All The Things We Are.

A few weeks ago I posted the W-day of Rose and Brendan, an example of my very own although-I-wouldn’t-change-a-thing-if-I-were-to-re-design-my-own-big-day-now-it-might-look-something-like-this scenario. I mentioned there was more than one example – and there is. And this folks is most definitely it…the ridiculously delicious and captivating affair of Genevieve and Joel that took place in Lethbridge Alberta Canada.

Now then, we rarely feature weddings from that far across the pond, our readership is mainly UK based and there are plenty of beautiful U.S blogs where you can feast your peepers on a plethora of pretty umpteen times a day should you feel the need.

However, this one is special. And one of the reasons it is so special is because it is a genuine do-it-yourself abundance of unique and understated perfection. I couldn’t not share it with you gorgeous lot…it would have been a travesty.

There was no florist, no make-up and hair artist…..not even an experienced venue that could do the majority of the organising, just Genevieve’s Grandparent’s back yard.

And you know my current penchant for “roadside chic” on the floral front? well, Genevieve’s bouquet was made up of a variety of blooms from the supermarket and hand-picked greenery from various back allies where (and I quote) “they could technically be classed as weeds”.

There are bridesmaids dresses in all shades of nude. There is what possibly might be my favourite table plan of all time. There is a GREY. SHOE. BOOT.

I die.

Big Love to Shari and Mike for sharing their awesome photography skills with us Brit kids.

All The Things We Are

The inspiration for our wedding came from the simple saying “ all things we are, all things we love” . It was very important for us both to have our wedding reflect us and our easy going approach to life. I am a wedding photographer and Joel works in online marketing so we consider ourselves to be the creative types.

We wanted to think outside the box as much as we could, so that come July 9, 2011, our day would not be a cookie cutter of every other wedding in the world but rather a intimate event designed around who we are as a couple..

Queen Of Hearts

We choose to design out invites with a bit of a poker feel while still keeping it classy… we then pulled the deck of cards theme into our reception with the seating chart, the kissing game, Vintage pinball machine and also our thank-you’s.

Sunshine Lemonade

Our Ceremony took place under a large Elm tree in Henderson Park.. as guests arrived they were greeted with iced teas and lemonades to sip on in the hot sun as they waited for us to arrive.

Because of Joel’s Jewish heritage we chose to have a messianic Jewish ceremony complete with chuppah hand made by Joel and his grooms men.

Full Of Joy

I’ll never forget the feeling I had while walking down the isle.. I was full of joy and so thankful that I was going to be marring my very best friend.. Someone who I love and loves me more then words can tell.

There was one moment where I looked up at my dad as he walked me down the isle and saw in his eyes how proud he was of this moment and that’s when I officially lost it.. Tears tears tears all the way down the isle.. but they were the happiest tears I’ve ever had.

When the ceremony had finished and we sealed it with a kiss everyone gathered over by the lemonade and we celebrated with some lovely little cake pops!

Small And Intimate

We chose to have our reception in my grandparents backyard because of it’s pure quaintness.. My dream had always been to have a small and intimate outdoor reception that went on into the night.. Luckily for me it was the perfect place.. I’m sure I made my family roll their eyes more then a few times with my “great ideas” but when all is said and done… It was perfect..

A Splash Of Magic

We temporarily sodded over the vegetable garden to accommodate a lounge area , and built a small checkered dance flood at the side of the house to act as a stage. Three 30′ tables were brought in to host our 70 guests, and strands of white lights were hung from the trees to the upper porch of the house.

The tables were set with white china, vintage books, family heirlooms and simple floral arrangements made by my bridesmaids maids and I.. We rented chandeliers for the trees and let the sweet summer night work it’s magic.

Roadside Chic

I decided to make my own bouquet and flower arrangements to help keep cost down.. we ordered the babies breath from Safeway, did a massive Costco run and went down a few back allies.. yes.. back allies.. My sister in law and I took on this mission the day before the wedding and I don’t think I’ve ever laughed harder in my life…

We drove down as many allies as we could, picking bushes of bachelor-buttons and strange flowers I’m sure are technically classified as weeds.. but we didn’t care.. we kept picking, laughed like crazy and the result was perfect..

The Best Alternative

Once the cake pops were eaten and the family photos had been taken we headed over to the reception..Each guest was welcomed in by us with a glass of champaign and a toast to the night…. as everyone arrived our amazing dinner was served and we began the program for the evening.

When the last toast was given and the sun had fully set, we opened our cookies and ice cream bar. This was a fun alternative to the wedding cake and a very much “us” desert and began to dance the night away..

Making It Special

I can’t be thankful enough to our amazing photographers Shari and Mike, the images they captured will forever be cherished by us.

Being a wedding photographer and having to choose your photographer is so hard.. but I couldn’t have been happier with our photos and the love they put into making it special for us.

Wedding Dress – Casablanca Dress 1914

Earrings – Anthropologie

Brides Morning Cover – Urban Outfitters

Hair – By the Bride

Makeup – Leanne Wood (Bridesmaid!)

