An Arabian Night in London.


Suzie and Joe are pretty darn savvy. For example, they married on Sunday 26th May 2013. Obviously Sundays are slightly cheaper but there is the downside that the party atmosphere can somewhat get affected because it’s a school night. However, this particular Sunday was a bank holiday… So party on.

And party on they did… With An Arabian Influenced big day complete with gold colour scheme.


Urban Bare Brick

Suzy The Bride: Both Joe and I are from London so when we began thinking about what we wanted from our wedding we knew we wanted something that was very symbolic of us. We were both born and still live in London so we thought we’d get married here too.

My parents are both Albanian and we knew we wanted to incorporate this foreign edge into a part of the day and thought that the evening reception would be perfect in a Lebanese/Moroccan type of restaurant. We actually found the reception venue first; Kenza right in the heart of the city. Once we had found the venue I thought we’d better get looking for somewhere to actually get married.

As I was googling places to get married in the city I came across Devonshire Terrace which was right next door to Kenza. We couldn’t believe our luck! It is the most beautiful venue with its bare brickwork and urban, indoor / outdoor feel with a glass roof so it didn’t matter if it rained. Perfect!


A Very Deep V

I have always loved lace and knew straight away that I would have a lace dress. The dress is called Gambia and is from Pronovias on New Bond Street. My mum, sister, one of my best friends and I knew it was the one as soon as I tried it on. Only about the fourth dress I had tried on. I loved the back so much. A very deep ‘v’. I wanted to walk round backwards all day to show it off!


Diamonds Aren’t Forever

My mum leant me my something borrowed – a diamond bracelet. I wore a waist length veil that I bought online for about £30 from the wedding veil shop. I wasn’t going to spend hundreds of pounds on something that I would only wear for half an hour for the ceremony and then take off. The night before the wedding Joe told me that he hopped that I wasn’t wearing a veil as he said how much he hated them (cheers Joe!!!) I had my heart set on wearing one and knew he would change his mind when he saw it… I loved it and that’s the main thing!


Bespoke Ballet Pumps

As well as lace I love everything gold. Wonderful; yellow gold. Therefore, I wanted to wear gold shoes. I am 5ft 11 so didn’t need to add any height and never wear heels so flats it was. My wonderful friend Jenna Speers is the women’s Ted Baker shoe designer. She made me some beautiful bespoke gold glittery ballet pumps with a baby blue insole (my something blue). As a surprise she engraved the shoes with mine and Joe’s name and the date we were getting married. They are just amazing. Thank you Jenna!

I wore some lovely art deco Lulu Guinness earrings from Whistles which matched a hair pin I bought from ebay. The hair pin was also gold and crystal which matched my beautiful engagement ring.


Loose Curl & Natural

I thought that I would treat myself and my bridesmaids to having our hair and make-up done. I found the hair and make up artist Nicola Hughes and had a trial a few months before which was really useful and we agreed on a loose curl with my hair down and quite natural make up with an eye liner.


My bridesmaids looked so slick with their very striking make up and side chignon. Nikki did a fantastic job and it was actually such a pleasure to have her and her assistant with us throughout the getting ready stage. She felt like one of the girls which made it so much more relaxing and stress free.


Flowers Forever

The only flowers we had were the bouquets for me, bridesmaids, flower girl and the button holes for all the men in the bridal and grooms party. My friend Gemma’s mum did all the flowers for me. It’s a bit of a hobby for her and she did such an amazing job. My instructions were I like roses and the colours blush / cream / pinks and that I wanted mine to be big! That was it! I was actually blown away by how beautiful the flowers were. Mine is drying now so I can keep it forever.


At Devonshire Terrace instead of flowers as decorations I bought and borrowed lots of lanterns as I love candles and think they look so pretty. My friends and family also collected about 200 glass jars (jam, pesto and sauces) which were scattered all around the place. Even though it wasn’t dark as it was such a beautiful bright day I love the look of candles as a decoration.


Blue, Grey & Gold

Joe and I thought it would be nice for him to wear something that stood out and was different to his best men and ushers. Joe’s suit was from Reiss in the colour air force blue. He looked so handsome in the suit. I absolutely loved the colour. His best men and ushers wore their own grey suits and so we matched the page boys in grey also. Everyone wore the same gold/yellow tie including my dad, brother, Joe’s step dad, best men, ushers and the page boys wore gold bow ties!


