ALL The Colours.

Bride Dara had BIG hair. She also had herself a pair of BIG statement lobe candy, a Vivienne Westwood frock and blooms in every colour of the rainbow.

I’m in love with her a little bit.

Not to be outdone in the fashion stakes her husband James was sporting a rather fetching summer inspired tweedy suit with a sunshine yellow tie.

And who can resist images of a groom dabbing away the tears upon seeing his future wife for the first time eh? Not us.

Dara and James were married on the Diamond Jubilee on the lovely isle of Jersey and held a garden reception. All of the super images are courtesy of We Heart Pictures.

Bigger Is Better

Hair-wise I went as big as possible simply because big hair is how hair SHOULD be – I would back-comb every day if I had the time. I went to a sweet old-fashioned salon in St Aubin’s, as they have been doing amazing, old-school hair for years. I did my own make-up and went heavy on the eyes – all a bit sixties really.

Shoes And Chandeliers

I wore Kenneth Jay Lane chandelier earrings and a vintage brooch. Loved them because they were classic but still a little over the top. I wore a veil because without a traditional dress, I felt it made me look like “bride”.

For shoes I had white satin Louboutins, super high, with a side V. I am now dying these black and sewing on some chiffon roses to match the dress.

Summer Tweed

James had his suit made at the Cad and the Dandy, so did my brother. They both went for a summer tweed, but didn’t try to coordinate too much. James’s tie was in classic yellow by Versace.


The dress was by Vivienne Westwood, not a traditional dress but just a white evening gown. I loved the simplicity and that I felt like myself. I am now going to dye it black and sew a multi-coloured rose corsage on it and wear for our anniversary.

ALL The Colours

We chose ALL the flowers in ALL the colours! This was a last minute decision, when I showed up at the florist she had buckets of summer flowers and I just said, “I want all of them!”. My best-friends helped to display the flowers on tables. Also my bouquet was made by my mother-in-law from a vintage victorian real silver vase and dozens of jewels, we then threaded ivy and roses through it.

Love And Listen

We loved the We Heart Pictures portfolio and also the nice atmosphere of Charlie and Hector – they were the right choice because they listened, took great shots and didn’t invade the day.

A Musical Atmosphere

For entertainment we had Acapella singers in the church to create atmosphere, and then our friends and family dj’d at the wedding – fortunately they all have great taste in music!


We had butterflies pinned to the marquee, candles, flowers, bird cages, candelabras, vintage painted porcelain, diamond napkin ring holders and lots and lots of plants.

A Fancy Treat Display

For cake we chose a lemon buttercream sponge cake with plain white icing covered in real flowers. We also had it displayed in a wrought iron cake gazeebo covered in flowers and fairy lights. Lemon seems like a nice light choice with the rest of the menu and the cake didn’t need to be too fancy when displayed in a gazebo.

Stand By Me

For the first dance we chose “Stand by me” by Ben E King, just because the lyrics seemed to express what we felt.

We didn’t have any favours.

Trust Your Instincts

Go with your very first instinct and don’t distracted by all the wedding noise there is around. We ended up having exactly the wedding we thought we would the second we got engaged, but we chopped and changed quite a bit first because people make you feel nervous.

Once we focused in on what we wanted and ignored the pressure it all came right. Also if something doesn’t feel like good value, then walk away, because it isn’t.

Earrings – Kenneth Jay Lane

Photography – We Heart Pictures

Bouquet – The Brides Mother-in-Law

Brides Gown – Vivienne Westwood

Grooms Suit – Cad And The Dandy

Are any of you gorgeous lot having BIG hair?

How about wearing your gown again after the big day?

And I really want to sit underneath one of those old skool hair dryers with rollers in whilst applying false lashes.

Just because.

Big 60’s Love

Charlotte xxx

16 thoughts on “ALL The Colours.

  1. This is EXACTLY how I want my hair, it reminds me of Real Bride Katie’s amazing beehive.
    /mumbles something secret about veils/

    and also love the giant ear-bobs. yes yes yes. Gorgeous.


  2. wow! That hair is impressive!! 🙂
    Loving the rainbow of flowers, they look amazing….proof that you don’t need to stick to one or two colours to have gorgeous flowers. Oh & a cake displayed in a gazebo – just lush!

  3. Stand By Me by Ben.E King is such a lovely song and the lyrics are so apt for a first dance. Thank you Dara and James, I love when couples choose their first dance song based on the lyrics, makes it so personal and meaningful.

  4. I’m so all over the ginger/fringe/beehive combo – that’s pretty much what I’m planning for my wedding do except I’m after a half-up-half-down beehive (if that makes any remote kind of sense) because I feel a bit exposed with all my hair up!

    I also love the multicoloured flowers, they look so fresh and summery. Beautiful wedding, beautiful bride and fabulous frockage!x

  5. I’m going for big hair! Aim is Bridget Bardot, big bouncy carls, masses of volume at the top and heavy fringe. I’m half Japanese so might look ‘cute’ more than ‘sexy’, but I’ll take cute!

  6. I WISH my hair would do that! Still – Dara looks stunning and this is a fabulously creative wedding. I loved reading that they did things their way in the end… But it’s a shame to read that people made them feel nervous during all the planning. I’d love to know more about that: is the pressure coming from families or wedding suppliers, maybe?
    A beautiful wedding, truly inspiring. Adore the sixties look and will be doing Dara’s make up look on my face in the morning 🙂

  7. Just been having a little catch up and spied my name in the comments!! Charlotte… mighty?! Is that a good or a bad thing? 😉

    Love that you thought of me Karen – can’t wait to see your hair (and outfit!!)

    Got to love the big hair – this bride is a knock out. The whole wedding is just stunning.


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