A Whimsical Fusion.

Pinar and Rich

Pinar and Rich married at Salomons near Royal Tunbridge Wells in Kent on a glorious summer’s day last year and then partied on down at Falconhurst Estate near Edenbridge.

Pinar and Rich’s reason for choosing their reception venue is hopelessly romantic. They told me that they chose Falconhurst because it has the most amazing garden of flowers and fields that go on for miles and look as if they connect with the sky.

How beautiful is that.

As Pinar is strongly connected to her Turkish Cypriot roots, both she and Rich wanted to create a wedding that reflected both of their cultures. The result is a glorious fusion of Turkish decadence and English charm.

Watters Irina Wedding Dress

Tulle And Trains

Pinar The Bride: Despite visiting lots of fairs, second-hand shops and online stores, I still hadn’t found anything until six months before the big day when I came across an amazing bridal store called Blackburn Bridal in Blackheath.

Mandi and Sama from the store were so honest with their opinions which made the process so much easier! As I didn’t know what style suited me or what I really wanted I’d tried on a lot of dresses but it was only when I got to Blackburn Bridal that the dresses seemed to begin to make sense.

I finally chose a Watters dress called ‘Irina’ with a long veil. It was the small details of the flowers that were made up of intricate beading, as well as the layers and layers of the dotted tulle making up the dress and its amazing whimsical long train that I loved.

I found most shoes on the high street were out of my budget. After a lot of searching online however, I finally found some amazing ivory satin platform peep toe shoes by Menbur that I bought from Amazon for not much more than £30 in the sale.

They had these amazing crystal covered bows on each side of the front of the shoe that I absolutely loved.

Bridal Wedding Hair Roses

I really was in two minds whether to be brave and do my own make-up or to have someone do it for me on the big day. I really just wanted to keep the amount of makeup to a minimum but still look special for the day. I asked Ruth Burnell to come along and apply my make-up on the day after a fantastic trial with her.

My hair was tweaked into place by Terry at Beauty Hut – she was fantastic! My hair was styled to one side with curls, a bit of a puff of volume on top and more curls in the back. I accessorised my hair with fresh summer pink roses; both Terry and Ruth did a really great job.

Pink Bridesmaid Dresses Fever

We decided to get our bridesmaids flowy dresses to resemble the layers on my dress. We chose them in a light vintage pink with a cream ribbon waist and flowers on one shoulder. The dresses were designed in the one shoulder style with a beautiful heart shaped neckline that matched my dress. We got the dresses from Fever that just opened up not too long before we started looking for dresses.

Boys In Bow-Ties

Rich wore a light grey three-piece suit from Reiss with a handmade bow tie from New York bought from Etsy. He wore shoes from Paul Smith which were grey with purple laces. They showed his fun side, he has a funny sense of humour and he looked swooningly dreamy.

Etsy Bow-tie Reiss Wedding Suit

Due to logistical reasons we knew it would be a nightmare to try to have all the groomsmen wearing the same suit. We asked them to wear their own suits with a white shirt and a bow-tie to bring it all together. The bow ties were bought from Etsy and we gave them as gifts to the groomsmen from us. We also bought our dads bow-ties to tie in with Rich and his bow tie.

They all looked amazing!

It Was Meant To Be

Our photographer was Albert Palmer. Rich met Albert a while ago during a photography event and it was the first name which popped into his head when we started looking for a photographer.

Grey Reiss Wedding Suit

Looking through his work it seemed to match our style and theme perfectly. We didn’t want too many formal shots so a more documentary style was perfect capturing our friends and families emotions and feelings of the day.

He really did the most wonderful job and we couldn’t have been more happy with the outcome.

Falconhurst Wedding Venue

Floristry Magic And Helping Hands

Lisa at Morganics who are local to us in Clapham Junction worked their magic with the bouquets and buttonholes. Filled with peonies, roses and antirrhinums, they smelt and looked amazing.

Morganics Florists Wedding Buttonhole

We sourced all other flowers for the marquee from a wholesaler and had them delivered to the venue a couple of days before. A few helping hands in the form of Rich’s family a few days before the wedding helped to create the table layouts, runners and table arrangements that I had designed. For the centrepieces we used over two hundred miniature bottles that we found on eBay for £20!

