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Welcome to the first edition of the 'A Day In The Life Of' series. The objective of the series is to widen connectivity between suppliers, to get an insight into others working days to see what they do and what routines they have that you may be able to benefit from. It's to learn the stories of others and help encourage collaboration.


We start the series with wedding planner Emma Jane of Emma Jane Weddings. Enjoy.

Name: Emma-Jane

Category: Planners & Stylists

I became a wedding planner in: 2019 


What made you pursue a career in this industry?

I began in the industry in 2017 by working for a wedding venue in an extremely hands-on coordinator role, and it was there that I truly fell in love with the wedding industry. I didn’t really expect to enjoy it and be so well suited to the role, but after working at the venue for a year or so, I started to feel like wedding planning was something I could, and wanted, to do independently.

Is there one thing that you do every day without fail?

Yes, I always consult my weekly planner to see what I’m supposed to be doing that day. Every Sunday evening, or sometimes on a Friday afternoon if I’m feeling proactive, I sit down with my Google calendar and fill in all my meetings. I then write a list of all the extra items I’d like to complete that week, from marketing to business expenses, or client work etc, and allocate time for as many of them as realistically possible. This massively helps me stay on top of all the various to-do lists that come with being self-employed.

What advice would you give others looking to move into this field?

I’m just going to say it: you don’t need an event degree to work in events! Hands-on experience is infinitely more valuable. Working in a venue coordinator or catering manager/assistant role, or even as an event waiter, is a great way to begin your event career. Wedding planning is less about the styling, mood boards and flowers, and more about the event logistics, planning and experience. Those are the solid foundations you need to put in place before moving onto the design element of weddings.

And with the design element, my best advice is styled shoots. They will help you develop and understand your style, connect you with suppliers, build your portfolio and overall grow your business’s presence in the industry and online.

And of course, everyone says it: be patient. I still have to tell myself this sometimes. If you keep working away at your business, pouring love and effort into it, and you will be recognised and rewarded for it.

Is this your full-time job or do you do it alongside another job?

Before the pandemic, I was juggling both (never fun!). Halfway through, I was made redundant from my day job, and I think this was the push I needed to make wedding planning my fulltime focus. It also became the only feasible way to bring in an income as there weren’t many jobs available but still a few (a very few) couples willing to book their weddings early. This being said, I’m still not sure if I’m completely past the juggling two jobs stage, I’ll have to see how the next few months go!

How do you switch off from work?

Because I work from home, I like to create a distinguishable split between the working day and evening relaxing. I generally do this by preparing my to-do list for the next day, which helps empty my mind of work-related thoughts, followed by tidying my desk and putting all work items away. I also love love love to cook, so making dinner in the evening is another opportunity for me to unwind. In terms of work life balance, I very rarely respond to messages, and never emails, over the weekend. All these rituals allow me to come back to my desk on Monday morning feeling fresh, rested, and prepared for the day ahead. Though like anyone else, I do have days where all that goes out the window and I have zero motivation to work, which I feel is entirely normal and can sometimes just be an indicator that you need to take a break.


Tea or Coffee

Comfies or Workwear

Lots of little breaks or One big break

Music or No music

Snacks or Water

Sofa or Desk

Talking or Texting

Netflix or YouTube

Android or IOS

Book or Audiobook

Becky Sappor

Written by Becky Sappor

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