A Wonderland Wedding… Part 1

Yes, folks, thats Alice in Wonderland.

Not all Wedding themes are in good taste it has to be said (even though I love a theme), but this one was executed beautifully by Jane and her husband James. Those of you who just adore pouring over beautiful imagery will also be noses pressed against the screen, Allister Freeman submitted the wedding to us and I struggled choosing a selection for the blog. They are heart stopping. In fact, it’s fair to say, this is the kind of wedding that I came back to again and again in my own planning; Enjoy the breathtaking elegance.

All the stunning images are courtesy of Allister Freeman.

Finding a Theme

James and I (Jane) were married on 14th May 2010, at Gosfield Hall, Essex. We knew we wanted a vintage/English theme to match the venue but didn’t want to end up looking like a period drama! It was important that our wedding had a sense of fun as we enjoy being silly so we came up with a Mad Hatters tea party theme, (complete with mad hat dressing up box for the guests which was a great laugh!!)

Intricate Styling

My hairdresser, Nathan, (Silhouette du Barry, Chelmsford) did wonders with my hair – it was so intricate and probably photographed more by my friends than my dress!!

My make-up was thanks to a great makeup artist called Blu. We went for a modern vintage look to compliment the dress and hair. She also did the makeup for my bridesmaids and mother.

Pearl tones

My dress was from a great little shop in Colchester called ‘The Wedding shop.’ It was one of the first dresses I tried on and it was the colour that I fell in love with! (An unusual pearl tone.)

Packham Pretty

I did not want a veil and instead chose an amazing diamante hairpiece from Jenny Packham.

This was then topped off with a vintage necklace passed down to me by my grandmother (my something old) and some stud earrings compliments of e-bay!!!

Better than a Whirlpool!

After a great deal of searching I ended up with Jimmy Choo’s. Satin, very high and with a really lovely silver strap detail. Completely worth the investment but as my dad pointed out I could have bought a washing machine (all be it a cheap one) with that money!!!

Not sure that would offer quite the same enjoyment!!!!

Midnight Dreams

We picked a midnight navy for the bridesmaids and groomsmen. The bridesmaid’s dresses were made to my design by Ali Rouse at Unique Dress and the groomsmen’s suits were from Next.

James wore a three-piece suit from Paul Smith. He looked very handsome waiting for me at the end of the Aisle and was surprisingly calm!! He was also very proud to show me that he had matched his socks to the lining of his suit!!!

I know! I’m such a tease!

So far, so normal, right?

Just a tiny taste of what’s to come in the Grooms Mad Hatter hat as shown above. There’s so much more to come in Part 2 and you don’t have to wait long as it’s later on today!

Yours Wonderfully Truly,


Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

18 thoughts on “A Wonderland Wedding… Part 1

  1. I loved this venue when we looked it but we couldn’t make it work for us. 🙁 The bridal suite is nothing short of spectacular, it took my breath away! Coupled with the best theme ever I’m super excited to see more!

  2. I love Gosfield, ever since Jo’s wedding shot by HRH Polly Alexandre. Looove it

    Also, those BM dresses are divine. They are very much like a Jim Hjelm dress (the Jim Hjelm is long though).

    Its also so refreshing to see a navy theme in spring. I really like Aubergine purple (the same purple as the above Jo who FYI I am sure is advertising her SN dress in Undress and I love it but am just slightly worried am STEALING her ENTIRE wedding) but am worried would look too wintery in June. This just looks elegant and classy and has inspired me to just go with the purple. Hooray.

    The photography is A.MAZ.ING. Particularly the second from the bottom with the groom’s mother (??) and the groom putting on the corsarge. Beautiful

  3. That’s interesting, Navy in spring, I hadn’t even thought of it like that. I can think of loads of ways to make it all summery

    Maybe I should try my hand at a mood board or two to help the theme along 😉


  4. Rebecca I saw the same wedding and loved it and I’d noticed that dress – how funny! I’m sure it is the same wedding and it is beautiful. Why not ‘steal’ her wedding I am sure she would take it as a compliment its only a few details! 😉 (unless she’s a guest at your wedding that might not be so cool) and purple will look lovely!! x

  5. sorry – last comment before I start doing some work this morning! In my excitment I forgot to comment on the actual wedding, even without the exciting theme the wedding looks so pretty and the Jenny Packham hairpiece is gorgeous xx

  6. oooo, excited about the details coming up! I love a good theme and its so hard to get the right balance.

    Oh and Rebecca – a mood board is ALWAYS welcome!

    r.now x x

  7. SO excited about seeing more, and I agree with missrecyclenow, i too heart a mood board!!

    beautiful and elegant wedding (big dress, big wow!!)


  8. I went with navy (called it midnight blue to make it sound sexier) in June… I think it depends on what colour you team it with, but you can nail any colour for any season. I love navy and yellow for spring!

    Am beside myself with excitement for the Alice theme. I adore the groom’s hat – so jealous! If I tried to put Mr K in that, he would bolt, but the groom looks amazing!

  9. Yes please, elegant summery aubergene purple. I know the most obvious flower palate is pinky amnesia roses but I’m bored of every vintage wedding having amnesia roses.

    Am thinking lacey dress, floor length bm’s, crystal chandeleir etc.

    Light phptography

    think h2b in grey but not sure with purple….

  10. Navy looks great with a lime too – really zingy for spring.

    But my question is – for an Autumn/Winter wedding what colour flowers could you use? I wanted deep red but am worried it would be a bit red, white and blue!

  11. what’s wrong with red white and blue! that would be fun and striking and easy to find things to match with!

    (a slightly patriotic feeling) r.now x x x

  12. Beautiful and the hair is Amazing (capital a)! Peridot i think white flowers sound lovely white navy and a bit of leafage. you could try colourlovers.com for a great place to try out colour palettes. can’t wait for the details

  13. Navy and cream and silver was my original idea. However, I fell in love with abergene coloured bridesmaid dresses, so now its purple, cream and silver.

    Navy can go with…lemon, pink, lilacs, red,neutral colours.

  14. Also loving the hairpiece – anyone know which one it is please? Am seriously coveting all the beautiful head candy this week!

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