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We're joined by Charlotte from Welsh Gold. A business specialising in making bespoke rings from scarce Welsh gold. With ethical practices and all hand made using traditional practices, we find out what it's like in the marketing department.

Name: Charlotte

Department: Marketing

Category: Accessories


How did you get into this industry/What made you pursue a career in this industry?

 I left a very serious job in the NHS a couple of years ago and here I am; doing the marketing for a Welsh Gold bespoke jewellery company and its sister business, which are all about celebrating life, love and beauty. I am permanently grateful to be a part of it!


How do you structure your typical working day?

I start by checking on our social media accounts and checking the latest news in the jewellery world. Then it's a phone call with my boss, Geoff, and onto the main tasks of the day which vary from blogging to research to newsletter writing – I love the variety.


What do you find most challenging about your job?

Constantly feeding the ever-hungry mouth of social media is an ongoing challenge. That said, I do enjoy keeping up-to-date with the latest types of posts for the various platforms and seeing how they perform.


Is there one thing that you do every day without fail?

Social media.


Is this your full-time job or do you do it alongside another job?

I'm a freelance writer and poet for the rest of the week. I love the contrast between my working days!


How do you switch off from work?

By going to the beach, gardening, writing and spending time with my family. And the odd glass of wine...


Tea or Coffee
Coffee first thing, tea thereafter!

Comfies or Workwear

Lots of little breaks or One big break

Music or No music

Snacks or Water

Sofa or Desk 

Texting or Talking

Netflix or YouTube

Android or IOS

Book or Audiobook

Becky Sappor

Written by Becky Sappor

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