All Of Me.

Firstly can I just say how immense this week has been so far, in terms of the community, in terms of the pretty….in terms of well….just about everything really.

And to carry on the “immense” theme (I use that word way too much right?) here is Lucy and Nick’s Surrey W-day captured by Marianne Taylor. There are some seriously stylish pink suede shoes, an abundance of feminine blooms, lots of lovely lace and a cake that really does look too good to eat.

Not to mention the sun dappled portraits and the fact that everyone is clearly having a thoroughly smashing time….

Smashing, hmmm I like it. A lot.

Suede In The Sale

My pink suede heels were from Kurt Geiger and I found them in the sale!

In The Parlour

My hair was by Helen Simms in Guildford and my Make-up was by an old school friend and very talented Amanda Harrington at In Parlour.

Muted Chiffon

We bought the bridesmaids dresses from Boden, and hired the Groomsmen outfits. The colours tied in with muted pink of the hydrangeas and roses.

Fairy Princess

My dress was “Fairy” by Enzoani from Surrey Brides in Weybridge. It was the first one that felt special but still comfortable, and I didn’t want to take it off!

My handsome groom looked very dapper with a big smile!

All my nerves completely disappeared when I saw him!

Are They Really Mine?

The flowers were by Carolyn Lewis at Florartistics. She was so amazing and I completely trusted her judgement. The main flowers were hydrangeas, pale pink roses, cream lisianthus and scabious apparently!

They were so beautiful I couldn’t actually believe they were for my wedding!! Nick and I also bought vintage crystal vases from various carboot sales and charity shops for the table arrangements.

No-One Else

I literally couldn’t think of having anyone else other than Marianne Taylor as our photographer once I’d found her! She was even better than I hoped! Marianne completely captured so many special moments, she was so unassuming and talented, and I honestly can’t recommend her enough.

Winners And Losers

I made home made CD’s for the girls, and for the boys Nick made everyone a Crystal Palace fan for the night by giving them betting slips (all involving Crystal Palace winning the next game obviously… they lost!)

With Meaning

For the service, we asked a friend of the family to sing ‘All Of Me’ during signing of the register, which my dad wrote about my mum so really meant a lot. At the venue my sister organised old photos of me and Nick growing up and when together, I didn’t see them beforehand and some were pretty embarrassing! Also I did fun photos of people from their facebook profiles instead of names for the seating plan.


We had the brilliant Rock n Roll band ‘Wild’. Played all the best 50’s music – everything from Go Johnny Go to Great Balls Of Fire which got everyone dancing. Followed by my own iPod playlist… no pressure!

Super Model Treats

My friend Frances Edworthy made our cake for us as her wedding present! It was chocolate cake served with berries and crème, yum! Inspired a little by Kate Moss’ cake!

All In The Details

Any advise I’d say would be to say to just trust your instincts, and try and represent yourselves! Also spread it out as had nooo idea how much there was to do, especially if you’re trying to do really hands on things like make the invitations and wedding favours! Although I think that we could have taken shortcuts it was actually all the little details that made it a bit different and worth the extra effort… Lastly make sure its a fun day that everyone will enjoy!

Brides Gown – Enzoani at Surrey Brides

Brides Shoes – Kurt Geiger

Maids Dresses – Boden

Venue – Gate Street Barn

Entertainment – Wild

Florist – Florartistics

Photographer – Marianne Taylor

You know what I love about pink? there are so many ways you can use it for W-day.

And if anyone fancies a slice of cake for breakfast this morning then do it – I am.

Big Smashing Love

Charlotte xxx

36 thoughts on “All Of Me.

  1. Oh Marianne, and your simple elegant fantabulously shot weddings, we salute you. I’m a big fan of Marianne’s work because it really captures ‘moments’ rather than ‘things’. ALSO….I freaking LOVE Boden-I must have missed those dresses!

    For anyone loving the CD stamp-it’s from an etsy supplier in Brighton and I almost bought it on Saturday! Isn’t it perfectly Rob Ryan-esque? We’re planning on using it for our CD’s too.

  2. Erm RMW…what are you trying to do to me?! Floral headpiece yesterday and a flower circlet today…albeit on a flower girls head, but none the less…tis a good job today is indeed blue jewel Thursday…

    What a beautiful bride…I wish I was a natural beauty like that…check out how perfecto all the teeth are on the shot of the bride with the two maids!

    Really, really, really LOVE that cake, but then I love anything inspired by Mossy…which causes an awful lot of anguish for my mother who DOES NOT LIKE HER AT ALL…”Yes, her wedding did indeed look lovely, Pamela, but underneath all that vintage fluff and flourish it’s just all very unsavoury isn’t it…” Not judgmental at all there mother dearest! God knows what my mother imagines happens at a Kate Moss wedding reception!

    Totally agree about using pink on a wedding day…our venue is literally loaded with shades of seamfoam and rust (as in rust the colour, not actual rust…)so my first thoughts were to stick all white in there and keep it simple (which the Big C liked, he is a fan of simplicity, Christ knows why he is marrying me)…but as my best friend said…”You’re just not that all white person, you wear ALOT of colour.” So, I’m sticking pink, peach, seamfoam and white in there…with a bit of grey, gold and amber…

    Think the car is amazing, I would dearly love the inside of my car to look like that…but it doesn’t…as the Big C says “It looks like the inside of a 17 year old girls handbag, a lot of stuff but nothing of consequence…”

    And finally, the lady in the red dress with the amazing eyelashes…crikey, she’s just a little bit foxy isn’t she!! She really reminds me of someone famous but I cannot think who!


