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I know usually when Team RMW are talking product love then it’s usually courtesy of one of the girls, but today I am taking one small step to redress the balance.

I’m not usually one for ‘wonder products’ you may have read my post on cosmetics and skincare for men but even so (with the possible exception of sudocrem) I don’t strongly feel as though any one particular brand I discussed provides a far superior solution over any other brand. At least not to the point where I can announce one to be a ‘wonder product’.

However, The Sea Salt Texturisng Spray from the TONI&GUY casual range really really is a ‘wonder product.’

Firstly let me explain how it works. You spray it into damp/wet hair and then blow dry (yes I am a man and I use a hairdryer – laugh it up). Now, I have really fine hair so once it’s just been washed it really is hard to do anything with – I like to wear it messy but I find it hard to get the style to hold and before you know it I’ve put too much wax in and it’s a big old greasy mess.

If I use the texture spray then once dry my hair feels much thicker (a bit like after you have been in the sea) and it will even already hold a bit of styling. After this initial treatment it takes far less wax to get a good scruffy style on and it holds for much longer, remains matte looking and never too producty. I think for girls it works to give you volume and your curls more structure and hold.

It’s a wonder product because it seems impossible to put too much on. With other salt spays I have used if you accidentally put a bit more on than you thought it makes your hair instantly greasy. With TONI&GUY (as long as you are using a hairdryer) it just seems to stay matte and full of volume no matter how much you smother your locks.

Finally – It initially caught my eye because of it’s lovely RMWesque hue, so what more do you want? You can get it from Boots and it’s less than a fiver and should last a good month or so.

What’s your experience with salt or texture sprays? Have any of you got your own wonder product that you want to share with the RMW community?

You know where to spill the beans!


Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

6 thoughts on “Adam Rates – Sea Salt Texture

  1. Adam- I hear you, and I have actually used this very same product and agree to its wonder properties. And I use a hairdryer too. Hairdryers are under-rated; not only do they dry your hair (obviously) but I quite like the feeling of the post-hairdryer warm head. Most other products end up producing a greasy look, which is not usually what I’m going for. I can also recommend Toni & Guy’s Matt Paste (actually it’s by Label M, which you can get in Toni & Guy). As with most products, the secret is to apply more to the roots than the surface of the hair. And that’s enough now; back to cooking up a big T-bone steak and watching the game.

  2. I flipping heart salt sprays!! I love the fact it makes me look like I have just got out of bed and a complete scrag bag!!! The best one I have ever found is Loreal Professional Beach Fizz. LUSH xx

  3. I love a good salt spray.

    These days however, I tend to be sporting more of an actual sea-salt-encrusted-matt-mess do. On account of being at the beach all the time.

    Good to know something can give me that look without sand in my scalp though. Must invest.

    (Also, I’m sure Gavin will nick it on me!)

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