An Autumn Inspired Edinburgh Wedding

Things I love…

Autumn leaves and colours.
The team at Planet Flowers and their amazing floral designs.
Wicked Photography by Elemental.

And yup – this one’s got ’em all 🙂

Louise and Nick were married on 16th October at St Giles’ Cathedral followed by a reception at The Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh

Au Naturel

I wanted to be completely natural. My hair was done by a local hairdresser (Ruth at U-star). I had a trial which made it look too formal so she did another trial a few days before and it looked much more me.

I got caught in the rain the night before the wedding and my hair looked exactly the same! I loved the fact that it took a whole 15 minutes on the morning of the wedding – perfect for the sort of person I am.

Make up was the same. I am quite lazy with things like that so I don’t wear much and I didn’t want it to make me look false. I absolutely loved what Louise (from EyeCandy) did.

Bespoke beautiful

I tried various dresses in places around Edinburgh and got some ideas of what I didn’t like. Then I scribbled a design on a receipt in a coffee shop and went to visit Mette Bailie at Freja Design. Everything about her dressmaking and the overall service was just fab!

I wore pearl earrings and necklace, given to me by my Grandparents years ago. I always wear the earrings, even when I was sailing half way around the world. The veil and tiara were borrowed from my sister.

I am not really a shoe fanatic. I wore Rainbow ivory Shelly style shoes because they were comfy and the they fitted with my dress.

Fire in Flowers

Gemma and the team at Planet Flowers were fantastic.

I knew I wanted an autumnal theme and it needed to fit the modern venue. I didn’t expect to be too bothered by the flowers, having never really taken notice at other weddings but they did such a brilliant job.

Lots of guests commented on the amazing table decorations, attention to detail and variety. So did many people on the flight home as I clutched my bouquet and a collection of physalis (chinese lanterns). I could rave for hours about how pleased I was with everything they did!

We had candles/flowers/fir cones/crab apples/leaves everywhere (except on the floor!)

Autumnal Style

Nick wore the same as the ushers but with a slightly different tie. He also wore houndstooth trousers with his morning suit, instead of stripy.

My husband’s mother is a fantastic seamstress and she made the waistcoats for the wedding party. (All 9 of them ) Being autumnal, we tried to tie everything into a burnt orange/autumnal colour scheme. They found the perfect colour in fabric and as they were done first (by a long time!) we decided we had better stick to it!

We got bridesmaids dresses from Ted Baker – the only place we found a burnt orange dress! I was keen to get something off the peg that didn’t look too “bridesmaid-y.” Their dresses were great but I was very lucky that they both have great figures for wearing that sort of slinky short dress – I don’t think I could’ve done it!

Mette who made my dress then used the remains of the waistcoat fabric to make a sash for our flower girl who wore her own dress.

Flexible Photography

We chose Elemental photography because we liked what we had seen on their blog and particularly didn’t want lots of posed photography. Christina was really friendly and chased up my initial enquiry. We liked the fact that they would give us the disc of pictures too.

They were very flexible with meeting up and always replied to emails – great when you are organising things from a far.

A Unique Cake

Nick’s mum makes brilliant cakes. I think I asked her to make our cake whilst drunk at a wedding about 3 years before we even got engaged!

We both love fruit cakes so that was an easy decision. We left the decoration decision to Val but she knew we wanted something relevant to our lives. It was incredible. There was so much perfect detail. Even the bride and groom were caricatures including Nick’s big forehead and my pearls!

Celidh but Contemporary

We had Callanish because we knew others who had used them and they were able to do a mix of ceilidh and contemporary music.

“You got a friend” – the Randy Newman song featured in Toy Story. We weren’t going to have a first dance but we watched Toy Story 3 whilst in Australia in the summer. We were just on a real high and decided the words were just what we wanted. And it was only 2 minutes long!

A Brides Advice

I would just say, that if you have a place or an idea in mind, stick with it.

I have always thought about getting married with the autumn colours at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh. I had to do quite a bit of convincing that this was a good idea and even then several still had their doubts.

Maybe they still do but I love that it was different, I love that people came and enjoyed Edinburgh for a few days either side and I love that we can go back there any time we like.

I for one am a huge fan of a seasonal wedding and Autumn is so ablaze with colour it makes for a brilliant pallet. The colours have certainly been done justice here by Elemental!

Makes you want to go kick some leaves doesn’t it?! Thanks to Louise and Nick for allowing us to share their day and to Elemental Photography for sending it in!

Yours Truly,


Author: Becky Sappor
Becky is at her happiest when dunking a slightly chilled chocolate digestive into a very warm, very milky cup of tea. She also loves her job and pinches herself every day to make sure that she isn’t in a graphic design dreamworld.

18 thoughts on “An Autumn Inspired Edinburgh Wedding

  1. Things I like…

    The girl bopping away at the end. That dance move can only be described as “bopping”.

    The black and white photos – gorge. They seem to capture the colour without capturing the colour

    The colour and the flowers

    The room

    The venue

    The flowers the flowers the flowers

  2. Just cannot describe how much we love the way Elemental Photography have captured all the details and feeling of this day! How can a picture of two Malus apples and a autumn leaf look that amazing?! Such a lovely feature 🙂

  3. Love seeing an autumn wedding. I’m getting married next October and it’s great to see other people’s ideas from that time of year. LOVE the physalis, and what an amazing cake!

  4. Those bridesmaid dresses are so perfect I want to have one for my christmas party please! Although not sure I can pull off burnt orange as well as those ladies did.

    And don’t even get me started on the cake.


  5. Chinese lanterns and candlelight, so romantic! The colours work so well in the reception room and oh the maids dresses – yum! x PS. How cool does the lady in the last picture look!?

  6. Well ladies, I know everyone knows I’m a flowers obsessive but these were A.Mazing.

    Autumnal style has become a bit staid and dated in recent years and consequently it doesn’t seem to be much of a popular option but this just goes to show you can still have oodles of style, chic and pretty maids and ROCK an orange colour palette. Looking forward to more winter/autumn warmers inspired by this one.

    I LOVE.

  7. I don’t know if the bride Louise willie reading this, but if she is: first of all, fab pictures, looks like it was an amazing day and I am v jealous of you using the gorgeous botanic gardens. I would really like to know whether you were pleased with Callanish- we have just booked them for our wedding in Northumberland next June and I would dearly like an honest review from another bride! We are hoping for a funky ceilidh!

  8. Cake, cake, cake, OMG I LOVE that cake! It is amazing. Best wedding cake I’ve ever seen!

    Also the flowers are gorgeous, what beautiful vibrant colours! Fab photography too!


  9. Wow, this wedding really does make me want to go out and kick some leaves around, except its currently snowing here!
    The autumn colours just shoot off the page – tis quite lushious. xoxo

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