Aye Aye
Aye Aye
Image by Alexa Poppe Photography - High street lace wedding dress & naval uniform for a bright intimate wedding at home with sharing baskets, homemade cakes & favours & lots of DIY.
Image by Alexa Poppe Photography - High street lace wedding dress & naval uniform for a bright intimate wedding at home with sharing baskets, homemade cakes & favours & lots of DIY.
Image by Alexa Poppe Photography - High street lace wedding dress & naval uniform for a bright intimate wedding at home with sharing baskets, homemade cakes & favours & lots of DIY.
Image by Alexa Poppe Photography - High street lace wedding dress & naval uniform for a bright intimate wedding at home with sharing baskets, homemade cakes & favours & lots of DIY.
The Girls
The Girls
Image by Alexa Poppe Photography - High street lace wedding dress & naval uniform for a bright intimate wedding at home with sharing baskets, homemade cakes & favours & lots of DIY.
Image by Alexa Poppe Photography - High street lace wedding dress & naval uniform for a bright intimate wedding at home with sharing baskets, homemade cakes & favours & lots of DIY.
Image by Alexa Poppe Photography - High street lace wedding dress & naval uniform for a bright intimate wedding at home with sharing baskets, homemade cakes & favours & lots of DIY.
Mr Bean
Mr Bean
Image by Alexa Poppe Photography - High street lace wedding dress & naval uniform for a bright intimate wedding at home with sharing baskets, homemade cakes & favours & lots of DIY.
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Aimee & Lewis

It totally makes sense to have your wedding day at your most favourite place in the whole wide world and that just so happens to be Granny & Grandad’s house for Aimee & Lewis. So they went about having their dream day in their garden & garage!

A garage you say… but it totally worked! Luckily for Aimee & Lewis it was all hands on deck and everybody couldn’t wait to get stuck in and show off their creative talents and transform the garage into a beautiful bright reception. My favourite element has to be the eclectic display of vintage wedding dresses & family portraits, it just oozes sentiment. I am also in love with the summer house ‘sweet shop’ at the end of the garden. It was full to bursting with homemade cakes & treats nom, nom!

This is a truly heartfelt intimate day with the Bride & Grooms closest family & friends, proving you can have a gorgeous day your way whatever your budget.

Aimee The Bride: As well as being an incredibly easygoing bride- I didn’t get stressed or nervous – I really enjoyed planning it all with Lewis. We sat down one night and made a list of all the things that needed to be done. We then divided the list into what I wanted to do and what he would like to do – we were not allowed to discuss each other’s lists (unless crucial) and were solely responsible for our own tasks – it worked really, really well!! I’m so proud and a little stunned of what he managed… he did all the music playlists for the whole day, he organized the loan of cutlery, glasses, serve wear, seating and tables from our local Naval base (they were borrowed from the officers mess at Culdrose airbase) – as well as many other things – he was amazing!!
– I excel in delegating and planning with military precision!! My wedding was the only time I have been so organized – ever haha! I had a clipboard, notes and everything….
… Lewis’ list was laminated- still in shock !

The day before the wedding all our family helped to prepare the house, garden, garage, marquee etc – with the furniture food and decorations – they were all incredible – we had a lot of fun!!!

Bridal Outfit

I had my dress altered a bit by my Granny’s friend Marion because the bottom was a bit plain at the front and too long so she gathered it beautifully.
The sash that came with the dress was also a little boring so I bought a gorgeous antique rose colored silk ribbon from The Ribbon Shop and used that instead.

My shoes were a gift from my Mum for Christmas 2013! They were a pair of lovely soft purple leather flats!

I made my own silk flower headpiece from garden twine and silk flowers from Hobbycraft, I wore Granny’s very old charm bracelet which my Granddad gave to her on her 21st birthday and they added charms to over the years! And I wore a bracelet from my Husband which was a wedding gift that morning. I also wore my diamond earrings which were a gift from Lewis the previous Valentine’s Day.


I let my Bridesmaids pick their own simple white cotton dresses which was good as my BFF Lauren was 7 months pregnant at the time. They all wore something different but they were all happy and they all looked beautiful together. I bought each of them a different coloured ribbon sash to wear with their dresses and I found out later that my Granny had brought coloured sashes for her Bridesmaid’s for her wedding back in 1959!! – crazy!!

Flower Girl

Bella was the most excited of anyone for our wedding I think!! She was the most attentive and wonderful Flower Girl/Bridesmaid – she must have retied my sash about 50 times and carried my drink/food and cardi around bless her!

