All I Want Is You.

Maudie and James are like the cutest couple ever. Seriously – their joy is infectious.

And Maudie’s eyes – jeez, they are HUGE. Beautiful.

Add to that some dusky pink blooms, vintage-esque china and some gorgeous portraits and we’ve got ourselves a whole lot of lovely for a Monday afternoon.

Oh, and the bride and groom planned the entire affair in just a short 4 months.

All of the pretty pictures are courtesy of Amy Lewin.

Imaginative Dressing

In the excitement of getting engaged we set a rather ambitious wedding date of 4 months later! Little did we know we would get the reaction of pure shock when entering numerous wedding boutiques (6 months seemed to be the required time to have address made). But with the venue and church all booked, 3 months was all we had and so we ploughed on!

Eventually I stumbled across a dress, which with a bit of imagination (it was several dress sizes too big) could be amazing! Again with my time limitations the only way to have the dress was to buy it ‘off the rack’ at several sizes too big. Luckily I was introduced to the wonderful seamstress Maggie Brown who assured me that it was possible. After a few trips back and forth from Oxford and a few last minute panics (the dress was still in pieces up until the final week!) my dress was complete!

The Finishing Touches

I never really thought I’d wear a veil but last minute I decided to go for it! I choose a really simple waist length veil from Elm Hill Brides which matched the colour of my dress.

I had envisaged simple/vintage looking jewellery and decided upon two bracelets which were both gifts from my lovely friends Chloe and Tina. I also picked up a little bronze star necklace from Cath Kidston a couple of days prior to the wedding.

I knew I didn’t want to go for the typical white wedding style shoes or huge heels as I simply can’t walk in them! My sister Mollie found me exactly what I was looking for. They had a modest heel and were bronzed silver by Peter Kaiser, best of all I can wear them again!

Lace and Uniform

Our best man Richard is in the RAF and we were pretty lucky to have him wear his colours, we bought Mollie the bridesmaids dress from House of Fraser Bridal boutique. It was a beautiful lace dress which I have designs on! They both looked brilliant!

Last Minute Flawless

As we most things, I left hair and make up until the last minute…I was recommended Charlie at Method Hairdressers in Norwich and after a quick chat about what I had in mind we made an appointment for 9am wedding day! I decided to do my own make up as I was aware that I wanted to feel like myself. This did not however stop me from indulging in lots of Bobbi Brown and Laura Mercier make up which I saved for the day.

Traditional Tartan

James wore a kilt keeping with family tradition as his Dad Ken is from Edinburgh. It was a surprise to us all and I was so pleased that he chose to wear it as he just looked amazing. A huge smile spread across my face as soon as I entered the church and spotted him waiting at the end of the aisle for me. He was beaming!

Dusty Country

I wanted a slightly vintage country style for the flowers, we had dusty pinks and whites in mind. With our slightly naive knowledge of flowers we entered Pick a Lily in Norwich. They were absolutely brilliant in shaping our ideas into a beautiful bouquet and an array of loose flowers which James’ mum Jan transformed into the most amazing church pews I have ever seen. Myself, my sister and her boyfriend (also James) took on the job of the reception flowers.

James parents had spent the past few months scavenging for old tea cups in charity stores, so with an impressive collection, we filled them with pink wax flowers, Gypsophilla and Ranunculus. We also filled many a jam jar which we displayed in the courtyard of St Giles House. James’ button hole was taken from the bouquet, an antique pink rose.

Top Of The Pics

We had initially decided not to have a photographer but quickly changed our minds when we saw Amy Lewin’s website. We loved what we saw and after meeting Amy at the Serpentine in Hyde Park there was no question! Amy took so many wonderful pictures of our day; she was so discreet and felt more like a guest to us.

We didn’t want staged pictures and we were so pleased with the results and memories that she created. Top photographer, top person, thank you Amy!

Multiple Flavours

My mum made hundreds of amazing and very colourful cup cakes of all flavours which sat neatly on beautiful tiered cake stands. We also bought a very simple traditional wedding cake from Marks & Spencers so we could complete the ceremony of cutting the wedding cake!

A Good Time

We both knew we wanted a live band and originally had the intention of a jazz band but were worried this may not get everyone’s toes tapping! After a little bit of asking around, we were recommended a band called ‘Swamp Truck Good Time Band’.

They are a five piece, southern country rock cover band that are simply brilliant! They completely made our night and I don’t think there was one person who could resist getting up for a jig!

All I Want Is You

Our first dance was “All I Want Is You” by Barry Louis Polisar. It features on the Juno soundtrack and always makes us smile. This was played brilliantly by our awesome band, they even managed the Harmonica!

Small Perfection

Our wedding felt so very special as our day was full of the things we loved! Everything from our tiny little church, our beetle chariot, the food that we love, our band and everyone who was there. We kept our wedding ready small and for us that was perfect. One little piece of advise I would give to any bride is to have a glass or bottle of water waiting for you at the end of the aisle! I didn’t and in all the excitement could have done with one!

Brides Veil – Elm Hill Brides

Maids Dress – House Of Fraser

Blooms – Pick A Lily

Entertainment – Swamp Truck Good Time Band

Photography – Amy Lewin

How pretty?

And have you ever seen a groom so thrilled at receiving his marriage certificate?!

Loving the mis-matchy but ever-so-feminine table centres….

Big Eyed Love

Charlotte xxx

11 thoughts on “All I Want Is You.

  1. What an absolutely stunning bride! Her joy is exactly as you said- infectious. Such a sweet wedding! Also, is it weird that I oohed over the glassware on the table? Because it rocks!

  2. Is it just me or is she the living incarnation of a Disney princess? Those eyes!!
    Really lovely, such smiley happy photos 🙂

  3. OMG! THE most beauuuuuuutiful bride ever!! What a gorgeous dress and those flowers are exquisite! I am all smiles now after reading this! xxxx

  4. @Abby the glassware is immense and well worth an ooh or two!

    @Annie, this is a bit of a Disney special you’re right!!

    The florals are amazing but it’s the big smiles that really complete this one for me… oh and the classic VW of course 😉


  5. The grooms face is just the sweetest with the wedding certificate! A beautiful wedding, I’d love that car to drive around in everyday!

  6. Looove the flowers. What oh what are the ones with black centres (yep I’m so not the flower expert)… does anyone know?

    Fab so see a wedding where everyone just looks ecstatic to be there.

  7. Ahhhh my beautiful brother and his gorgeous new wife! Effortless style and endless happiness 🙂 it was as perfect as the pictures look! Congratulations guys!! xxxx

  8. Hi,
    Any idea where Maudie found her excellent seamstress? I live in the Cambridge area and also need to get my wedding dress altered to fit and only want to entrust this to somebody really good and recommended.
    Fingers crossed you can help! xxx

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