  3. What a gorgeous bouquet! So many lovely weddings on these polka dot pages recently with amazing blooms-love it 

    Those BM drrsses are so pretty and that cake looks delicious…always love a bride who colour co-ordinates her whellies with the wedding!!

    Big Thursday Love xx

  4. @Pamela you make me die! You really should write a book or something 😉

    What a gorgeous gorgeous amount of pretty! Love the dress with the wellies shot. The photography is stunning makes me have major wobbles about mine x

  5. Gorgeous colours and a beautiful wedding party. Me likes!

    Am absolutely loving the favour for the boys too. I’d so be stealing that idea if I was getting married again!

  6. @Pamela – I love Mossy but my Mum isn’t a fan, she used to think Liz Hurley was super until she saw her in real life in Harrods and announced that “she was in desperate need of a deep conditioning treatment” -I think she was disappointed that Madam Hurley wasn’t quite a coiffed as she is in the magazines!

    Glad everyone is loving the colours – I couldn’t quite describe the many shades of pink but it’s so pretty.

    Charlotte xxx

  7. @Charlotte – My mum likes Kimberley Walsh out of Girls Aloud more than anyone in the whole world…

    And the Big C likes Nicola Roberts out of Girls Aloud heaps and heaps and heaps…

    And I once caught them (mum and the Big C, not Kimberley and Nicola) watching my Girls Aloud Live dvd while they were painting the sitting room…


  8. WOW… I don’t have much to say about this because it has all been said above, and it is so so stunning and perfect, I’m practically speechless!

    What a gorgeous colour scheme, beautiful photos and a perfect couple ~ LOVE! <3

  9. @Rebecca I LOVE that stamp too. Do you have the name of the etsy seller?

    I was going to try to make my own papercutting invites but it may be beyond my capabilities! so this would be the next best thing!

    P.s. this is the first time I’ve commented on this site but I’ve been a long time lover for YEARS! Always coming on to check out the pretty despite not being engaged but finally the question got popped a couple of months ago hurrah!

  10. I just love the photos and the lilac colour is just amazing. Very jealous. I got married on the gulf coast in florida on the beach after a day out a bush gardens. We had pizza for a wedding supper on the beach

  11. Ah thanks Rebecca I was about to ask about the stamp, have found it from “TheFolkHeart” on Etsy. Love it all and the bride is STUNNING 🙂
    Lovely xxx

  12. @ Kirst – Yes, thats her! It’s only £20 or so. Its SO Rob Ryan who I love but could never afford. I’ve had one of his papercut prints on my Birthday list for about 5 years. Just think how much I could have made if I bought it when he first started. Pish to The Boy for stopping me (we had a deal – I’d not buy Rob Ryan he wouldn’t buy gold – we are both IDIOTS for listening to the other).

  13. Oh my goodness!! Gorgeous!!! I LOVE the dusky pink theme running through. I’ve been looking everywhere for some pink shoes like Lucy’s but I haven’t had any luck yet 🙁 Any suggestions anyone?!

    I adore the lace dress, the bridesmaids dresses and I love the little photos as place settings.

    Thanks for sharing these amazing pics!! xx

    PS. Nice to see the Hunters wellies too…i’ve bought a purple pair for my wedding…it’s got to be done at a country wedding!

  14. Oh my goodness!! Gorgeous!!! I LOVE the dusky pink theme running through. I’ve been looking everywhere for some pink shoes like Lucy’s but I haven’t had any luck yet 🙁 Any suggestions anyone?!

    I adore the lace dress, the bridesmaids dresses and I love the little photos as place settings.

    Thanks for sharing these amazing pics!! xx

    PS. Nice to see the Hunters wellies too…i’ve bought a purple pair for my wedding…it’s got to be done at a country wedding!

  15. It’s all so pwetty!!! How come EVERYONE at this wedding looks so blimmin gorgeous. The dress, flowers, venue it’s all to do for xxxxxxxxxxx

  16. Love love love all those colours – such pretty flowers and I love the floral hair pieces! Liking the diy stationary / cd covers / photo place name A LOT!

  17. I want those BM dresses!!! Just tried to look for them on Boden’s website and I suspect they may be last year’s collection as they’re no longer on there 🙁 Although there’s a v pretty silk number in the same colour with a slightly different detail 🙂 Gorgeous wedding, totally classic, but with lovely modern touches. I love it xx

  18. I love the bridesmaids dresses. I’d also love to know where the shoes are from, as I have a very similar coloured dress from Monsoon that my sister will be wearing for my Spring wedding and cannot find any shoes that go with it.

    Beautiful wedding and flowers.

  19. Hello, thank you so much for your kind comments. It was such a special day, and I’m so flattered RMW chose to feature us. Just incase you wanted to know the stamps were from Notonthehighstreet, the BM dresses style was confetti from Boden if that helps track them at all, and their shoes were from Dune. Also the car was the Ford Zephr from Nostalgic Car Hire 🙂

  20. Stunning! I love how you look and the gorgeous venue. I have saved a photo of you so I can have my hair done like yours! x

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