Amazing Grace…..part 1

I often wonder now that Rebecca and I have been blogging all things W-day for a wee while – how given the opportunity…..we would chose to plan the Big Day if we had to do it all over again. The answer is I really haven’t got a clue, so much pretty to choose from and so many spectacular gowns I think we would have to plan 20 weddings each just to fit everything in!

With this in mind I was really REALLY looking forward to seeing what was going to be the truly spectacular affair of Lydia the editor of Save The Date magazine. How on earth does a wedding magazine editor plan their perfect W-day?! I would be changing my mind every bloomin’ five minutes!

Well folks the answer was clear – Lydia created one of the loveliest soiree’s I have ever seen. Dress Perfection, sorbet shaded colour palette perfection…… so many beautiful details and special moments in fact that I had to make it 3 parts.

Honestly lovelies – you are in for a tremendous treat.

All of the gorgeous photography is courtesy of Rachael Connerton.

Timeless Grace

My dress is by David Fielden and called ‘Grace Kelly’ – something which made my nana cry when she heard about it (Grace Kelly was her hero and the Monaco wedding she had was my nana’s big day fantasy!)
I always knew I wanted a lace dress, ever since I can remember. I’m not really sure why but lace was always a must for me. I also knew that I definitely wanted a dress with sleeves as I seem to have a strange hang up about my arms and worry about ‘bingo wings’…..

With two quite specific ‘must haves’, I must admit, finding ‘the one’ was quite tricky. The dress I finally decided upon, I initially didn’t really like. In fact, the lady in the shop insisted I try it on as she felt it could be tweaked to fit my seemingly quite unusual request of sleeves. So, once I put the dress on and switched on my imagination, I pictured the dress with sleeves and instead of the tulle skirt, a satin skirt and instead of just a zip, pearl buttons. The way I imagined it was just perfect and, after what turned out to be quite a lot of hassle with all the tweaking and changing, I must say that on the day, it looked exactly how I hoped it would look….. Plus, my nana insisted I was ‘her’ Grace Kelly 🙂

Make-up And My Sister

I began having make up trials quite early on in the wedding planning journey. I really wanted to look pretty and feminine and not one for wearing foundation anyway, I didn’t want to look ‘caked’ in make up. I tried various places such as Bobbi Brown and MAC and also a local make up artist came to see me and although they all did great jobs, there was something not quite clicking. So, when my sister, Grace, offered to give it a go, I was a little hesitant. Don’t get me wrong, Grace does her own make up amazing but this was big day make up … shouldn’t I go for a professional? Someone who does this for a living?

Nevertheless, Grace did me a ‘trial’ and I was blown away. To be fair, she probably knows me better than anyone but she got everything spot on from the pop of pink on the lips to the smoking but not too dark eyes and pastel pink cheeks. Perfect – she was hired. And she did me so proud on the day.

Hello! Hair

My hair was by James White. Now like a member of the family, James is not only a fantastic hairdresser but such a nice, down to earth, funny guy. My dad and him were laughing and joking all morning whilst we were getting ready and James got through mine, my 3 bridesmaids, flowergirl’s and MOTB hair. James is so cool and knows exactly how to transform your ‘here’s a picture of a celebrity in Hello magazine’ fantasy into an amazing reality.

My big day inspiration hair was Carly Zucker who married Joe Cole last year, a French twist at the back with lots of volume on top, ready for my tiara to be slid into the front. James worked wonders and, coming from a person who ALWAYS wears their hair down, I loved having my hair up that day and felt really glamorous. I also liked how it wasn’t too ‘done’ and throughout the day, I had the odd little curl coming down to make it look more natural and relaxed.

Made To Measure

With my dress being quite intricate and detailed, I decided that too many accessories and jewellery would look a little overkill so I decided to go for delicate pearl drop earrings (which matched the pearls on the back of the dress) and a very last minute purchase of a pearl cuff, courtesy of Dotty P’s.