Cake By Sugar

We first saw Andrea from Cake by Sugar at a wedding fair in London. There were a few cake stands and we ate a mini cake from each of them but it was Andrea’s cake that really stood out as “amazingly yummy”. After several discussions and a tasting session, I sketched the design of the cake how I envisaged it including flowers, dusting and flavour labels.

Rustic Wedding Bottle Centrepieces

Andrea worked her magic, and produced a combination of sponges including banana sponge with a raspberry filling, chocolate sponge with chocolate filling and vanilla sponge with raspberry and vanilla. They tasted amazing! We opted for a lot of cake so that it could also double up as the dessert.

As for the rest of the food, we enlisted the help of Sarah from Elm Green to devise a menu that was the perfect fusion between English and Turkish food. We also wanted the food to be served in a way where everyone could help themselves on their tables and she met the brief perfectly.

Turkish Traditions

For entertainment we really wanted to have a mix of English and Turkish music. We opted for a Turkish band who played both English and Turkish and everyone really loved it. We were initially really nervous about it but we needn’t have worried.

Cake By Sugar Wedding Cake

We also had a few traditions which incorporated a davul-zurna (drum and Flute player) called LPM Bohemia to play us into the marquee and another tradition of the ‘testi’ which is where all the unmarried ladies dance with a vase filled of sweets and money and then the bride smashes the vase. The pieces of vase are considered good luck for their marriages to come.

Pink Rose Wedding Bouquet

We love music and it was such a hard choice to come up with one song for our first dance. In the end we chose Greg Laswell as his song reminded us of so many of our significant memories and it just seemed right.

A Whimsical Woodland Affair

Our decor style became this whimsical woodland English / Turkish Wedding. We both grew up loving the outdoors and the summer sun so we decided to go with a outdoor woodland wedding and have a marquee, festoon lights, candles and handmade elements to bring the style together.

Albert Palmer Wedding Photography

I designed our wedding invitations, RSVP’s, menus, place names and all the other bits of stationery which were all hand drawn. We screen printed the wedding invites to make them extra personal. I loved doing this so much that I now design hand drawn wedding invitations and sell them through my Etsy shop.

Together with our families we decorated the inside of the marquee; it was really hard work hanging these festoon lights but when they were up and we added our pom poms to them it looked amazing!

Wedding Marquee Decor Festoon Lighting

Our bunting was made by Rich’s mum and sister – it was so special to us because most the material that was used was from Rich’s grandparents so it felt like we had them there with us on our special day.

For our favours we gave guests ‘Başti’ a Turkish traditional sweet and sugar almonds wrapped in little packages organised by my aunty.

Keeping It Personal

Our wedding was more amazing and special to us then we could have ever imagined.

We decided on a set budget very early on and then concentrated on what was really important. For us it was our family and friends, the quality of the food and entertainment.

Homemade Wedding Bunting Cake By Sugar Wedding Cake

Definitely go to markets, search eBay and second hand stores where you can really find great bargains. You don’t have to spend a lot to make your day amazing; it’s the people you have there that really make it special.

Our advice to anyone planning a wedding is to keep it personal and only do what you want and feel comfortable with. Remember it’s only one day of your life and getting there should be fun too, and after the big day there are plenty of opportunities to create more memories from your next adventures!

Albert Palmer Wedding Photographer

Click here & view all images from this wedding

Dress: Watters
Boutique: Blackburn Bridal
Shoes: Menbur
Make-up: Ruth Burnell
Hair: Beauty Hut
Florist: Morganics
Stationery: Designed by Pinar
Groom: Reiss
Maids: Fever
Photography: Albert Palmer
Venue: Falconhurst Estate
Cake: Cake By Sugar

Any bride that can tuck her bouquet under her arm and make it look like a serious style statement gets serious brownie points in my book – doesn’t Pinar look absolutely exquisite !

And that cake… I love a cake that really does look as good as it tastes – well it had me reaching for a recipe book to mix up a decadent Victoria sponge complete with strawberries and lots of clotted cream anyway.

Lastly Pinar’s remark that ‘getting there should be fun too’ is inspired. Whilst planning a wedding can be an exciting affair, it can come with its share of stress and anxiety too and it really shouldn’t be that way.

Take time out from time to time on your planning journey, give your lover a kiss and remember what it’s really all about.

All my love Lolly xxx

Author: Lauren Gautier-Ollerenshaw
Lolly is a self-professed frustrated florist and styling maven with an endless passion for all things pretty.

24 thoughts on “A Whimsical Fusion.

