Aisle Style.

Aisle Style

Last week I took some time off.

I didn’t jet anywhere special, instead the boy and I road-tripped around the country spending time with loved ones and each other. We swam in a lake and lazed on a (manmade) beach in the Cotswolds, visited the truly immense metropolis that is Liverpool (new favourite city), watched cricket in Edgbaston and lunched with friends in town. (You can follow my adventures on Instagram here.)

It was on one of these cross-country trips that I came across one of the most beautiful floral archways around the porch of a dinky country church…think Kate Moss’s own wedding nuptials and you get the idea. Whilst I didn’t venture inside said church, it did get me thinking about processions and arrivals and beginnings and aisles.

For it’s been a while since we last looked at some aisle style inspiration hasn’t it.

I for one can’t get enough of sublime aisle decor…perhaps because aside from the invitation and any external touches that may have been added to the outside of the ceremony venue, this is really the first tangible encounter with the wedding day.

This is the moment where the guest really gets to see and feel the culmination of all those months of hard work and planning, where they can experience all the wonderful details that make your day so ‘you’.

So in testament to this, I’ve pulled together some of my favourite pieces of inspiration doing the rounds at the moment.

Let me know which is your favourite…

Chic Chuppahs

I’ve not been lucky enough to attend a Jewish wedding but I’ve long admired the subtle elegance of the Chuppah from afar. For those of you unfamiliar with the Chuppah, its meaning is literally, “canopy” or “covering” and is supported by four poles under which a Jewish couple stand during their ceremony.

Regardless of your beliefs, you can’t fail to fall hook, line and sinker for the symbolism of the chuppah. Put simply it represents the home that the couple will build together and if that isn’t a romantic gesture then I don’t know what is.

Whilst you might not be Jewish there’s no reason why you can’t take inspiration from this collection of chic chuppahs below.

Chic Chuppahs

If simplicity is your watchword, why not drape the merest whisper of silk or lace or even chiffon from silver birch supports or twists of willow. Imbue the canopy with tradition by utilising fabric that is important to your family in some way – be it a family tartan or a piece of exquisite lace that’s been handed down through the generations. If you’re looking for an organic touch then ask your florist to entwine foliage in and around the supports overhead. I particularly love the idea of using Olive branches as a representation of peace and love.

Perhaps super luxe is more your thing…if so then it’s all about creating volume through swathes of fabric and oodles of blooms. Don’t be afraid to use colour either to create impact – I love the mossy green palette of the Chuppah at the top here that’s been adorned with cascades of roses. Finish with a chandelier suspended overhead for the final touch.

Ravishing Row Markers

Perhaps the easiest way to style your aisle and the kindest on the pocket too is to opt for row markers, so called because they’re placed at the end of every other row or pew. If you’re still confused think supersized pew ends and you’re there.

We’ve noticed the appearance of two trends this year – one that takes a classic approach with an abundance of traditional blooms and the other that follows a more organic, rustic path that wouldn’t look amiss at an Autumn wedding.

Both trends have their respective benefits; I love the ultra feminine vibe that the classic approach evokes plus the scent from these blooms would perfume your venue wonderfully. If you’re opting for something akin to these arrangements of roses on top of the wooden columns then it’s worth considering using these as your table centerpieces also. Just let your florist and venue know beforehand so that the necessary maneuvers can be made.

Ravishing Row Markers

The rustic path has its charms too; for one it’s easy to create yourself perfect for the crafty brides and grooms out there. Take the log stump chargers for example which can be sourced for pennies or even for free if you’re in the right place at the right time, add some plain hurricane lamps and candles, adorn with fallen leaves or other foliage and you’ve got yourself some beautiful wedding decor at the fraction of the cost.

If you’re looking for something a little bit different try thinking about the placement of your seating for your guests. I love the angled rather than forward facing positioning of these benches in the middle here which provide the perfect view of both the bride coming down the aisle as well as the ceremony itself.

Awesome Backdrops

And then there’s those awesome backdrops, the grand finale if you will, the dressed stage for the drama of your ceremony.

Literally anything goes here.

