace and I can’t believe I choose it. One of my bridesmaids came with me and she said “that’s the one” and I knew when i tried it on again it WAS the one!

I felt amazing, the lace was beautiful and it had a fitted corseted bodice which gave me a great shape. I like the idea of wearing something that i wouldn’t normally wear – it made the day feel even more special.

World Wide Maids

We got the bridesmaids dresses from Debenhams and they were perfect, they really matched the black and white theme I had going on. I brought a little bit of zebra print in where I could and although my bridesmaids didn’t look like zebras (!!) the white strip down the middle was perfect.

I had to send one to one of my bridesmaids in Canada and one to South Africa as I wanted them to try them on and see how they felt.

Easily Pleased

Simon’s Suit were hired from our local Debenhams. Simon knew what he wanted before he went so it was really easy for him to choose.

Something Different

I had my hair done by someone from a salon called Take-Two in Kelvedon, I had it the style I did because I always wear it up and I was going to have it up for my wedding day…. but the lady at the salon said she would try something different! She thought it best if I at least try something I never normally have and after she did a test run I absolutely loved it!

My make up was done at the salon at Prested Hall. I wanted something really natural, the service was great and I had exactly what I wanted.

Floral Wow Factor

My flowers were done by Michelle’s Floral Design in Witham. I took her a picture of how I wanted my bouquet and she make them exactly like the picture – they were amazing. My auntie Kath did my bridesmaids flowers and table decorations which were all sunflowers, I loved the yellow contrast with the Black.

South African Influences

As I am from South Africa i wanted my favours to have a touch of it, i got black bags from organza bags and some zebra printed napkins which i lined them with and I got Mr and Mrs sweets on line from ” The wedding Shop” . I put a Zulu love letter from south Africa in the ladies favours which is a love message woven in beads by Zulu Maidens to be given to their lovers as symbols of love and affection. Each colour bead has a different meaning, like Green ” I have become thin like the sweet cane in a damp field and green as the first shoots of trees because of my love for you.”

The men had a small bottle of Amarula Cream made from the fruit of the Marula, or “Elephant” tree. When I took a trip back home I also got some really cool name place holders in the shapes of all different animals they looked really affective and I thought they fitted in with the whole theme really well.

Approachable Pretty

We chose our photographers Craig and Kate because we loved the website and when we met with them we got on really well, they just seemed really approachable. The Pre-Wed shoot was a great idea and no one else seemed to do it and it’s something we really wanted as I was REALLY nervous about getting my picture taken! It really made me ready for my wedding day.

Their style was exactly what I wanted so we were really pleased we found someone.

Sugar Rush

My big cake was made by my 86 year old grandma which I loved as she really wanted to contribute to the day and we were really happy for her to do that. It was iced by a company called ” Sugar Box” in Cirencester and they also made our lovely little cupcakes, we got them to follow the Sunflower theme they were all fruit cake….. mmmmmmm lovely!

We had the people made for us which we put on top of the cake they were meant to be of Simon and I, I sent a picture and they made them to look like us. Check out Simon as a cool fireman!


Our first dance was by Eva Cassidy ” Songbird” we both really liked it anyway but we didn’t find out until we heard it on the telly and both said how much we loved it!

Advice For Brides

If I was going to give some advice for future brides out there it would be not to stress, I did and it wasnt nice, there is a lot to do especially if you both have full time jobs. The internet is a great source of information and ideas if you have the kind of job where you can get away with looking on line (!) Shop around and you might find different prices else where, but never scrimp on the things that are most important to you. Things can get really overwhelming but try not to let them and keep calm. Always look at more than one wedding venue – that’s the biggest chunk of your money so make sure its right for you and ask them loads of questions!

Oh and Simon has said to all future brides out there always marry a Fireman!!! 🙂

How lovely on a cold November day, a whole page of sunshine, love and together foreverness…..

With thanks to Clarissa, Simon and Craig Williams Photography for sharing the South African inspired pretty.

Big Colour Pop Love

Charlotte xxx

P.S Want to know what Rebecca and I are actually wearing? Well pop back later to find out folks…

Craig Williams Photography is a Rock my Wedding Sponsor however Real Weddings are chosen on individual merit and no part of this wedding is sponsored.

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
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12 thoughts on “A Wedding With Sunflowers And Zebra’s……

  1. I’m loving the commitment to the theme here, Zebra awesomeness! I love the Zebra as the child’s favour, I’d want one if I was attending this wedding even though I’m technically an adult.

    The sunflowers look amazing with the black and white and I adore the dress! I was so against lace when I first started looking for my dress too and it actually turns out I love it afterall!

    Are you wearing Zebra outfits to compliment this wedding? I’m really hoping so!


  2. I defy anyone to look at a sunflower and not smile and feel cheered up.

    Have to say that monochrome isn’t my thing usually, but with the zebra strip and the pop of yellow I really like it here.

    Plus, I HAVE to have those animal table name holders.


  3. Love it! What brilliant personal touches throughout the wedding – it’s all about the couple.

    If I’d been a guest, I’d have liked to sit on the Warthog table 😉

  4. I absolutely love this, and I too am not normally a huge fan of Sunflowers. I love the way everything has been put together.

    It looks like such a fun day.

    And yum yum firemen. Mmm! Lucky girl xx

  5. As a fellow Saffa i am loving this! You have given me some inspiration to incorporate our roots into our big day. Looking forward to part 2 xx

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