  1. I’m so glad that you all love this wedding. I honestly think that it’s the most romantic wedding I’ve blogged and I love how Rich looks like the cat that got the cream – totally and blissfully happy!

    @Emma cake is ALWAYS acceptable for breakfast – I’m currently hankering after a slab of chocolate fudge myself.

    @Neda Charlotte and I were only talking yesterday about how much we were longing for the summer, gorgeous flowers and green spaces. Not long to go now!

  2. Right, stop it, just stop it. I can’t take anymore.

    I love this wedding with every inch of my being. It makes me SO happy. That BOUQUET! O my!

    Cutest Dad on the planet, INCREDIBLE cake, clever cloggs bride making gorgeous stationery (how flippin good is that!), there’s poms, a whole world of miniature bottles (and for £20!), there is music and there is a tree trunk slice with the couples names etched into it and turned into a cake stand?!

    What on earth!

    Soooo much thought has gone into this wedding and boy does it show.

    Is anyone else braving doing some of their own blooms for their tables for their wedding? This wedding proves it can be done beautifully.

    Massive congratulations. I’m off to look through the full gallery now 🙂


  3. I am loving so much about this wedding, might be one of my faves!!

    I can also lots of elements that we’re including in our day so it’s lovely to see it working so well together and looking so amazing!!

    That dress is pretty spectacular, oh and the flowers…just gorgeous, and the venue…amazing, and that blooming cake…I want to just shove my face in it (although I’m told this isn’t proper wedding, or social, etiquette – booo!

    Oh and @Becky – we’re doing most of our table flowers ourselves /nervous face/

    Congrats to Pinar and Rich on a beautiful wedding xxx

  4. Oooh what a beautiful wedding! So I’ve pinned the cake (obviously…), the bride’s hair (so elegant) and the bunting (more is more with bunting imo and there was definitely more here).
    Fave pics are the first one with that amazing sunlight (we had sun this summer who knew?!) and the highfiving with the bridesmaids.
    Of course being a bridal beauty helps too, Pinar looks exquisite.

  5. I have to reiterate what Becky has already said and say go and check out the galleries folks – so much more to see!

    @Nicola more is always more so I’d recommend going hell for leather on the bunting front! The header image at the top is one of my favourites too and you’ve gotta love a bride who high fives her bridesmaids!

  6. DOTTED TULLE??!!!! Oh that is just too beautiful!!!
    As most of you have already said – LOVE the awesome tower of cake, LOVE the immense amounts of bunting, LOVE the high fiving (all weddings should be high-fived!), LOVE the festoon lights, LOVE the tissue paper pom-poms……………….Oh there is just too much!!

    Congrats guys, this really is a stunner of a wedding 🙂 xxx

  7. A mention in the bride’s report! What a fab start to the day 🙂

    It is SO exciting when we see a bride’s whole day like this. Pinar, I’m well impressed with your stationery, your cake is EPIC, your styling gorgeous, your smile huge and you look as beautiful in that dress as we knew you would. Congratulations! xx

  8. @Becky – Nooo I wrote about it in one of my Real Bride posts so that cat is well and truly out of the bag!! Sweet peas and roses and any other seasonal flowers my florist is growing, sooooooo excited!! Hope they look half as good as these 🙂 xxx

  9. Really love lots and lots about this wedding. Ribbons are one of my favourite things and they look perfect with those amazing bouquets.
    I only wish I knew where Pinar got her earrings from. They are exactly what I’m searching for, for my evening style – imitation is the highest form of flattery!

  10. At the risk of saying things everyone else has already said – wow! Beautiful dress and those cakes are mouthwatering! I love all the thought that the couple have put into the little details, and the flowers are incredible. These images are stunning x

  11. Such a pleasure to work with Pinar and Rich – their vision for the cake was right up my street, and when I walked into the marquee to set it all up I was stunned by what they had created. Having Bert Palmer take the photos really was the icing on the cake!

  12. So Amazing! Thank you again for having us on Rock My Wedding. We are so happy to share the wedding, Alberts photos still have us in a bit of a dreamland. Andrea is amazing! Her cakes don;t only look great but they taste absolutely yummy! Thank you everyone who helped us put it together it was amazing!

    @Alex – My earrings were from ETSY https://etsy.me/JcNGSV

    And thank you everyone here, really special words, means a lot to us.

    Much love,
    Pinar & Rich ❤

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