Page Boy

My Page Boy was my nine year old cousin Jake – who dressed himself.. Even though I had banned suits from the wedding – he wore a suit that he chose…. so he would look like James Bond apparently haha!!


Lewis wore his navy uniform and changed later in the evening into cream chinos and a Joules denim shirt.


Our venue was my Grandparents little cottage with stunning gardens. It’s my favorite place in the whole world!!!

The cottage its self was open but we had the reception in the garage. It is a long garage with courtyards all around it and a beautiful garden in front of the house – it even had a secret mini bluebell wood – they weren’t in flower but Matt lit it up with gorgeous lighting and it was magical!!

The garage got a fresh lick of paint courtesy of my wonderful granddad – I couldn’t afford drapes for the walls but wanted that kind of look – so I bought about 18 White King Size Flat Sheets and with a ton of patience, perseverance, laughter and artistic license from my Aunty Beth, Lewis & Lauren and me – we draped them around the garage and over the ceiling – it looked FANTASTIC!! I also ordered a 6 x 3 meter marquee, we popped it on the end of the garage and this created and even bigger covered space – slim and long but a big space. Despite some people thinking I had lost the plot – it worked so well.. Granny refers to it always as ‘The Banqueting Hall’ – we ran the tables all the way through and had a kind of banquet style picnic.


My wonderful talented cousin Matt Rehm played the ukulele and sang beautifully during our ceremony He is so amazing!! I entered with him singing Israel Kamakawiwo ‘ole version of ‘Over the Rainbow’ and for the exit music he sang ‘on my way’ by Rusted Root which was so upbeat and happy – perfect!!


The flowers were artfully put together into bouquets and vases by my Sister Emma using bits of raffia/lace/ribbon/string bought at Tesco the day before the wedding. My Grandmas artist friend Val Stevens also did some beautiful arrangements with flowers from her garden – we put these all up in the marquee/garage and some on sticks in the garden!!

My bouquet and the two button holes, worn by my Grandad Tony & Dad Michael, were from my local florist ‘Sweat Pea’


Gosh the list is endless! We are incredibly lucky to have so many talented family and friends. We made an awful lot of bits ourselves including decorated jam jars, confetti, labels, signs and decorated picture frames. Lewis also made 100 origami swans which we hung everywhere. Granny made endless metres of bunting. We borrowed things like candle holders, lanterns and vases from people and some people made bits such as wicker hearts and ribbon streamers!!

I had a kind of collage (my Grannys idea) of my Grannys wedding dress, my Mums wedding dress & my Auntys wedding dress, up on the wall of the garage with loads of family wedding photos.. dating back to 1919 – it was such a great idea and looked stunning, it was a great display for the guest to look at.


Well for the wedding breakfast I gathered, borrowed & bought vintage style picnic baskets and with military planning (down to the last grape) and help calculating exactly how many of everything we would need form Lauren (MOH) and my friend Emily, Lewis and I bought the food from Tesco in the days leading up to the wedding!! (we even counted out the tomatoes in the boxes lol – 2 hours in tesco.. we looked like total weirdo’s!!!) in the baskets were things like bread, houmous, luxury Cornish Crips, salad, cold meats, pork pies coleslaw etc – I ordered little Chinese style cardboard takeout boxes to put the veg and meat in! Lewis and I even practiced it at home a couple of weeks before haha. There were 4 people to a basket (we labeled the four guests sharing per basket with vintage luggage tags) except Lewis and I who had one to ourselves! And one vegetarian basket. It looked so beautiful in the baskets with gingham fabric!! You should have seen the military operation the days before the wedding packing the boxes and prepping the veg.. Putting it all into the baskets!! I couldn’t have done it without the family factory line haha. Laurens Mum and Sister set the tables and made the feta and olive salads whilst we were at the ceremony!!


The hog roast lady and gentleman were amazing – perfectly willing and able to adapt around my Grandparents cottage and garden. The meat was divine. Everyone loved it.

With the help (and a lot of laughs) of my BFF Lauren and I transformed my Granny and Grandad’s (Frances & Tony’s) summer house-come-painting shed into a wonderful sweet/cake bar. We brought vintage jars and made and decorated hundreds of old jam jars (we put tea lights in these also, everywhere) – filled them with tons of sweets! My Mum & Granny also made a mountain of homemade cakes too!

