Abby & John
Abby & John
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Abby & John

When you and your fiancé come from countries on the other side of the world to one another, where on earth do you get married? Somewhere in the middle sounds like a good compromise, and when the somewhere in the middle is Bali…well that sounds like an EXCELLENT compromise!!

Luxury eco hotel Bambu Indah looks like an amazing place to stay, let alone get married…by day, lush greenery and tropical blooms make a wondrous back drop and by night festoon lights and lantern transform the place into a magical and truly romantic setting.

Apologies in advance – this wedding will definitely make you want to go on an adventure…

The Dress

I found my dress in the first dress shop I went to. My very close friend – George Watts AKA London’s “The Wedding Fairy” organised to take me to a wonderful boutique called Luella’s Boudoir in Wimbledon Village. I immediately fell in love with the dress when I saw it and tried it on. Funny thing was I managed to single out one of only a few dresses that was by an Australian designer. Which made me want it even more.

Because of the location I thought it was wise to have 2 pairs of shoes – flats and heels. My boss bought me the Christian Louboutin heels and the sandals had tiny crystals to match the dress. I switched between the two throughout the night and finished up dancing barefoot.

The Groom

The boys chose their suits together. They thought the blue worked well to complement the location and wanted something a bit different.

The Groom’s boutineers were made by me. It was my gift to all the boys. I also gave one to my Dad and my Nephew who was also a Groomsman. I didn’t want them to have flowers so I made them with feathers. I used English pheasant feathers and Australian Emu feathers as a small symbol of both our nationalities.

The Venue

We chose to have our wedding in Bali as a half way point. Myself being Australian and John being English we didn’t think it was fair to either family or friends to have it in one or the other. We chose Bali simply because it is such a beautiful location and the way the Balinese pay attention to detail we knew that no matter what it would be beautiful. We’d been to Bali many times before and it is a place we both love and treasure so much.

As our guests would have to travel anyway we thought best choose a great holiday destination that everyone could enjoy. We didn’t want a beach wedding and wanted something that reflected more of us. Our favourite place in Bali is Ubud and finding Bambu Indah was a blessing. Everything about the place was so special. From the old javanese bridal homes to the amazing Bambu structures it was just a magical place to spend time with friends and family.

The Flowers

The flowers bouquets were made by a local florist in Ubud. Lillies are my favourite flower so I just requested anything with lillies. I was more interested in having flowers everywhere for everyone to enjoy.

John and I have a special connection with India and wanted to bring some indian touches to our wedding. We love the way Indians use marigolds in their weddings and we wanted the same. We also had flower mandalas made with petals as floor decorations. I made bunting out of lace and lace doilies and also had strings of feathers hung around outside. We had white orchids and flower petals as our table arrangements.

As dusk approached the place lit up with lanterns and candles floating in the natural pool.

The Wedding Party

I had 2 bridesmaids – my childhood bestfriend and my niece. As we had such a casual approach to our wedding. I wanted my bridesmaid to choose her own dress – I just told her “something cream and lacey” – my niece picked out her own dress as well.

I bought my niece a hairclip with crystals to match my dress and my friend an Anna Beck necklace.

The Ceremony

John and I visited India early in the year before the wedding. While there we bought some auspicios red string and had it blessed in varanasi. On the wedding day we had a Balinese hindu greet guests and tie the red string to their wrists as a special blessing from us.

Johns sister also did a special reading for us at the ceremony.

The Food

Bambu Indah is unique in which they grow all their own food organically and prepare it in their restaurant. As I am vegetarian we wanted more veggie dishes than meat. We decided against a cake and went for fresh fruits instead.

We served chicken satays and springrolls as canapes and provided our guests with mojito’s.

For the dinner we had it buffet style –

Starters – satays, gado gado, tempe
Mains – Indonesian salads, beef rendang, fish and chicken satays, corn fritters, grilled vegetables, organic brown rice
Deserts – fresh fruits, coconut pancakes, carrot cake

The Photography

I chose Bonnie as our photographer as I have known her all my life and our families are very close and dear friends. Bonnie’s photography is exceptional and artistic and I knew I could trust her to capture the beauty of the place. It was also very special to have a photographer that was also a guest.


In the beginning I was worried about the fact more than half of our invited guests could not attend our wedding because it was in Bali. But this just made the wedding even more special. It was so intimate and it was great to be able to share the day with the closest people in our lives. Both John and I were able to talk to everyone throughout the day and didn’t feel like we missed out on anything. We even finished the night with midnight swims.

Photography by Bonnie Jenkins
Author: Fern Godfrey
Fern spends most of her time dreaming about weddings and trying to convince her long-suffering boyfriend to propose. Lucky enough to live in sunny Cornwall, if you need her – you’ll find her at beach.

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  1. What a stunning wedding! I got my dress from Luella’s too!
    ps I have spotted my friend James in your photo’s 🙂

  2. Hi Abby, did you use a travel agent to organise travel (if so who?) for all the guests or did you leave them to sort themselves? xx

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