Grooms Suit – Hugo Boss

Grooms Shirt – Harry Rosen

Bridesmaids Dresses – from a selection at Zara, Mod Cloth, H & M, Foever 21 and Gap

Flower Girl Dresses – Hand made by the bride

Seating Chart and Thank you’s – Brides DIY project

Invites and Programs – Designed and printed by bride and groom

All Flowers – Assembled by bride and bridesmaids

Photography – Shari and Mike Photographers

I would like a large jar filled with cookies and Ferrero Rocher please….

And the lighting…I want a garden with chandeliers hanging from trees and and old vintage drinks cabinet – if anyone could sort this out for me I would be super grateful.

Oh and Genevieve’s luscious locks – how stunning are they?!

Big All The Things I Am Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

28 thoughts on “All The Things We Are.

  1. Oh good lord, how beautiful is all that? Stunning! So light and airy and informal and lovely and homey and….. and…… I could go on and on and on.


    Such a nice way to start the afternoon x

  2. Pretty please, with all the giant Malteaser style things in that jar on top, could we have more days where there are two weddings posted?


  3. WOW WOW WOW!! I’m actually lost for words. This is just SO beautiful. Please can I get married again and have chandeliers hanging from the trees. Absolutely breathtaking. Thank you for sharing Charlotte, it would have been very rude not too!!!

    Amazing Xxx

  4. This wedding and the images are making me weep inside that I am getting married in Scotland and at not point would/should I consider an outside/back garden wedding!! Weep and wail! So beautiful!

    @ Em K – technically you can…if you go with a humanist celebrant…they can marry you anywhere really! Not sure if this is just in Scotland though!

  5. Wow!! Just beautiful!!

    @Charlotte- I remember at the Wedding Show when we were talking about bridesmaids dresses, you were saying that you were trying to get a completely amazing American wedding with gorgeous nude bridesmaid dresses in it to feature on RMW. I’ve got a sneaky feeling this might be it??? And that’s the exact look I want for my BM dresses – have duly e-mailed it all over to them to have a nosey at!! So pretty!!

  6. @ Lynsey – I see! It works out ok for indoor ceremonies but woe betide if you arrange an outdoor wedding in Scotland! Even in July your not guaranteed a rain free day!

  7. Holy heaven above I want my hair to get to that length! Nay, I want my hair to get to that length AND have no split or frizzed out ends to it! And to have that perfect shade of beachy blonde….well jell!

    This is beaut, wish I had a canadian garden wedding with cookie and all that! Giant humoungus sigh.

    I am off now to don super non glam scrubs and go to work and dream of jars full of cookies and sweeties and jars of proper lemonade!!

    God I hope there’s a two wedding type thing tomorrow…that would be great! 😉

  8. Hi ladies! glad you are loving a bit of Canadian on the blog today!

    @Pamela – Maybe we should make it Wedding Wednesday…. 😉

    @Ruthie_Ruth – Yes pet! this was it! and as you can see – the dresses look beautiful together and were sourced from all over, your bridesmaids could literally just look anywhere on the high street for similar items that suit their individual tastes/shapes

    @Alex – I’ll see what I can do….!

    Charlotte xxx

  9. I love this. It reminds me of the Secret Garden (but a secret all the guests know!) The chequered dance floor looks brill and agree, the lighting is DEVINE! Wish I could have some North American sparkle please 🙂 xxxxxxxx

  10. WOW!.. what love we feel from everyone over there in the UK!! We loved our wedding day so much and feel it was a perfect expression of who we are as a couple.. I’m actually also a wedding photographer so I had seen WAY to many cookie cutter weddings and felt we needed it to be different.. one more fun thing to add is our budget was only 10,000 CND.. Thank you for the love and wonderful comments..


    PS ( my hair is mad to tame somedays but you are all so sweet )

  11. Thanks so much Charlotte for featuring this wedding…it deserves much recognition for all the hard work that Genevieve + Joel put into it. It truly was honor to see our work on your blog!

  12. One thing that makes RMW stand out amongst other wedding blogs is that you always, always feature amazing photography.

    But this time you’ve taken it to another level. I can’t stop looking at these photos. Now excuse me whilst I wipe the drool from my chin.

  13. Pretty pretty pretty

    I’m looking everywhere for that type of lemonade jar!! Any chance we can find out where those ones are from…..? Pretty please!


  14. OMG i am in LOVE! if i lived in warmer climes then this is exactly what i would have. What a gorgeous couple with a fantastic wedding day. The dance floor bit with lights reminds me of The Notebook…blub, sniff sniff.

  15. Oooh just looking at this fantastic wedding – loving all the little details and the honesty which comes through – very captivating – thanks for sharing the inspiration – beautiful.
    Mary 😉

  16. @Celine – Hi Celine, the lemonade decanters were purchased from Walmart. They were $29 Canadian. (I’m the mom of the bride.)

  17. I stumbled on this one night looking for a dress online, and I have to tell you how much I love your wedding! I can see the love you share for each other and how much your friends and family have for both of you as well. Best wishes, may you have a long and happy marriage.

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