We brought enormous cheese wheels, to have a cheese tier, from ‘The Cheese Shop’. We had Cornish Yarg, Brie & Cheddar with biscuits and chutneys. Everything was so yummy, and all locally scoured!!


I always passed Ian Smullen and his coffee cart on the way to work, he is always parked at Porth beach, Newquay. One day whilst I was getting a coffee I asked if he would bring his cart to my wedding – he said yes – he was FAB!


My Mum has always baked the most incredible homemade cakes. I asked her for a tall, many tiered, naked sponge cake filled with strawberry jam and fresh cream and then decorated with fresh berries and flowers. It was so beautiful. The top tier was the shape of a heart. We had two bunny Sylavinan toys on top because I loved them so much when I was little! My very talented little Sister Elenor very clever made them teenie weenie sailor outfits – so cute!!


Our wedding favours were homemade blackberry jam made by me and my Granny and Cornish Soap & Skincare Company – my best friend Lauren (Maid of Honour) makes the soap at Trevarno skincare, they supply soap all over Cornwall – to the eden project etc and and we got the empty jam pots for our homemade jam from Costa Coffee for free as they would have thrown them away anyway.


We hired a little white VW Beetle from Honeybugs. What a gorgeous little car!!
Honeybugs were a fantastic company, our driver Richard was so lovely, attentive and friendly, it was a delight to be driven around by him. There was even complimentary champagne for Lewis and I after the ceremony!!


Being in such a rural location the only option for parking was in a nearby field, then there was only a 2 min stroll down the lane to the cottage. My grandparents lovely friend and neighbor Tommy, let everyone park in his field as a wedding gift to us – he is awesome!!!


The Caleigh band were truly AWESOME – they got everyone up and dancing to their guided barn/Irish style routines – it was so much fun – they were the loveliest people too.. and were over the moon when I told them to help themselves to sweets, cake and the hog roast!!

My Cousin matt transformed my Grandparents’ house, garage, garden, lane with loads of incredible lighting – he works in London as a sound/lighting guy – he bought O2/wembely style wonder to a little Cornish cottage – it looked incredible – he worked so hard .. and wouldn’t let me pay for the lights or sound equiptment or the van he hired to bring the kit!! I have such amazing family and friends – the were very much part of everything – how we wanted it to be.

Lewis also made a huge music playlist which included songs our guests had chosen – we asked them to write a song request on their rsvp postcards


What can I say… Alexa Poppe was incredible – we are still in awe of the photos which are arty and relaxed, bright and happy!! She was just fabulous – so willing to get stuck in to our (my) crazy family and captured the atmosphere perfectly – she is so talented, calm, patient and was a lot of fun to have around on the day.

Final Words

Lewis The Groom: Meeting Aimee was the beginning of a very transformational stage of life. Having just joined the Royal Navy in 2008 I was undertaking a large transition in my life in that moving away from home I would have to face the challenges of standing on my own two feet and becoming a more responsible adult. Aimee has always encouraged me in my professional endeavours and when we are together she is the most loving, generous and patient wife anybody could dream of. She has helped me grow and is my little Angel, always quick to forgive and push me forward into being the man I am to become. I can only hope to be the Husband she deserves and I couldn’t bear to be without her positive light and influence in my life.

Photography by Alexa Poppe Photography
Author: Lorna Shaw
Lorna loves a new posh frock, is a hopeless romantic and is lucky enough to be living her ‘happily ever after’ with her wonderful husband, three beautiful children and pet dog.

5 thoughts on “Aimee & Lewis

  1. It’s just SO pretty! The colours are so vibrant, just gorgeous. But what I LOVE more than anything is the Sylvanian Family cake topper, that is inspired. Well done Aimee and Lewis, congratulations and thank you for sharing.

  2. What I love more than anything is the colour scheme – bright colours look so amazing in weddings & I’m so glad wedding trends are wising up to this now! Look how amazing they look! Wishing Aimee and Lewis the best of happiness, and that their marriage is as gorgeous as their wedding and they both are x

  3. This is such a gorgeous wedding and Lewis’s comment at the end has just made me weep a little bit. I love the colour and the picnic baskets, it looks so much FUN! I have a Sylvanian family cat that I was thinking of using on my sweet stall but perhaps she has just earned herself an upgrade to the cake!

    1. Oh I know Charlotte I was exactly the same when I read Lewis’s comment.

      The Sylvanian cake topper is SO much fun isn’t it; loved that they had a customised nautical outfit too!

      Lorna x

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