The bridesmaids were also in gold and blush and I made them wear ridiculously high gold peep toe shoes so that they would be closer in height to me! Sorry girls! My love of gold was really evident throughout the wedding. It wasn’t really anything that I thought that much about I just choose things that I loved and then it all just seemed to tie together.


Unobtrusive Style

The wonderful Matt Parry was our photographer. This was one of the first decisions we made about the wedding and by far the best decision we made; apart from Joe asking me to marry him of course! We have never looked so glamorous. I still can’t believe it’s us when I look at the photos.

I was initially quite nervous about being photographed throughout the day. Matt arrived at my flat for the bridal prep where I was with my bridesmaids getting ready and he fitted in straight away with his relaxed style chatting to everyone but also almost hiding in the background with his unobtrusive reportage style.

After the ceremony and while the guests were making their way to the restaurant and being seated Joe and I went off with Matt for thirty minutes into the deserted streets of the city to have some shots together. This was one of the most fun parts of the day and we totally trusted Matt when standing infront of corrugated iron and scaffolding. His style fully incorporated the city/urban feel of the start of the wedding and the photos truly speak for themselves.


Unique Cake

My friend recommended her friend DiDi so once I had tried some of her cakes we booked her straight away. We had a chocolate top tier which she intricately decorated with flowers and then had loads of cupcakes in chocolate; chocolate orange; salted caramel; raspberry; vanilla and amaretto. She makes totally unique and bespoke cakes. I told her what the colours of the wedding were… so yes you guessed it gold and we didn’t know what it would look like until the evening of the wedding. They were amazing and even though we had four courses for dinner including dessert the cupcakes still all went. Luckily we had asked the restaurant to put away the top tier and Joe and I ate that on our mini moon!


Throwing Some Albanian Shapes

Our first dance was a traditional Albanian dance which included everyone holding hands and dancing round in a circle which was really special for me as this is the usual style of dancing at an Albanian wedding. We had thought that it might not work as no one apart from the wedding party knew we were going to do this however, everyone got stuck in and helped us to recreate some traditional Albanian moves.


I love candles and as candles featured heavily at Devonshire Terrace and Kenza I wanted to get everyone something similar to remember the day. I found some very delicate and simple glass bauble hanging tealight holders from John Lewis which I added lace ribbon, some dried rose petals and a tealight candle inside.


Arabian Inspired Stationery

Our friend James Allen is a fantastic painter. We told him about the foreign theme we were going for and as we had been on holiday to Morocco together the summer before he knew about the kind of style that I liked. He created the most magnificent invitation which incorporated an Arabic design totally created by James. We also used the same design for the order of service.


Completely Us

Our wedding day was completely fantastic! What made it all the more fantastic was that the day was completely ‘us’. I found all the planning really easy and simple as I just choose things that I already liked and did not get bogged down by little decisions because they didn’t really matter.


Venue: Devonshire Terrace and Kenza.
Dress: Pronovias.
Veil: the wedding veil shop.
Hair & Make-up: Nicola Hughes.
Groom: Reiss.
Cake: DiDi.
Photographer: Matt Parry.
Stationery: James Allen .

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Bunny ears, cigars and sombreros? My Kind of wedding 😉

Seriosly though – I have totally fallen for this venue, I am a big fan of London and Devonshire Terrace looks absolutely epic in these striking photographs from Matt Parry.

Author: Adam Crohill
Adam likes Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

14 thoughts on “An Arabian Night in London.

  1. In LOVE with this!!! Can your lovely friend make me some gold glittery ballet pumps?! Where did you find your girls’ gold shoes from? Major shoe envy all the way through this!

    Your dress looked amazing on you! Ahhh love deep V.
    Your guests look like they had a hoot of a time
    You and your beau looked like you had THE most fun!! I want to be friends with you both (is that weird!)

    Nicola xx

  2. WOW agree with Nicola, amazing dresses, that’s you and your girls!! Looks like a really fun day, relaxed and entertaining. I love the black and white photos and your casual effortless elegance – totally stunning!! x

  3. I know suzie was a big fan of RMW during her planning…so its great she can “give back” to any brides to be! They looked great…and were an absolute pleasure to point my camera at!!!

  4. Really beautiful wedding. Can you let me know where your bridesmaid dresses are from really would appreciate it

    Thanks x

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