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Meet Bex! That's her up there doing what she does best; creating ceremonies that set the tone for her couples wedding days and marriages. Want to know what she does all day? Here we go...

Name: Bex The Celebrant

Category: Celebrants

I became a wedding photographer in: 2020



How did you get into this industry/What made you pursue a career in this industry?

I ALWAYS knew I wanted to work in the wedding industry but had no idea how? I know I love love, weddings, creating happy memories and having fun. When a friend suggested being a celebrant, my response was 'What's that?!' - when I looked into it, it suited me perfectly! Creating a gorgeous, memorable, unique day for happy couples, and having a bloody lovely time. And I get to dress up nice for weddings which is a FAVE of mine! I trained up in it and then started my hustle. I put a lot of work into my branding/website and social media (I did it all myself so very personal), and here we are! 

What excites you most about your job?

The initial consultation with a couple, seeing what ideas they have, whether we click or not, pitching myself to them and starting to already get excited about their day. Then when I send them their first draft... which is both daunting and exciting! Getting the initial feedback (usually 'WE LOVE IT!') is brilliant. But of course the day itself... oh I just love it all!

I spend my days doing a mix of my 'day job' and my wedding work. When I finish my 'day job' I focus all my efforts and energy on weddings.

Is this your full-time job or do you do it alongside another job?

I am also a TV producer, but the two go hand in hand and as I work freelance I'm able to take time out to focus on weddings when I need to. So I'm never too distracted to put my all into them!

How do you switch off from work?

Honestly? I don't. I spend my days doing a mix of my 'day job' and my wedding work. When I finish my 'day job' I focus all my efforts and energy on weddings. I don't really have downtime, but I love it. Because I love what I do, I never feel like I'm doing work! So if you get a reply to an email at 11pm... don't be surprised. I'm just always on my phone! (I do need to learn how to get better at this.)


Tea or Coffee
I hate coffee. I'm trying to introduce it and can stand a vanilla latte but I need to add sugar so that's not ideal. I WISH I liked coffee though.

Comfies or Workwear

Lots of little breaks or One big break
I have about 8 cups of tea across the day

Music or No music
Music with lots of singing! I hate silence.

Snacks or Water
Snacks. Always above everything else.

Sofa or Desk 
*Currently sat on my sofa with a blanket

Netflix or YouTube

Android or IOS

Book or Audiobook
I love books!And the feel of a physical book.

Becky Sappor

Written by Becky Sappor

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