Want a huge sign with your names on? You can have it. What about a wrought iron arch decked in blooms? Yep you can have that too. This is where your imagination goes into overdrive.

Granted many of the backdrops shown here are staged in the great outdoors but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get creative if you’re marrying indoors. The first port of call is to ask your venue what its limitations are. Essentially how far can you go so to speak. It’s also worth taking into consideration where you’re choosing to get married and what the room will be used for afterwards. For example will your ceremony be taking place in the same room as your drinks reception or your wedding breakfast? If so can your ‘awesome backdrop’ be moved easily or integrated into the wider wedding decor without getting in the way? Perhaps it could be used as a photobooth in the evening festivities…

Awesome Backdrops

If you asked me to choose my favourite backdrop out of this immense collection shown here then it would easily be the third image on the left. I love the combination of the ruffled off-white fabric against the vibrant greens of the florals and foliage. I also adore the fact that the foliage has been pinned asymmetrically; it feels raw and organic and natural…pretty much like love then.

Let your imagination run wild. Think about using fabric in weird and wonderful ways, draped from the ceiling in strips of colour, or opt for garlanded blooms suspended in loops and swirls. I’ve seen hundreds of connected pinwheels used to great effect, supersized acrylic letters entwined in fairy lights and hundreds and hundreds of candles of different sizes lit up along the aisle and along the altar. Beautiful doesn’t even begin to cover it.

So are you a ‘chic chuppah’ girly or an ‘awesome backdrop’ gal? Perhaps you’re something else entirely…care to share?

We want to know what floats your boat so why not drop us a line in the comments box below.

And are any of you lovelies jetting off anywhere soon or are you saving it for the honeymoon?

Do you find that time away from the office helps you think and gets those creative juices flowing again? I know I do.

All my love Lolly xxx

Author: Lauren Gautier-Ollerenshaw
Lolly is a self-professed frustrated florist and styling maven with an endless passion for all things pretty.

14 thoughts on “Aisle Style.

  1. Ahh Lolly! I am so happy to discover Liverpool is your new favourite city. Me and the BF actually had a “tourist in your own city” day on Saturday and walked allover Liverpool. Starting at the new museum and ending at the Albert Dock. My favourite place in the world.

    Loving this post, I’m currently in the middle of planning some ceremony backdrops for a client and loving the idea of incorporating real florals wherever possible. Love love loving the ruffles backdrop.



  2. love these! I too love the third on the left for a backdrop, I also love the draped curtain next to it, maybe incorporate both and have an asymmetrical curtain.
    Great pics, I loved them all.

  3. So so pretty. I love the chuppahs, especially the one with birch trees and eucalyptus trees. So elegant. And those pew ends with the blousy pink roses are stunning. So many amazing ideas. xxx

  4. I love the green doors, it’s a bit like… are the doors to your new excited life together, you know?

    The whole curtain thing would be quite easy to DIY though, and looks so effective.

    Charlotte xxx

  5. @SophieStrangeCase it most definitely is! So jealous of my little sis ‘universitying’ up there!

    @Nicola definitely an asymmetrical curtain – I need someone to style one on their big day now!

  6. Decorating our ceremony venue completely passed me by unfortunately! To be honest it would have been a bit of a faff as the ceremony was at a registry office which was 45mins away from the reception venue so it would have been a logistical nightmare especially as said registry office had back to back weddings in the same room! However had we had everything in one location I would have totally gone for some rustic row markers with a splash of sunflowers just to brighten the room! Love the chuppahs – they look so romantic especially in the great outdoors!

  7. Those green doors are fabulous, I love how different they are yet perfectly fit the setting! I loved this post Lolly

    P.s. I lived in ‘The Pool’ for 5 years so I heart it too. It rocks!

  8. Loving all the ideas and inspiration for row markers, using real flowers in such a way is great way of DIY’ing your own wedding decor and looks so effective and personal. All the backdrop ideas are amazing as well, the pastel green doors are currently my personal favourite – they look so out of place in the middle of the great outdoors and for that reason your wedding will always be remembered by your guests! The ‘doors to your new life’.

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