All I Want For Christmas Is… Part 2.

Welcome to Part 2 of the Team RMW Christmas wish list. There is just enough time for santa to log on and catch what we are all hoping to find in our stockings next weekend. Today is the turn of Vix and Adam to share there list of hopefuls. If you want you missed what Charlotte and Jenny asked Father Christmas for earlier in the week, then check out part 1 here.

Maybe you’ll find a few last minute presses and stocking fillers amongst this eclectic mix of Christmas cheer. Click on any of the images that take your fancy!


This year is a simple one for me as I don’t really want alot for Christmas, as my family is so big and we are all a bit skint, to save money we do a secret santa, we pull out a couple from a hat to buy for and spend £50 on them, it makes it a lot easier for us… I have given Malc a bit of a list though!!

…And by the way I am not expecting all of this!!

Cake dome Not On The High Street.

Eyeliner from MAC

Powder blush from MAC

Eye shadow MAC.

Frock from Very.

Hair rollers from Enrapture at Boots.

Smelly Daisy by Marc Jacobs.

Boots UGG.


Dear Santa, can I have EVERYTHING off my list please thanks bye. Oh, by the way I only want a cheap watch because I’m clumsy and It will be broken/lost by Jan 7th.

Cardigan The Kooples.

Watch Muji.

Marmite XO and Marmite choc Marmite shop.

Ice Invaders Drinkstuff.

Alphabet stamp set Muji.

Lomokino analogue video camera Lomography.

Book Information Is Beautiful.

So, anything amongst here taking your fancy?

Have you done all your Christmas shopping yet, or are you hoping for a last minute piece of inspiration/motivation?


Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

6 thoughts on “All I Want For Christmas Is… Part 2.

  1. I too have asked for a cake stand and some new makeup, I really hope I get the makeup as I’m literally scraping the last bits out of pots!

    Also, I have just got myself a stamp set – from etsy rather than muji though.

    So excited for Christmas now. Shopping is done, cake is marzipanned waiting to be iced, and presents are mostly wrapped. Yay!

  2. Have to say Vix… that dress is sublime! I want it for my own.

    Adam, that stamp letter set. I was like “Oh no… I actually HAVE to have this.” Then clicked the link and oh my Holy Cool… how cheap is that?!

    I haven’t even thought about what I want for Christmas. Or Gavin for that matter. Better get on it.

  3. Loving the man cardi, the marmite and the stamp set. And actually, just had a nosey at that camera and it is pretty cool. And the cake stand looks lovely too – can already imagine the yumminess that could be filled with 🙂

    Still no idea what Father Christmas is bringing me. Having my husband at home with me is present enough…..a very good chance I won’t get that next Christmas but such is military life.

    I think we’ve done all our shopping now but I may invest in some different wrapping paper though – appear to have bought the most glittery stuff which has covered our entire house and both cats in the sparkly stuff :S

    Merry Christmas folks xx

  4. Naomi, I would love to pretend to be super-organised, but truth be told, I did a mad panic shopping trip last week, ordered everything else online, and rinsed my way through all the wrapping in one session. I had intended to be all finished by November this year, hah!

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