My tiara – I fell in love with it at a wedding fayre I attended. Just perfect for the hair style I had in mind and as I had no intention of wearing my veil for the entire day, I thought the tiara would make my ‘look’ more finished without the veil. The tiara was handmade for me by Rosie Priestley and I even had my head measured! I worried that it might dig in slightly during the day but I have to say, it felt really nice all day and I didn’t even realise it was there. Unlike the veil (which my sister had to take off for me straight after the service) as it was causing quite a bit of discomfort! No pain, no gain though as they say and the veil looks fab in the pictures in church so I’m really pleased I stuck with it during the service and then took it off.

Hot Pink And Perfect

My shoes were hot pink and a total bargain from Kurt Keiger. They are by Carvela and I found them during a shopping trip to Topshop on Oxford Street (I so wish we had a shoe department in our Topshop in Nottingham like the one there!)….. I was just browsing the shoes and saw these hot pink shoes just shouting out at me from the sale rail – so I went over and realised they were half price! Trying hard to contain my excitement (these shoes were exactly what I was looking for!) I looked at the size and they were a 5. Damn.

I asked the shop assistant if they had any size fours and received a definite ‘no’. Totally dejected, I left the store and called my mum to tell her about my ‘ordeal’ and she, being the saviour she is, went straight on to the Kurt Geiger website, found the shoes at the sale price (I’d sent her a picture of them on my phone!) and popped them in her basket! Two days later, they arrived. I was one happy bride to be that day, I can tell you.

Couture Maids

My bridesmaid dresses were a sage green with halter necks and finished just above the knee. With my lovely bridesmaids being different shapes and sizes, it was really important to me to ensure they felt comfortable and happy and they all loved their dress. They were made to measure at Couture Bridal Designs in Nottingham, by two sisters and I was so pleased with the result.

Their shoes (our first buy, about 18 months before the wedding!) were from Coast and looked fantastic on the day with their bronzed legs!

Two Million Dollar Men

The men wore hired suits from Moss Bros with the exception of Andrew and his best man, who bought matching royal blue suits from Reiss, which were swoon-worthy and totally worth the investment. Quite a slim fit and totally tailored to fit, it looked fantastic and Andrew said he felt a million dollars in it (and I thought he looked 2 million dollars in it)!

Grace Kelly eat your heart out pet.

I mean really – so much fabulousness and you haven’t even seen the half of it yet!

And because it’s Monday and because we love you ……part 2 coming up later.

Big this one’s going to be a corker Love

Charlotte xxx

Author: Charlotte O’Shea
Purveyor of short shorts. Make-up junkie. Hopes to grow old disgracefully.

24 thoughts on “Amazing Grace…..part 1

  1. The dress. Wow.

    I have to say Rebecca and Charlotte, you are bringing us some absolutely flippin gorgeous dresses at the moment! And the weddings aren’t half bad either.

    Oh, and the hair is so elegant. The whole thing is getting a huge thumbs up so far – can’t wait to see the rest…

  2. thank you so so much for all your lovely comments. I am unbelievably excited (if a little nervous) to be featured on the fabulous rock my wedding site but you guys have made me feel very welcome!
    Looking forward to seeing what the lovely Charlotte has pulled together for part 2! xx

  3. I am desperately hoping you had a bouquet of lilly of the valley. T’would be perfection personified.

    Tres excited for part two

  4. Stunning, stunning bride. How gorgeous is the dress as well!! I am a big fan of lace (although oddly chose not to have a lace dress myself) so I think it’s beautiful. I love that is was bespoked (is that even the word?) to your own specification. Gorgeous!

  5. The wedding looks just as beautiful on RMW as it was in person, such an amazing day and worth every second of effort Lydia put into it. Can’t wait to read part three…..
    Lots of love,
    Lydias little sis (AKA, Make up artist!)
    Grace xxx

  6. What a handsome groom!!! The knot in your tie is absolute perfection! 🙂

    You look amazing to Lyd! It was a great day, I think we should make it an annual event/celebration!

    Looking at the pics and videos of u 2 almost makes me want to settle down! haha


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